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This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.

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Rob Salgado (Truman)
Rob Salgado (Syracuse)

My Projects

Syracuse - Relativity Group
Syracuse U - Physics
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Cyberarium Cam
The Internet Café
Echeruo (Javscript)
Mindstorms People
Welcome to Sprint PCS Text Messaging

Syracuse University

Syracuse U - Physics (Icons)
Syracuse - Relativity Group
Syracuse University - Physics
Syracuse University
Computing and Media Services
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Rob's PHY 209 (95 Fall)
Rob's PHY 209 (98 Summer)
Rob's PHY 212 (96 Summer)
Rob's PHY 212 (97 Summer)
Rob's PHY 212 (98 Summer)
The Light Cone: Twin Paradox Applet
Kinematics: A Java applet
The Quick Brown Fox (via LiveAudio)
The Right Hand Rule
The Light Cone (Salgado)
VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (Salgado)
The Kinematics Tutorial
The HOW TO... page


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All Science News In One Place - UniSci - Science & Research News


This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.

(new) Relativity

FJE Enterprises Home Page
Modern Physics (Wijekumar - IUP)
Fields and Spacetime (Schumacher - Kenyon)
Alexander Levichev's homepage.
Notes on Hypercomplex Numbers
The Geometry of Lattice Field Theory (Honan)
Electromagnetism and Relativity (Jamieson)
Relativity and Quanta (Brewer)
MAGIC through two MILLENNIA - Special Relativity (U. Toronto)
MAGIC throught two MILLENNIA - General Relativity (U. Toronto)
Homework Drills - Space-time (Minkowski) Diagrams (Bucknell U)
Time and Space Aspects (Limbert)
Why do magnetic forces depend on who measures them (Jamieson-Melbourne)
Relativity - Physics and Common Sense Part Company (Maloney)
Relativity and the Separation Formula (Ross)
Reflections on Relativity (Brown)
Theory Special Relativity (SLAC)
Relativity (Hunterdon Central)
The Special Theory of Relativity (Brewer)
SR1 (Doyle)
Physics 7 Relativity and Cosmology (Wudka)
TIME.com Person of the Century -- A Brief History of Relativity
Geometry Relativity and Gravitation (Nelson)
Reasons To Believe -- Observational Verifications of General Relativity (Ross)
General Relativity Simulation Contest (Collins)
First Contact with Relativity (Budiardja-Goshen)
General Relativity (Prosper-FSU)
General Relativity with an Introduction to Computer Algebra (Lake -Queens U.)
Einstein's Legacy- Probing Nature's Experiments (APS talks)
But What Does It All Mean - Modern Physics (Maloney)
Gravitation and Orbital Motion (Hewitt)
Ian H. Redmount's Homepage

Syracuse U
GR Web Servers (via ANU/QMW)
Hyperspace (QMW)
Joint Committee on Relativity (for space-time reference systems and metrology)
Rob's Relativity Links
Chris Hillman's Relativity Links
Hisaaki Shinkai's Links

United States

NSF Gravitational Physics
NRC Committee on Gravitational Physics
Grand Challenge Alliance Directory (via NCSA)


Austin College
Boston U. (Einstein Papers Project)
Caltech TAPIR (Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity)
Caltech (LIGO)
Caltech (Marsden)
Central Connecticut State U.
City College NY
Colgate U. (Malin)
Cornell - Particle Theory Group
Cornell - Binary Black Hole Grand Challenge
Drexel U. (Astrophysics)
Duke U. (Math)
Georgia Tech (Finkelstein)
Harvey Mudd College
_Long Island U. - Southampton College
Loyola U. - New Orleans
Montana State U. - Bozeman
New Mexico State U. (Math - Zund)
New York U. (NYU)
North Carolina State U. (Mathematical Physics)
North Dakota State U.
North Dakota State U. (Math: Ungar)
_Oakland U.
Oregon State
Oregon State U. (Math)
Penn State U. - Center for Graivitational Physics and Geometry
Princeton U. Pulsar/Gravity Group
Purdue U.
Purdue U. (Math: Gottlieb)
Ripon (Blau)
Saint Louis U.
Saint Louis U. (Math)


Syracuse U.
Syracuse U. / NPAC
Texas AM (Math-Phy)
Truman State U. (Math)
Truman State U.
Tufts Institute of Cosmology
U. Alabama - Birmingham (Math: Weinstein)
UC Davis (Particle Theory)
UC Riverside (Math)
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Barbara (ITP)
U. Chicago
U. Cincinnati
U. Colorado
U. Connecticut
U. Florida - IFT/Astrophysics
U. Illinois - Champaign / NCSA Relativity
_U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign Relativity Group
U. Maryland-College Park
U. Miami (Math)
U. Missouri
U. Missouri (Math)
U. Mississippi
U. North Carolina-Chapel Hill
U. Oregon (Math)
U. Pittsburgh
U. San Francisco (Math)
U. South Carolina
U. South Carolina (Math: Howard)
U. Tennessee
U. Texas-Austin Center for Relativity
U. Texas-Brownsville
U. Texas-Dallas
_U. Virginia
U. Utah
U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Utah State U.
Villanova U. (Jantzen)
_Virginia Commonwealth U. (Gowdy)
Wake Forest U
Washington U. - St. Louis


U. Alberta - CIAR Cosmology
U. British Columbia
U. Calgary (Hobill)
U. Guelph
_U. New Brunswick
_U. New Brunswick (Jack Gegenberg)
U. Winnipeg
U. Waterloo (Applied Math)
U. Windsor


Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP - Mexico)
UNAM-ICN (Mexico)


U. Nacional de Cordoba
UERJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
U. Buenos Aires (Quantum Theory and Gravitation)
Instituto de Fisica (Montevideo, Uruguay)

EUROPE / United Kingdom


_U. Vienna


VELA - Institut d'Astrophysique - Belgium


U. Copenhagen - TAC


DARC (Astrophysique Relativiste Cosmologie)
DARC (Luminet)
Laboratoire de Gravitation et Cosmologie Relativistes (Paris)


AEI Potsdam
DESY - Algebraic QFT
ILCAC - The International Light Cone Advisory Committee
Mathematisches Institut der Universitaet zu Koeln
Max Planck (Jena)
U. Cologne (Theo Phy)
U. Cologne - Math-Net Guide


Aristotle U.-Greece


Department of Applied Analysis, Eotvos University


ICRA, International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics


Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University


Warsaw U.


Gravitation and Cosmology Group


_U. of the West (Timisoara, Romania)


University of Barcelona, Relativity and Cosmology Group
U de les Illes Balears -Spain
The University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)
Instituto de astrofísica de Canarias
_U. Salamanca


Stockholm U.
Umeå University


U. Bern, Switzerland - ITP
Universität Zürich

United Kingdom

Cambridge U. - DAMTP
Cambridge U. - Newton Institute
Cambridge U. - Space-Time Algebra
Robert Low's research
Dublin Institute: School of Theoretical Physics
Imperial College
Lancaster University (Theo-Phy)
Loughborough U.
Oxford U. - Mathematical Physics
Queen Mary Westfield (MacCallum)
_U. Aberdeen (Applied Math)
U. Glasgow
U. Hull (Math)
U. Newcastle
U. Portsmouth
U. Southhampton
_U. Wales-Cardiff
U. York

ASIA / AFRICA / Australia

_Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (India)
_Tsvi Piran Home Page
_Kazan State U. (Russia)
National Central U. (Taiwan)
General Relativity and Gravitation in Niigata University
Racah Institute of Physics
_Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)
Southern African Relativity Society
U. Cape Town (Cosmology/Applied Math)
Cosmology in South Africa


AGRAN (Australian Gravitation)
Australian National U.
Monash (Applied Maths)
Sydney (Nonlinear Analysis)
U. Adelaide (Mathematical Physics)
U. Canberra - Numerical Relativity
U. New England (Math)
U. Western Australia

Keio U. (Japan)

Experimental Gravitation Projects

AIGRC (U. Western Australia)
ALLEGRO/TIGA (Lousiana State)
AURIGA gravitational wave detector
GEO600 Home Page
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
LIGO (CalTech/MIT)
MPA Gravitational Lensing (Germany)
OMEGA - Home
ROG (Rome)
GRAIL (NIKHEF - Amsterdam)
GRAVITON project (INPE/DAS - Brazil)
Stanford Relativity - Gravity Probe B
Tsubono group (U Tokyo)
UC Irvine Gravity Lab
U. Maryland
U. Virginia
VIRGO (Pisa)
Gravitational Lensing Homepage
Other relativity (INFN)

Relativity-related Journals


gr-qc Los Alamos archives
APS e-prints
MathSciNet Search
FermiVista! : Liste des sites
One-Shot Preprint Search (Trieste)
AMS Preprints by topic
EurophysNet search
FermiVista! : Recherche par mot-clef
Exact Solutions Database (UERJ)
Spacetime catalogue (GRTensor)
Virtual Elasticity Calculator
Bell & Howell Information and Learning

Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Communications in Mathematical Physics
General Relativity and Gravitation (via RealPage)
General Relativity and Gravitation
Gravitation (Russian Journal)
Physical Review D
Physical Review Letters
Internat. J. Modern Phys. D (TOC)
Journal of Geometry and Physics
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Living Reviews in Relativity
Nuclear Physics B (TOC)
Physics Letters B (TOC)
Reports on Mathematical Physics (TOC)
Gravity Research Foundation Award Winners
Recent Developments in Gravitation and Mathematical Physics
General Relativity News Archives (MacCallum-QMW)
Matters of Gravity (Pullin-PSU)
Topical Interest Group in Gravitation
Springer LINK: Communications in Mathematical Physics

Internet Relativity

(new) Internet Relativity

Steve Bryson's Physics Course Notes

sci.physics.relativity FAQ
Spacetime Physics Map

Historical Relativity

History of Gravitation
History of Special Relativity (MacTutor)
Contributions of Scientists to the Study of Black Holes
Einstein (AIP History Exhibit)
ae24.jpg (Einstein letter to Hale)
Einstein Manuscript (Sothebys)
Einstein on Relativity: listing of hypertext sources (Erk)
Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (Boston U)
Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Gravitational Physics and Relativity timeline (Brandt)
Flatland (Abbott)
Flatland, by E. A. Abbott, 1884
Fourth Dimension Writings, C. H. Hinton, 1884-1907
Relativity (Escher 1953)
Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
Science and Theology as We Approach the 3rd Millenium (Miles Hodges)
Theory of relativity of motion (Tolman)

Popular Relativity

Relativity Bookmarks

Rob's Relativity Links
Relativity on the World Wide Web (Chris Hillman)
Hisaaki Shinkai's Links
The Einstein Web Ring
Erk's Relativity Pages (Baird)
Dave's Relativity Page (Slaven)
Albert Einstein On-Line (Friedman)
Olympia Academy (Gibbs)
Paul's General Relativity Links! (Nilsson )
La Relativite (CEGEP de Jonquiere)
The Speed of Light - A Limit on Principle (Schatzer)
Relativity (Walter Holland)
Icarus Research: Wormhole Physics (Talbot)
Michel T. Talbot's Bookmarks
Spacetime Origin (Smith)
Guide to Einstein's Relativity (GM Arts)

Relativity -- Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article
NOVA: Einstein Revealed (PBS)
Stephen Hawking's Universe (PBS)
The Ultimate Einstein CD-ROM (Byron Press)
Time Travel and Einstein (Baird)
The Time Dilation (Fabian)
The Lorentz Transform (Rappard)
Black Holes (Newton's Apple)
Relativity Class (Lombardi, AOL)
Cosmology: The physical vacuum of space (Odenwald)
Physics Relativity
sci.physics.relativity FAQ
The Twin Paradox: sci.physics FAQ
Black Holes FAQ (Puglia)
Relativity and FTL Travel (Hinson)
GR tutorial (Baez)
Relativty (Throop)
Relativity Threory (Woods / Grant)
Particles, Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (Wedgbury)
NOVA Online/Einstein Revealed/Time Traveler/Game
George's Relativity Pages
Albert Einstein Lecture Hall (Western Canon University)
John A. Wheeler (Cosmic Search Vol. 1, No. 4)
The Chalkboard
Science, Physics, Relativity, Faq's and Feedback
How To Test Your Physics Teacher?
Relativity?? $20,000(US) Awards for Mathematical Proof

Visualizing Relativity

Spacetime Wrinkles (NCSA)
VRML: NCSA Relativity
Cambridge Relativity
Stephen Hawking's public homepage
Edwin F. Taylor - Home
Special Relativity (Australia National U)
Visual Relativity
The Light Cone (Rob Salgado-Syracuse)
Twin Paradox Applet - Java (Salgado)
Space-Time Physics - Java TA (Caltech)
Time machine - Java Applet (De Riso / Tramontano)
Black Holes with Java (Musgrave)
VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (Salgado)
VRML Gallery of General Relativity (Koehler)
Time Travel in Flatland (Schwatz-Caltech)
Solving Einstein's Equation in Three Dimensions (Schwartz - Caltech)
A Virtual Space-Time Travel Machine (Colonna)
Virtual Spacetime
Magnetic Field Lines in a Black Hole Plasma Disc (Gudiksen / Ostman)

Relativistic Raytracing

Light Speed!
Virtual Relativity (Weiskopf)
A Fast Relativistic Animator (Betts - Monash)
Backlight: The Relativistic Raytracer (Searle)
C-ship (Walker - Fourmilab)
Relativistic Raytracing (Howard)
Relativistic Starflight (Van Devender)
Simulation of a Black Hole by Raytracing (Benger)
Ray Tracing with Curved Light Beams (thesis)
Werner Benger - General Relativity
Werner Benger's Raytracing Projects
Relativistic Flight Simulator (Wade)
Falling into a Black Hole (A. Hamilton)
relativistic flight simulation links
LAPD work regarding a relativistic flight through a model city
Satoh Tetsu's Papers and Preprints
Raytrace - 2D Model Spacetimes
Relativistic Trips (Tuebingen)
RelViz (Diener)
Geometry Around Black Holes (Cramer)
Curvature and Light Cones (Cramer)

Elementary Relativity

Special Relativity (Alward)
The Day the Universe Went All Funny (Felder)
Space & Time (Hickey - Hartwick U)
Galileo and Einstein (Fowler - Virginia)
Relativity EText (Hawkes - Mount Allison U)
Revolutions in Physics (Egerton)
The Relatively Simple Page (Benton)
Exploring Gravity (Kovler - Curtin)
Relativity (Wegley)
Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects (Relativity)
Special Relativity (SureMath)
Example: Relativity 1 (Christian Brothers U)
How Special Relativity Works (Zavisa)
Teaching Relativity in High School (Bugel)
Short Words to Explain Relativity (Brian Raiter)
Relativity as Dessert (Conn)
Making Relativity Real (FNAL - Bugel)
LABS: Galilean Relativity (Patten)
Relativity (Gowdy - Virginia Commonweallth)
Modern Physics: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (Blanco - UC San Diego)
Everything's relative (Why Files - Wisconsin)
Special Relativity Introduction (Vanderbilt U)
Special Relativity and the Speed of Light (Daniels)
Mechanics of the Universe (Strickler)
Special Relativity Made Relatively Simple (Benton)
Dummies Guide to Special Relativity (dogschool)
Theory of Relativity (Bucsescu)
Special Relativity (yanspace)
The Relativity Channel (yanspace)
Relativity (MIchigan State)
Special Relativity (Gauthier)
ScienceNet - Physics - General & Special Relativity Questions
The Gravity Page (St. John's College)
The theory of Special Relativity (Marshall)
Einstein's Page (Galvão)
Newton Maxwell Einstein (Spix)
Robert W. Brehme's Home Page
On the Nature of Time (Brehme)
Astrophysics for a Ten-Year-Old Mind (Chabin)
How to Learn Relativity Theory Starting with Little or No Math (Randall)
Frequently Asked Questions About Special Relativity (Simonetti)
Relativity Theory (Santa Rosa Junior College)
The Skeptic's Guide to Physics (Brewer)
Relativity with LabView

Intermediate Relativity

The Light Cone (Rob Salgado-Syracuse)
Relativity Tutorial (E. Wright)
Bondi K-Calculus
RelativityBL (P3401 Mount Allison U)
General Relativity (Carroll)
UM-StL Accel-1D (Fraundorf - Missouri)
Cosmology (Strobel - Bakersfield)
Lorentz Transformations (Watson - Harvard)
Foundations of Cosmological Thought (Evans - George Mason U)
Claustrophobic Physics: relativity (Bickerstaff - Idaho)
Special Relativity (Hogg - IAS)
Relativity (Hawkes - Mount Allison)
Special Relativity (A. Hamilton)
GENERAL RELATIVITY & COSMOLOGY for Undergraduates (Norbury - Milwaukee)
Relativity Theory (Bart)
Special Relativity (Winnepeg)
The Special Theory of Relativity (Brewer)
Astrophysics (Imamura - U Oregon)
Laplace (Imamura)
Relativity Cosmology Geometry (Liebscher)
Measurement of time and spatial distance (Traunmuller)
Alice begegnet der 4. Dimension (Stefan Scheller)
A Traveler's Guide to Spacetime (Moore)
General Theory of Relativity 1997 (Lerner)
Relativity Course (Jacob, Arizona State)
Relativity (David J. Raymond)
SPAC 205: From Space and Time to Space-Time: Understanding Relativity
A Radically Modern Approach to Freshman Physics -- Volume 2
Theory of Relativity
Relativity and Cosmology (Jose Wudka - UC Riverside)
Physics and Philosophy of Space and Time (Duncan/Bradie)
Notes General Relativity (Adair)
The Fundamentals of Special Relativity (Kellogg)
Combining Relativity and Quantum Theory (Christ - Columbia)
Cosmology (Alessandrini)
Foundations (Egan)
Rules of Thumb
The Official String Theory Web Site

Advanced Relativity

Literatur zur Allgemeinen Relativitaet.

Tensors and Differential Geometry

(Yakovenko) Differential Geometry Notes
(Dunsby) An Introduction to Tensors and Relativity
(Martin) Tensor/Vector Analysis
(Shiffman -mathcad) Metric Tensors and Relativity
(Eisenhart) Differential Geometry
(Welbourne) Smooth Manifolds
(Allcock) Differential Geometry / Abstract Index Notation
(Novikov) Differential Geometry notes
(Shubin) Riemannian Geometry and General Relativity
(Baldwin) Thoughts/Research on Differential Forms
(Kiehn) Cartan's Corner
(Sweetser) Doing physics with quaternions
(Mukherjee) Lorentz Geometry
(Waner) Differential Gometry and General Relativity
(Hodges) A Brief Introduction to Twistor Theory
(Hadrovic) Twistors --- What Are They?
(Bailey) Notes on Quaternions and Vectors
(Heinbockel) Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics
(Roe) Manifolds and Differential Geometry
(Branson) Second-Order Conformal Covariants
(Dodson) Introducing Surfaces
The History of Curvature
(Hestenes) SpaceTime Calculus
Geometric Calculus R & D Home Page
Geometric Calculus in Gravity Theory
Geometric Algebra Introduction Abstract
(Schmidt) co- and contravariant components of a vector
(Bigatti) Noncommutative Geometry for Outsiders
(Brin) Introduction to Differential Topology (.ps.Z)
(BYU) Differential Forms in Electrodynamic Theory
(Jancewicz) Are there pictorial examples that distinguish covariant and contravariant vectors?

Tensor Visualization

VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (Salgado)
Visualization Research for Interpreting Complex Tensor Data
NAS: Tensor Field Visualization (Hesselink)
Visualization of Second-Order Tensor Fields (Delmarcelle)
Topology of Symmetric Second-order Tensor Fields
2.2 3D vector field display
Ph.D. Thesis - Burkhard Wuensche
Visualizing Second Order Tensor Fields with Hyperstreamlines

Lectures in Relativity (Audio/Video/Lecture Notes/Transparencies)

Audio/Video Lectures in Relativity

Penn State U. - Center for Gravitational Physics online seminars
ITP Online Conferences, Lectures and Seminars
MSRI video archive
ITP Conference on Strong Gravitational Fields
ITP Miniprogram on Geometry and Physics
ITP HartleFest
ITP Teachers Educational Forum on Black Holes: Fact and Fiction
Thorne: Black Holes: Predicted Properties and Behaviors
Thorne: Spacetime Warps and the Quantum: A Glimpse of the Future
Will: The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment
Witten: Duality, Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics
Penrose: Science and the Mind
SLAC SSI 98: Summer School Program (Gravity)
Galison: Einstein's Clocks: High Theory and Lowly Technology

(Baez) GR tutorial
(Carroll) Lecture Notes on General Relativity
(Bertschinger) MIT 8.962, Spring 1999
(Thorne) Caltech ph236
(Dunsby) An Introduction to Tensors and Relativity
(Choptuik) Relativity Theory I - maple
(Burke [.ps]) A Short Course on GR
('t Hooft [.ps]) Introduction to General Relativity
(Jacobson [.ps]) Spacetime Primer
(Hadrava) Lecture notes on general relativity
(Johnson) A First Look at Relativity and Gravitation
(Periwal) Introduction to Relativity
(Leong) General Relativity notes
(Benson) Introduction to Cosmology
(van Holten [.ps.gz]) Gravitational Waves and Black Holes
(van Holten [.ps.gz]) Gravity Geometry and Physics
(Miller-NPAC/SU) Introduction to Numerical Relativity
(Jeschke [.ps]) Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie (Einführung)
(Pinn) Vorlesung Relativitätstheorie
(Chivukula) Theory of Relativity
(Uzan) Exercises in General Relativity
Jean-Luc's General Relativity Glossary
(Bostelmann) Allgemein kovariante Systeme [.ps]
(Possel [.ps]) Hawkingstrahlung
(Geisler [.ps]) Stringtheorie
(Verlinde and Dijkgraaf) Caput Lectures on String Theory
(Egan) Foundations
(D'Inverno) Introduction to the 2+2 formalism
(Papadopoulos) Algorithms for the Gravitational Characteristic Initial Value Problem
(Bengtsson [.dvi]) Constrained Hamiltonian Systems
(Bengtsson [.dvi]) Electrodynamics
Constrained Hamiltonian Systems
Geometry of Quantum Mechanics
Anti-de Sitter Space
(Frauendiener) Conformal Infinity

Seminars in Relativity

Program on Black Hole Astrophysics
Black Holes: Theory Confronts Reality
Black Holes: Fact and Fiction
Einstein's Equation and Twistor Theory: Recent Developments (Roger Penrose, Oxford)
Program on Classical and Quantum Physics of Strong Gravitational Fields
Hartle Symposium
Minnowbrook Symposium on the Structure of Space-Time

Astrophysical/Cosmological/Black Hole Relativity

General relativity in the global positioning system
Astronomy/Relativity links (Yale)
Cosmology for Beginners (Gribbin)
Cosmology (Strobel)
Table of Contents of Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Cosmology (Albrecht)
Introduction to Cosmology (Benson)
An introduction to quantum cosmology (Wiltshire)
Jean-Pierre Luminet
Gravitational Waves (ROG)
Gravitational Lensing
Black Holes (Newton's Apple)
Black Holes Chapter 10 (Luminet)
Black Holes and Electromagnetism (Guidksen / Ostman)
Black Holes:The inside story (Droz/Israel/Morsink)
Black Holes. 1996/97 Course. M. Abramowicz
Black Hole Lecture Notes (Townshend - Cambridge)
Introductory Lectures on Black Hole Thermodynamics (Jacobson) [.ps]
Black holes: inside and out (Jacobson) [.ps]
Cosmology Review (Greene)
Lorentzian Wormholes Graphics (Visser)
Icarus Research Wormhole Physics (collection by Talbot)

Computational Relativity

Cactus Code
Numerical Relativity Exhibitions (NCSA)
BBH Alliance: Softlib (NPAC-Syracuse)
Movies: Scalar Wave (UNC)
Charactreristic Wave Equation (U Pittsburgh)
Black Hole Simulations (Hart)
Dark Matter Cosmology (UC Santa Cruz)
Black Holes/Neutron Stars (NASA/Nemiroff)
General Relativity Papers (Bell)

Symbolic Relativity

Ricci (MMA)
NP-Spinor Package (Maple)
Clifford (Maple)
TTC: Tools of Tensor Calculus
Package JSci.physics.relativity

Quantum Relativity

The ISJ - Quantum Gravity Classification
Quantum Gravity (P. Gibbs)
The Nature of Space and Time (Hawking/Penrose)
Penrose's Twistor Theory (Hodges)
Quantum Gravity Concept Map
Quantum Gravity Concept Map (Koehler)
Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity (Sokal humor)
Structural Issues in Quantum Gravity, by Chris Isham,
The Small Scale Structure of Space-Time, by Phil E.
Effective Field Theory Description of Gravity, by John F.
Lattice Quantum Gravity, by S. Catterall, 95/10
The Computationalist Wavefunction Interpretation Agenda

Philosophical Relativity

David B. Malament
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Space and Time (I. A. Kieseppä)
Conventionality of Simultaneity (Janis)
Causation, Causal Processes (Dowe)
Probabilistic Empricism: Reichenbachian Theory of Spacetime (Martel)
Theological issues in light of physics and cosmology: an introduction
Physical and Epistemological Foundations of Einstein's (Kroo)
Relativity Theory (Zac)
Mellor Philosophy Cambridge Transcendental Tense
Measurement of time and spatial distance
Surveying in spacetime
Dr. Woodward's Research Interests at Cal State Fullerton
The Ontology and Cosmology of Non-Euclidean Geometry
A Century of Time (Lucas)
Papers of Charlie Dunbar Broad
Writings of C. D. Broad
The Reality of Now (Seager)
Four Dimensionalism (Sider)
Problems of Time and Change (Oaklander)
Robert C. Koons

Mathematical Topics for Relativity

What is Topology?
Axiomatic Causal Theory of Spacetime (Guts)
Topologies on Minkowski Space-Time (Popvassilev)
Causal Structures in Linear Spaces (Krym)
Superstrings! String Theory Tutorial
Introduction to String Theory (Nikitin)
Professor Lomonaco: Knots & Electromagnetism (Transparencies)
Nonlinear Wave Equations for Relativity (van Putten)
Flat Conformal Structures and Causality in de Sitter Manifolds (Scannell)
Comparison and Rigidity Theorems in Semi-Riemannian Geomtry (Andersson)
Finite Element Analysis & General Relativity (Norm)
Relativity and gravitational theory (via FermiVista)
Dr. Herrmann's Published Papers

Rob's Relativity Links

Experimental Tests of Relativity

Experimental Tests of Relativistic Gravity (Thibault Damour, IHES, France)
The Experimental Gravity Webpage (Clifford Will)
A Tutorial on Radio Pulsars
Tests of Relativistic Gravity using Millisecond
Tests of General Relativity (Bell)
Gravitational Waves, by Kip Thorne, 95/06
Binary Neutron Star Inspiral, LIGO, and Cosmology,
Binary-Pulsar Tests of Strong-Field Gravity, by Gilles
Gravitation and the General Theory of Relativity
Black Holes and Relativity (Myers)
General Relativity Tests (Lombardi)
Michelson Morley Experiment (Lombardi)
E=mc² (AIP)

Applied Relativity

General relativity in the global positioning system (Ashby)
General Relativity (for GPS satellite applications) (Misner)
Global Positioning System (GPS) Links
Trimble - All About GPS
Global Positioning System Overview
Student Project on the Global Positioning System

Alternate Relativity

Gravity and the Tenacious Scalar Field (Brans)
Einstein and Whitehead (Tanaka)
A Call For Give And Take (Edwin F. Taylor)
AAAS Gives Dissident Group A Chance To Challenge Physics Theory (Billy Goodman)
Are you a quack? (Warren Siegel)
Refutations of Some Incorrect/Erroneous/Vacuous Claims about Cosmology and Relativity
Crank Dot Net
[Marmet] Einstein's Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics
[Karlsen] The Great Puzzle
[August] Ritzian Theory - An Alternative to Relativity.
[Schmelzer] Post-Relativistic Gravity
[Lofaro] List of flaws of relativity
[de Hilster] Autodynamics
[Desiato] Quantum Gravity: The Probability Wave Dispersion Interpretation of Relativity




The Complex Domain of Probability
National Institute of Physics
Jim's Quantum Page
Lineas de Investigación
ECN - European Cosmology Network
Seminar in Gravitation and Cosmology. Websites.
Sternberg Astronomical Institute
Institute of Physics
Staff of Loyola Physics Dept
Dean Baird Physics Education Page
NCSU Physics Lecture Demonstration Facility
WWWAssign: Cathing your students' work on the Web...
Education Programs
The Mostly Physics Web Page
TIPTOP/PAW: Physics Department Index
TIPTOP/PAW: Physics Department Index
BC Min. of Ed. -Principles of Mathematics 11 - Patterns and Relations(Relations and Functions I)
Physics Society of the Philippines
International Institute of Theorectical and Applied Physics
Event-Symmetric Space-Time (Gibbs)
Don Knuth's Home Page
juanfh 's Home Page
Ralph Howard

Energy Hunt: Page 1
IMSS - History of Science Museum - Multimedia Catalogue
Sable Systems: On-Line Measurement Guide

Physics Resources by Topic, inforM, University of Maryland, College Park
Physical Science Resource Center
TIPTOP: Welcome Page
Physical Science Resources (via AIP)
Physics Education (U. Maryland)
Physics SuperSciSpots
UCSD Science and Engineering Library - Physics
General Links

Physics Organizations/Societies

The American Physical Society
The American Center for Physics (College Park, MD)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF Funding Opportunities and Awards: Index Page
NSF Grants Database-Selected Institutions
EHR Principal Investigator Directory
EHR Projects -Search by Keyword
COS Funding Opportunities
Physics Student Societies (via McGill)
Young Scientist' Network
Physics Job Announcements by thread
College Grad Job Hunter - WWW Home Page
Physics: Jobs, Postdocs, SummerJobs
TIPTOP: Physics Conferences, Workshops and Summer Schools

Physics Institutes/Laboratories

Physics Institutes (Yahoo)
NASA Information Services
Oak Ridge Lab
The Santa Fe Institute
The Institute for Advanced Study
National Institutes of Standards and Technology
HEPIC - High Energy Physics Information Center

Physics Internet Archives

Physics blog at physicsforums
Potter's Science Gems
Martindale's Physics
The Best of Physics (Zbigniew Koziol)
The Physics Lovers' Paradise
The Net Advance of Physics
Treasure Trove of Physics
TIPTOP (Internet Pilot to Physics)
EMLIB Home Page
(info) sci.math.research
(archive) sci.math.research
(archive) sci.physics.research
(archive) sci.physics FAQ
Math Forum Internet Collection - physics (Annotated)

Physics Preprints

MathSciNet Search
FermiVista! : Recherche par mot-clef
FermiVista! : Liste des sites
Los Alamos preprints
One-Shot Preprint Search (Trieste)
APS e-prints
ESI (Vienna) preprints
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
EurophysNet search
MATH Database 1931-1997
PhysNet - European Physics Theses Network
Quantum Computation Archive
Bell & Howell Information and Learning

Physics Journals

Alphabetical Journal List
ADS Abstract Service
American Institute of Physics Journals
American Journal of Physics
American Journal of Physics
American Journal of Physics (search)
Annals of Physics
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science
Springer LINK: Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis
The Astrophysical Journal
Biophysical Journal
Canadian Journal of Physics
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Communications in Mathematical Physics (TOC)
Communications in Mathematical Physics
Computer Physics Communications
Computer Physics Communications Package
Computers in Physics
Hot AIR: Annals of Improbable Research
IOP publishing
Journals on Clifford Algebras and Physical Applications
Journal of Computational Physics
Journal of Extraneous Scientific Topics
Journal de Physique 1
Journal of Geometry and Physics
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General
Nature On-Line
Nuclear Physics A/B
Physics Letters A, B, with Physics Reports (Combined Subscription)
Physica A, B, C, D and E (Combined Subscription)
Physical Review
The Physics Teacher
Physics Today
Physics World
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Reports on Mathematical Physics
Reviews of Modern Physics
Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics
Science On-Line
Springer LINK - Physics Online Library
Urainian Journal of Physics
World Scientific published journals
University of Bristol Library electronic journals
IDEAL homepage

Physicists: home pages

Jorge Pullin's home page
David Goodstein's home page
Warren Siegel's home page
Are you a quack? (Siegel)
Bill Burke's Home Page
William C. Hammel (Physics)
Robert Kiehn's: Cartan's Corner
Robert Low's Home Page
Philip Baldwin (Diff Forms)
P.J. Steinhardt's home page
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
John Baez's homepage
Matthew J. McIrvin's homepage
Tsvi Piran's Homepage
Edwin F. Taylor - Home
John Belcher's Home Page
Edward F. Redish's homepage
Tony Smith's Homepage
Gerard 't Hooft
Lynda Williams's Web Page
Drasko Jovanovic
Tom Loredo's homepage
Chris Hillman's Postings
William M. Pezzaglia Jr. (Clifford Algebra)
Research on Mathematical Physics (Seiler)
Rylov Mathematical Physics papers
Caltech Archives (Hist of Sci)
Images of Physicists
Pictures of Famous Physicists
A Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities 1
Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics
Einstein: Image and Impact
Feynman Online
Feynman's Talk
DJ's Feynman Bookmarks
Feynman Online [Framed]
Science Jokes Archives
Science Made Stupid
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.
National Society of Black Physicists
National Society of Hispanic Physicists
Minority Physicist Archive

News: Physics

Jobs for Physicists and Engineers by PhysLINK.com
AIP Physics News Update (latest)
AIP Physics News Update (index)
AIP Physics News Graphics
AIP Physics News Preview
Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumor Mill


This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.


Guide to the Web for Statisticians: Methodology
Mth 254 Vector Calculus I Index
Calculating Machines
Math & Science
Mathematics for the Future
Stat/Math Graphics Sites
Spherical Harmonic Study Index
TeX2HTML - Converting TeX to HTML
Math/Science Java Applets (tut.fi)
Binomial Coefficients
Interactive Algebra (JavaScript)
Search Maple V Knowledge Base
Linear Algebra - Table of Contents
Centre for Science and Mathematics Education
Geometry server
HotGAMS Home page
N-Body/Particle Simulation Methods
Make Your Own VRML Server
Maple V
Mathematical Visualization
Mathematica FAQ Page
Grassman Geometry
Bibliographies on Mathematics
Matrix Inequalities
Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications


Problem Solving in Mathematics (Wilson - U Georgia)
I Love Calculus (Lanius - Rice U)
Focus on Calculus (Baierlein)
Math Notes (California State U - San Bernadino)
Multivariate Calculus (Rodriguez - SUNY Albany)
MAT 214 (SUNY Albany)
Computational Geometry Web Directories (Duke)
Simple Algebraic Structures
UWA Academy for Young Mathematicians Lecture Notes
Mathematics Olympiad Lecture Notes
Representing Relations
Discrete Math
Vectors, tensors and matrices
Matrix Reference Manual
Matrix Manual: Matrix Calculus
Differential Geometry and Its Applications
Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865)
Interval Methods
Samizdat Press
Interactive Real Analysis (Java)

e-MATH (AMS) Home Page
MAA Home Page
MathSearch -- search a collection of mathematical Web material
Mathematics Information Servers
Mathematics Archives WWW Server
Math-Net Links
CSC Mathematical Topics
CAMEL: Canadian Math
Canadian Mathematical Society
Guide to mathematics resources (Caltech)
The Probability Web
Martindale's Mathematics
Math Forum Search Page
Forum Internet Resource Collection


Mathematical BBS
Mathematical BBS (root)
Integrals (via Mathematica)
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (Look-Up)
SIMCALC online
Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Interactive Surface Analyzer (Java)
Solutia, a WIMS module
Visual Math For Java
Mathematical Problems by David Hilbert

Dictionaries and Tables

Dave's Math Tables
Un Lexique de Mathématiques
Glossary of Topology Terms
Favorite Mathematical Constants
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Xah: Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves
Geometry Formulas and Facts (from CRC) (Levy)

Combinatorics Resources (by Bruno Kevius)
DiffEQ Resource Center Home
Unsolved Mathematics Problems (MathSoft)
sci.math FAQ
Numerical Analysis FAQ
spheres FAQ
Cornell Digital Library (MATH)
Books On-line: QA
Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes
The Handbook of Mathematical Discourse
Goss' Hints on Mathematical Writing

Math Internet Archives

(archive) sci.math.research
(archive) sci.math
The Mathematics On-Line Bookshelf
Mathematical Essays from the Web

Math Preprints

DBLP Bibliography
MathSciNet Search
Geometry Literature Database
One-Shot Preprint Search (Trieste)
List of Preprint Archives
AMS Preprint Server
CMS Electronic Preprint Server
Combinatorics (Los Alamos)
Cora Research Paper Search
FermiVista! : Recherche par mot-clef
FermiVista! : Liste des sites
Hopf Topology Archive
IMS Preprint Server
MAGNUS Group Theory preprints
Mathematics Journals (via Penn State)
Mathematics Journals (via Florida State)
Mathematical Physics Archive (mp_arc)
MSRI E-Print Archive
MATH Database 1931-1997
SIAM recent postings
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
Unified Computer Science TR Index
Hypertext Bibliography Project (MIT)
Rutgers DIMACS (Discrete Mathematics)
Bell & Howell Information and Learning

Math Journals

University of Bristol Library electronic journals
Springer LINK - List of Available Journals
Springer LINK - Computer Science Online Library
Springer LINK - Mathematics Online Library
Computational Bibliographies
American Journal of Mathematics Home Page
American Mathematical Society Journals
AMS Journals
Annales de l'Institute Fourier
Annales de l'Institute Henri Poincaré
College Mathematiccs Journal
Communications in Mathematical Physics
Communications in Visual Mathematics (1.1)
Computers & Mathematics with Applications
Differential Geometry and its Applications
Discrete Applied Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics with Discrete Applied Mathematics (Combined Subscription)
Discrete & Computational Geometry
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
EJ of Probability
EJ of Undergraduate Mathematics (Furman U)
Experimental Mathematics
Geometry and Topology
Graphs and Combinatorics
Historia Mathematica
Journal of Algebra
Journal of Algorithms
Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics Volume & Issue Summary
Journal of the American Mathematical Society
Journal of Approximation Theory
Journal of Combinatorial Theory - Series A
Journal of Combinatorial Theory - Series B
Journal of Differential Equations
Journal of Formalized Mathematics
Journal of Graph Alorithms and Applications
Journal of Lie Theory
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
Journal of Multivariate Analysis
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
Journal of Symbolic Computation
Linear Algebra and its Applications
Linear and Multilinear Algebra
Linear and Multilinear Algebra (TOC)
Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences
New York Journal of Mathematics
Notices of the AMS
Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics
SIAM Journal on Computing
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
SIAM Journal on Optimization
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
Southwest Journal PAM
Tangents Online - The Harvard Math Bulletin
Theory and Applications of Categories
Theory of Probability and Its Applications
Ulam Quarterly
Springer LINK: Communications in Mathematical Physics

Mathematicians home pages

Finding Math People
Combined Membership List
Geometry/Topology Address Book
Categories Home Page
Clifford Algebra researchers
All Mathematicians Entries
Mathematical Quotation Server
Ralph Abraham
John Baez's USENET posts
Thomas Banchoff's home page
A. T. Fomenko
Jerrold   E. Marsden
Edward Nelson's home page
Albert Nijenhuis
Alan Selby's home page
Alan Weinstein's Home Page
Photos of Mathematicians (large .jpg)
Photos of Mathematicians (small .gif)
MacTutor History of Mathematics
The Pavilion of Polyhedreality
A.D. Bell: List of Ring Theorist Lists
A.D. Bell: Other Mathematician Lists
Counterexamples in Clifford Algebras
SIAM's Undergraduate Page
Erdos Number project
Math via email (Dave Rusin)
Math Collection of Dave Rusin
Pat Nash
Dmitry Gokhman
E. Lee Lady
Sheldon Axler's Home Page
Home Page of Doron Zeilberger
Richard P. Stanley Home Page
Dr. Bela Bollobas
Peter Winkler
Chris Godsil's (Mobius, Algebra Tools)
Douglas West's Home Page
David M. Jackson
Ian Goulden's Home Page
Bob Walters Home Page
Home Page of Alfred Gray
Donniell Fishkind
Philippe Flajolet's electronic documents
Australian Mathematical Society Welcome Page
Miguel Angel FIOL
Bob's Positive Integer Pages


Geometry Formulas and Facts
ThinkQuest - Glossary of Geometry Terms
Differential Forms and Beltrami Fields
The Geometry Center Welcome Page
Math Art Gallery
Mathematical Visualization Resources
Gallery of Interactive Geometry
The Geometry Junkyard
The Geometer's Sketchpad®
JavaSketchpad Center
Polar Form of the Conic Sections
Math Forum: The Geometer's Sketchpad
Neutral and Non-Euclidean Geometries (Royster)
1. The Riemanian revolution
Cartan's Corner (Kiehn)

The Language of Mathematics
The Electronic Library of Mathematics
Mathematical Links (Herman)
Math-Web - Mathematical Publications
Math in the Movies
A Model for Analyzing Contests



The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Steven Skiena
(Freese) Lattice Drawing
General Algebra and Lattice Theory
Preference Structures (Fishburn)
The eigenvalues of the Laplacian for the homology of the lie algebra corresponding to a poset
Foundations of Concurrency (Stanford)
Chu Spaces: Automata with Quantum Aspects - ph94.ps.gz
Partially-Ordered Multisets (Vaughn Pratt)- ijpp.ps.gz
Edge-Detection - gidi-thesis.ps.gz
CS267: Notes for Lecture 13, Feb 27, 1996
CS267: Notes for Lecture 23, April 9, 1999
Graph Theory

CDAM Research Report Series
Graph Theory
Inverse of a Matrix Related To a Graph.
Maple Programs by Doron Zeilberger
Networks and Matrices
World Combinatorics
Computational Bibliographies
Combinatorica-MMA (Skiena)
Posets-MAPLE (Stembridge)
INRIA Combinatorics Library
Groups and Graphs (software)
Combinatorics at RISC
Combinatorial Software at RISC
The Graph Theory team
On-line Dictionary of Combinatorics
Combinatorial Object Server
Concerning Compatibility of Standard Properties of Relations
Graph Drawing Server Home Page
Graphs and Combinatorics
Discrete & Computational Geometry
Journal of Graph Alorithms and Applications
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
CAIDA - IEC: Internet Engineering Curriculum Repository
Algorithms Project. Studies in Automatic Combinatorics
Graph Theory and Combinatorics


Midwest Events

MW10/Parkerfest - 2000
Truman State - PHY
Truman State - MAT
U. Missouri - Columbia - PHY
U. Missouri - Columbia - MAT
Midwest Geometry Conference - 1999
U. Missouri - Rolla - PHY
U. Missouri - Kansas City - PHY
U. Missouri - Kansas City - MAT
U. Missouri - St. Louis - PHY
St. Louis U. - MAT
Washington U. - PHY
U. Iowa - PHY
U. Iowa - MAT Seminar
U. Iowa - MAT Colloquium
Iowa State - PHY
Iowa State - MAT
U. Nebraska - Lincoln - PHY
U. Nebraska - Lincoln - MAT
U. Nebraska - Lincoln - MAT colloq
U. Kansas - MAT
Kansas State - PHY
U. Illinois - Urbana - PHY
U. Illinois - Urbana - PHY seminars
9th Midwest Relativity Meeting - 1999
U. Illinois - Urbana - MAT
U. Illinois - Urbana - MAT seminars
Northwestern U. - PHY
Northwestern U. - MAT
Northwestern U. - ESAM
U. Chicago - MAT
U. Chicago - PHY
U. Chicago - PHY Colloq
Illinois Institute of Tech - PHY Colloq
Illinois Institute of Tech - Applied Math
U. Illinois - Chicago - PHY
U. Illinois - Chicago - MAT
Fermilab - PHY Colloq
Argonne - PHY, CHEM
U. Arkansas - PHY
U. Arkansas - MAT

Northeast Events

EVENTS: Syracuse Physics
EVENTS: Syracuse Math
EVENTS: Cornell Physics (this week)
EVENTS: Cornell Physics (next week)
_EVENTS: Cornell Math
EVENTS: U Rochester Physics
EVENTS: U Rochester Math
EVENTS: SUNY Buffalo Physics
EVENTS: SUNY Buffalo Math
EVENTS: Rennselaer Physics
EVENTS: Rennselaer Math
EVENTS: Columbia Physics
EVENTS: Columbia Math
(Columbia list) Seminars at Nearby Schools
EVENTS: Stony Brook IMS/Math
EVENTS: Stony Brook ITP(Physics)
EVENTS: Stony Brook Physics
EVENTS: Courant Institute/NYU
EVENTS: CCNY Theory Seminars
(CUNY list) Seminars at Nearby Universities
EVENTS: Carnegie Mellon/U-Pittsburgh Physics
EVENTS: Penn State Relativity
EVENTS: Penn State Math
EVENTS: Penn State Physics
EVENTS: U. Pennsylvania Physics
EVENTS: U. Pennsylvania Math
EVENTS: Princeton IAS-Math
EVENTS: Princeton Math
EVENTS: Princeton Physics
EVENTS: Princeton Physics (calendar)
EVENTS: Rutgers/New Brunswick Physics
EVENTS: Rutgers Math
EVENTS: Temple Math
EVENTS: Lehigh Math
EVENTS: Boston-area Physics (Tufts/Boston/Harvard/MIT/Brown)
EVENTS: Massachusetts Math
EVENTS: MIT Combinatorics Seminar Web Page
EVENTS: U Maryland GravTheory
EVENTS: U. Toronto Physics
EVENTS: U. Toronto Math
EVENTS: Fields Institute/U.Toronto
EVENTS: U. Guelph Physics
EVENTS: Carleton U. Physics

AMS Mathematics Calendar
Netlib Conferences Database


Academic: SYR

SU Physics Library
SU Math Library
New York State Library Online Catalogs
Internet-Libraries (via Yale)
MathSciNet Search
SearchBank Web: Syracuse University Library
CollegeEdge: Syracuse University

American Universities
International Universities
ENCYCLOPEDIA Britannica Online
Britannica Internet Guide
My Virtual Reference Desk - My Facts Page
DICTIONARY: Merriam-Webster
Hypertext Webster Interface
OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder
THESAURUS: Roget Thesaurus
Reverse Dictionary (Los Alamos)
ACRONYM Dictionary
GRAMMAR: On-Line English Grammar - Edunet
Semantic RHYMING Dictionary- CMU
QUOTATIONS: Bartlett's Quotations
Tips for Motivating and Inspiring Others
English Phrase Search
Welcome from Project Gutenberg!

Foreign-Language Translation

Internet Resources for Translators - English
Wordbot home page
SYSTRAN Software HTML Translation Page
English-German and German-English Dictionaries
English-to-Other Translation Dictionaries
The Human-Languages Page
BABYLON - Preview
Vivigy, Inc. - Internet Consulting/Language Translation Software
WinDi Translation Help in 7 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish).
The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary

Medical References

The Virtual Hospital: Family Practice Handbook
Dr. Schueler's Health Informatics - On-line Medical Glossary
Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library

Internet Books

The Internet Public Library (IPL)
Books On-line
Gutenberg home page
ATHENA (sciences)
Significant Books (Out of Print)
Advanced Book Exchange - Search ABE for used, out of print, rare, antiquarian and hard to find book
Powell's Technical Books

(archive) FAQs

Technical Writing

A scrutiny of the introduction (Claerbout)
Suggestions for Giving Talks (Geroch)
How to Present a Paper (Parberry)
A Guide for Referees (Parberry)
You and Your Research (Hamming)
Oral Presentation Advice
Oral Presentation Advice
Writing Techniques Handbook
Resources for Business and Technical Writers
How to write an abstract
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
On-Line English Grammar
Plagiarism and the Art of Skillful Citation
Gary Conroy's Technical Writing Page
Professional Information Research by Community Networking
Researchpaper.com - Writing a Research Paper

Public Speaking

The Speaker's Companion -- Reference Page
effective talks: menu 103

CGRER Maps and Reference
WordNet - a Lexical Database for English
One Page Guides


This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.

Science Education

General Resources

U.S. Department of Education
Using WWW to Augment University Courses
Teaching with Electronic Technology
Globewide Network Academy
Science Guide
Education List (CMC)
Education List (Galaxy EINET)
Campus Maps
Electronic Center for Educational Resources
The Grant Advisor Plus - Current Issue Files
Education Grants
U.S. Department of Education (ED) -- Funding
Funding Opportunities in Science & Technology/Mathematics/Computer Science
Random Research Question Generator
Webpages of Scholarly Societies
Quotations for Education
Science Quotes
ScienceDaily Magazine Home Page
Science Education Glossary
Inren's World Online: USA: Education
Educational Technology Resource Center
Study WEB
Library of Congress Home Page
Electric Library Personal Edition
Surfing the Education Waves


Microsoft in Education
CyberWorks - Information Technology in Education
Adaptive Computer Equipment for Kids with Special Needs.(via Thunderbeam)
IBM lead story: Equal opportunity Web
Closing The Gap
Closing The Gap: On-line Resource Library

General Science

UC Berkeley: Computer as Learning Partner
Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
Amateur Science
Doctor Duey's Wacky Web Pages
Microworlds - Exploring the Structure of Materials
Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide
Museum of Science of Boston, MA
The Chicago Academy of Sciences
The Exploratorium (SF)
Newton's Apple
Nye Science Labs!
Discovery Channel Online
PBS Online
Scientific American
Ig®Nobel Prize
Notes on the 'net
Notebooks (Shalizi)
Learn2.com - The ability utility

General Education

Cyber School Resources
The World Lecture Hall
The Global Campus
Albatros - The Net Education Center
The Text Project
UCSD Science Library
U Illinois - Learning Resource Server
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
IBM: Higher Education
BellSouth.net - Education Gateway
Welcome to Engines for Education
Doing Science
English for Science and Technology
Tips for Effective Teaching
alt.locksmithing archives
The Internet Webseum of HOLOGRAPHY
Jungian Personality Test
Education 626: Educational Software
Notes on the 'net
Examples of Internet Educational Materials & Other Scholarly Works


Web66 Home Page
K-16 Science Education (UCI)
The Hub
K12 Information Home Page
Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology
Armadillo's K-12 resources
Web 66
AIMS Education Foundation
The Living Schoolbook Project
Physics Education Project for High School Students
UIUC Physics Van Outreach Program

College, Grad School and Beyond


How to Survive College
1999 College Rankings: USNews - edu
Welcome to FishNet
The Princeton Review
Peterson's Education Center

Graduate School

Customized Graduate Program Rankings
Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students
Graduate Student Advice and Research Survival Guide
Dissertation year fellowship
Network of Emerging Scientists (NES) Homepage
The Ph.D. Dissertation Prospectus
Dissertation/Thesis Guide
Ph.D. Help Center
Notes on Writing a Thesis (.ps)
LookSmart - exploring World - Reference & Education - Higher & Cont. Ed. - Graduate Studies - Research Advice
Frequently Asked Fellowship Questions
Ford Home Page

Grant Opportunities
UI Student Resumes
CareerLab - FREE Articles from TheCareerAdvisor
dice.com job search engine for full-time & contract computer consulting and programming employment opportunities
Search Employment - Jobs - Education
Funding Opportunities - Science & Engineering
Homebuyer's Fair Welcome: real estate, mortgage loans, relocation, moving, van line, apartments
CU - The Springs Non-Tenure Track Faculty
AAS Job Register - February 1999
Program Announcement for Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
Research Corporation - Cottrell Scholars Awards Guidelines in Brief
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
Writer's Resource


Physics Jobs (Chronicle of Higher Education)
PhysicsJobs (IOP)
Physics Jobs TIPTOP
Physics Job Announcements (lanl.gov)
AIP Job Opportunities Main Page
Jobs for Physicists and Engineers by PhysLINK.com
Scientific Computing Jobs (IOP)
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Information Technology
Best Companies for Blacks, Asians & Hispanics (Fortune)
UK Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumour Mill
Theoretical Nuclear Physics Jobs Rumor Mill
Astrophysics Jobs Rumor Mill
Jobs in Physics, Astronomy, and Other Fields
Jobs in Higher Education
PhDs.Org Science, Math, and Engineering Career Site
PhDs.Org Science Career Links
Job Listings: PhdsOrg
Jobsearch - Monster.com
CareerMosaic USENET Job List
ESPAN Job Library
Preparing Future Faculty - Job Search Resources
Preparing Future Faculty
Guide/Aca Websites
MathEngine job vacancies
JOBTRAK:Job Search Tips
Physical Sciences Resource Center
Other Links
Academe Home Page
Tomorrow's Professor Chapter 4
How to Leave Physics
Career Options for Scientists Page
Career Alternatives Group

Academic Job Search
Academic Job Application Checklist
The Vita and Faculty Cover Letter
Sample Resumes and Cover Letters
Sci Res App
Résumés by Classification
The Employment Correspondence Guide
Job Letters
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PHYSICS Education


Introduction to the transistor
Lectures on Geometric Optics: (Rauch) -.ps
Mike Levin's WWW Page (essays)
Variational Statement of the Poisson Eq.
Simulations in Physics (Gould and Tobochnik)
efg's Computer Lab
Ask Dr. Science!
Light and Matter: free educational materials for physics and astronomy
Welcome to the wonderful world of Electricy and Magnetism! (Brigham Young)
Elementary Physics II - Boston U.
Introductory Electromagnetism (Northwestern)
Electromagnetism Tutor - Magnetic Flux and Gauss Law
Electrodynamics (Spencer)
SE316- Electromagnetic Fields, I hate this subject
6.013 - Electromagnetic Fields and Energy (MIT)
Rube Goldberg
The Rube Goldberg High School Teams! (Argonne)
Geophysics Teaching Demonstrations (Barker)
Kinematics 'R Us (java)
SpringSpace Films - Java Applet Animations
Equilibrium and Statics (Glenbrook)
What is a Projectile? (Glenbrook)
Cannon Ball Applet
Physics Class (Henderson - Glenbrook)
Particle Physics and Special Relativity (Fermilab)
The Bell Observatory (Bell)
Jack Ord's Java applets
Jack Ord's Java Program Directory
Mechanics Course Outline (Casco)
Hanging With Galileo (Catenary) - Geometer's Sketchpad
Home Page of Frank Wolfs
Daniel F. Styer (Oberlin) - Quantum Mechanics, Computers
Physics Curriculum Guide
Physics 621
The Intelligent Physics Tutor Project Description
Socratic Dialogue Inducing - Socratic Dialogue (Hake)
Harvard Galileo Server


Statics tutorial
Statics (Gladney - U. Penn)
Statics (Herzog - Penn State)
Cable Supported Structures
U.M. Rolla
Bridge Engineering
Civil Engineering
ENGR 210
ENGR-230 Kinematics and Dynamics

(new) physics

UMI ProQuest Digital Dissertations - Preview
View Interactive Programming (VIP) Demo


American Journal of Mathematics
JSTOR: American Mathematical Monthly
Rusty's Programming - acz (Virtual TI)
Index of /mat214dir/

Wheatstone Bridge
Laboratorio Virtual de Física
Course schedule and notes for the 8 am class
Introduction to the Art of Engineering (Drexel)
Physics H221 -- Thermodynamics
PHYS1301 Example Problems Directory
PHYS 231
Rules for Writing a PRL
Quantum computer simulators
Sharmanthie Fernando's Webpage
Physics, Math, and Word Problems
Help for Physics Students
Ztek Home Page: Multimedia for Physics Education
Vernier Sensors and Probes
Teaching University Physics (Zollman)
University Physics, UW-Stout

(new)Physics Teaching

Shortcut to Lens Lesson
Shortcut to Optical Table 1.0
Project Links Field Applet
The Electric Force
The Virtual Class A Class for Anyone Anywhere at Any Time
Search for the Ultimate Structure of Matter
Charles Holbrow - Colgate Faculty Teaching & Research Directory
APS Presentations
APS Presentation
Shortcut to MSRI - L. Mahadevan



Educational Sites (Plasma Physics)
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Misconceptions Page
Physics Learning Resources
High School Physics Textbooks
Recommended Physics Texts
Awestruck Reference Library
The Physics Connexion

Moore/Six Ideas That Shaped Physics - Message Board
JPU200Y - The Way of Physics
Feynman Online!
Engines for Education
Interactive Textbook for PFP 96
The Radical Exponent
Animal Electromagnetism
How Misconcetpions Affect Formal Physics Problem Solving
Resources for Undergraduate Education in Discrete Math and Computer Science
Welcome to TOPScience Online
Physics Demonstration Resources
Roller Coaster
Textbook Errata
Java Applets at BYU Physics
Refraction of Light Demonstration Applet
Interactive Algebra
Orbits in Strongly Curved Spacetime
GeeBalls Java Applet
The First Three Semesters of Physics
Interactive Science Education
Noboru Wada's HomePage
Shapes of constant width
College Mathematics Journal (topic index)
HOMEWORK central
Past classes and class related links
Vector Calculus Main Menu
Math 2507 on line notes
The Magnetic Force
The Educational Technology Resource Center
Science Links
A Century Of Electricals

_The Barometer Story
physics education research at other universities homepages
What's New in Physics Education
PHOAKS: Resources for sci.physics
Computers and Physics
Fundamental Physical Constants / Naturkonstanten
American Journal of Physics (search)
Curriculum Unit - Phys Teacher Database
_SciPhy Cybrary
EDU2 : Level 2
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents
Welcome to How Stuff Works
Events In Science, Mathematics, and Technology - Version 3.0
_Physics Factory Main Gate
MetaPhys Physics Document Search Engine
Help for Physics Students
Advanced Physics - Suite101.com
SEM: Science, Engineering, & Math: Physics

Physics Education Centers

The Nintendo Generation

Research Groups

Resources in Engineering and Science Education
Connecting Research in Physics Education with Teacher Education
Purcell Web Server
Graduate Students in Physics Education Research
California State Univ - Pomona (Mallinckrodt)
Carnegie Mellon - Center for Innovation in Learning
Davidson U - Web Physics
Dickinson College - Priscilla Laws
Dickinson College Physics and Astronomy - Activity Based Physics
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,
Harvard - Mazur - Peer Instruction
Indiana University
Kansas State U -- Physics Education Group
Montana State University - CAPER
North Carolina State U - Physics Education Research
Ohio State U. - Physics Education Group
Rensselaer U. - Physics Education
San Diego State University
San Diego State - CPU Project
Tufts University
U. Arkansas
UC Berkeley - Graduate School of Education
U. Hawaii Physics Education
U. Maine
U. Maryland - RIPE
U. Massachusetts - UMPERG
U. Minnesota (Minneapolis)
Educational Physics Research Group at the Univ. of Miss.
U. Houston - Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory
U. Nebraska - Lincoln
U. Oregon
U. Washington - Physics Education Group (PEG)
Rick T (software)
der Universität Kiel
University of Oldenburg
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
University of Sydney,
CNIDR Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
Best Practices in Education
The Educational Technology Resource Center
Constructivist Tools
Human Factors International - usability through software ergonomics
Journal of Interactive Media in Education

Carnegie Science Academy: Physics Links
Physics Education Research Programs
American Association of Physics Teachers
National Science Teachers Association Home Page
NTSA Message Board
Physics Around the World: Education (via McGill)
Physics Resource Site (Georgia Tech)
Physics Educational Materials
Physics Instructional Resource Association
Physics (via Einet)
Physics Education Resources
Physics Education Projects
SciEd - Science and Mathematics Education Resources
Science Education Resources on the Web
Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
Cornell - Physics Undergraduate
Cornell/LASP - Entertaining Science (PHY)
Fermilab Education Home Page
Lawrence Hall of Science (UC Berkeley)
CPEP - Contemporary Physics Education Project
ASPEN Home Page
ASPEN: Physics and Physics Education Links
Potter's Science Gems
Martindale's Physics
American Journal of Physics
The Physics Teacher
IOP publishing
Electronic Journal of Science Education
Teaching Physics On Line
Trends in Science Education (Belcher)

Physics Activities / Lab

Physics Courseware Communicator
University of Maryland Fermi Problems Site:
University of Maryland Thinking Problems in Mechanics:
NCSU demonstration manual (PHY)
U Illinois - Interactive Physics Experiments
Physical Science Activity Manual
Physical Science lesson plans
Kansas State U - Physics Education Group
SharePhys FTP site
Little Shop of Physics
World-in-Motion Physics Video Analysis Software
multimedia physik
Mechanical Universe
Visualizing Physics with Sound (Oregon State)
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Jordan's Leap (AVI)
Physics Multimedia
NOVA Online
TecQuipment Education & Training Resources
Welcome ot the Little Shop of Physics!
Black Holes
Time Travel, Black Holes & Relativity Internet Integrated Unit Plan Summary Template
Weighing in Weightlessness! Encarta Schoolhouse

Physics Labs / Demos

Physics Laboratory Experiments (Rochester)
Trinity Physics Laboratory Writeups
SDI Labs
Lab Equipment Required
Mechanics Demos (Purdue)
Hands-On Physics Labs
Universal Lab Interface
Dramatic Physics Demonstrations

Studying Physics

VIP Demo (Write Programs and Do Physics by Connecting Diagrams)
C3P Students' Alternate Conceptions
21st Century Problem Solving (PHY)
Physics Quiz by Shepley
Ask Dr. Neutrino
Doctor Neutrino's House of Fun
Erik Max Francis - Physics Page
Science (Pt)
Revised Learner Outcomes
Teaching a discusion section
Scientific Problem Solving
Physics Problems (U Oregon)
How to Study Physics (Chapman)
On Being A Student (Simanek)
Preparing for Physics Exams
Suggestions for Physics Students (Long)
Glossary: Misunderstood Terms
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Misconceptions
Textbook Errata
The Textbook League Web Site
ConceptsList (P3401 Mount Allison U)
The Math and Physics Help Home Page
CNS Basic Math Class
Philosophy of Science readings (Friesian)
ChemTeam: Bob's School of Quantum Mechanics

Physics (Java/Shockwave/VRML)


Fizzics Fizzle!
JavaSketchpad Grammar
A Numerical Library for Java - JNL from Visual Numerics
TWEEN - Java Applet
Live.java Homepage
Multi-threading in Java
ACME Java - Software
Center for Digital Innovation (UCLA)
Live Software: JavaScript Resource Center
Kami! Home Page: Java Applets (English)
Interactive Imaging; An Introduction to Raytracing & CGI with Java
FoilWorld: Non JavaScript Summary of Fox Foilsets by Topic Areas
Java test
Digital Cats' Java Resource IDE
JavaSci Home Page


The Northwestern Virtual Physics Lab
Math/Science Java Applets (tut.fi)
developer.com - Directories
Applets.com - Virtual Hosting Demo Site
Syracuse U Physics: Index of Java-Applets
EOE Object Library
Explore Science (Shockwave)
Basic Physics with Java
Kami! Home Page: Java Applets (English)
CyberLab (physics)
Welcome to Visual Physics
Math and Physics (Java)
SciPhy-Main Page

Math Applets

Interactive Surface Analyzer
Applet: Geometry Server
Java Function Plotter
Graph Class Library
Penrose Tilings
hypercube - hyperspace - ipercubo - iperspazio
HyperCuber Applet
Applet: 3D Stereo Pair Modeler
Applet: 3D Surface Rendering
Alpha VRML Plot (Gawrysiak)
3D Graphing Simulator
Contour Plotting using Java
ODE phase portraits
Flows of Vector Fields
Direction Field Java Applet
Run Java Applets
Fast Marching Methods and Level Set Methods: J.A. Sethian
Linear Equations
Linear Algebra for Statistics Java Package
Live Trigonometry with Java
WebCalc: A Demonstration of WWW/CGI/Perl
Java and Perl information for statisticians
Sampler of Java applets
Solving Quadratic Equations
Java Script Linear Algebra
HomePage of JCK
patrik's homepage

Physics 100 Java Applets
Isaac Demo (Solve Physics Problems stated in English)
FMA applet (U. Kentucky)
The Kinematics Tutorial
Vector Arithmetic Applet (U. Kentucky)
Project Java
Orbiting Planets
Central Force with Java
Virtual Optical Table
String Plucker
Java 65.2961 (RPI) Spring Pendulum
Vector Calculator
Unit I: Simulations
Interesting properties of projectile motion
Physics In Action
MTU Interactive Physics on the Web
Applets Page
Electric charges in Java
Exploring electric fields
Loi de Biot-Savard - Application Java Interactive
Coulomb Forces (Shockwave)
Motion in an electromagnetic field
Interactive Experiments
The Science Quiz
Fermat Principle
Fields and Waves Demonstrations
Retarded Fields (Java)
Educational applets in Semiconductor Devices
The Geometry of Curl: Introduction
Hypermedia Modules for Electricity and Magnetism
Teaching Electromagnetism Using Advanced Technologies: John W. Belcher MIT
Graphic Potentials: Electromagnetism
MW Overview
Mass Analysis
Geometry in Motion
Spring (model)
Where does that highway lead to?
Connected Mathematics
The NEAT System - Video Analysis Software for Sports
The Design of Artificial Realities to Improve Learning Newtonian Mechanics
Centre Of Physics Simulations
Animated Mathematical Physics (Zelenkov)
Mécanique quantique
Applets for Quantum Mechanics
Mark's Quantum Mechanics Applets
Helium Calculation in JavaScript
VR in the Schools, 3-3; virtual reality

General Physics Courses

College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry


Physics: Principles and Problems - web links
Giancoli, Physics : Principles with Applications, 5/E
The Light and Matter Series of Free Physics Textbooks
THE SCIENCE CLUB: Kids' projects here
Interactive Physics Modules
Wave Phenomena (Harvard)
Statics Tutorial
Mechanics Course Outline
SCEN103 Home Page
CCAC Allegheny Campus - Physics and Physical Sciences
U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations
U. Guelph Physics Course Home Pages
Physics 252: Modern Physics
_Physics of Everyday Life (Jordan - Florida Atlantic U)
Fields and Waves (RPI)
Electromagnetism MMA (Abbott)
_A Radically Modern Approach to Freshman Physics -- Volume 1
Philip D. Rubin
1997 Physics 208A course syllabus

Mechanics and Electromagnetism

Duke U - (1)(2) courses (Brown)
Duke U (1)
Duke U (2)
Bucknell U (2)
Physics 212 Homework Drills and Reading Quizzes
_Cal State - Chico (2)
Cal State - Fullerton (1) Homework
Cal State - Fullerton (2) Homework
Carnegie Mellon - (1)(2) courses
Carnegie Mellon (2) (Chabay/Sherwood)
_Carnegie Mellon - demos
Geoergia Tech - (1)(2) courses
Iowa State (2)
Kent State (2)
Oregon State U (2)
SUNY Buffalo - (1)(2) courses
U Alberta (2) Electronics
_U Arizona - courses (Jacob)
U Oregon (Cosmology)
U Oregon (2)
U Penn - (1)(2) courses
U Delaware (1)
U Delaware (2)
U Delaware (2) Wire/BASIC
U Manitoba (1) Mma
U Wisconsin Madison (1)
U Wisconsin Madison (2)
_West Chester U (2) Homework
_Contents: Kepler's Laws & Newton's without Calculus

For Electrodynamics

Right Hand Rule
A Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities 1
_Educational Object Economy (Apple)
The MAD Scientist Network
MAD.SCI Search Form
How Things Work (U. Virginia)
How Things Work (IAO)
Charged particle motion in Electric / Magnetic Field
Interactive Physics and Math with Java
Electric & Magnetic Interactions: THE MOVIES

Dickinson College Physics and Astronomy
Lecture Notes for Elementary Physics (Mechanics) (RG Brown -Duke)
Equations du Jour (RG Brown - Duke)

Welcome to Motion Mountain
Phil Rubin's Home Page
PHYS 670A: Pedagogical Methods for Physicists
Physics Education Project for High School Students
Math and Science Lesson Plans
Multimedia Physics Studios - Table of Contents
Caltech - (Hopfield) Order of Magnitude
Carleton U - courses
_Chandler-20th Century Physics (PHY)
PHY1160C, Principles of Physics II
Harvard U
Harvard (Physics 11)
North Park College
Purdue U - (1)(2) courses
Syracuse U - (1)(2) courses
_UC Berkeley - Interactive Physics
U Oregon - Electronic Universe (PHY)
U Oregon - Virtual Laboratory
U Penn - Interactive Textbook for PFP 96
U Virginia
U Guelph
U Guelph - Free Body Diagrams
U Guelph - Rotational Motion
U Guelph - Simple Harmonic Motion
Technical U of Budapest
Physics Revision
_Science Space: Virtual Realities for Learning
Gravity Tutorial Contents Page
Graphing Vector Calculator : An interactive Java applet
Michigan Aero Instructional Software Project - Potential Flow Applet
Teacher's Tools (Agilent)

Advanced Physics Courses

Harvard U Physics Reading Lists
Physics: EDU2 : Level 2
MSRI Streaming Video Archive - long version
Lecture Notes

Relativity and Cosmology

Rob's Relativity Links
The Light Cone (Salgado)

Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Field Theory

Griffiths Quantum Mechanics Solutions
Physics 8.04 Home Page
Quantum Chemistry (Brown U)
Visual Quantum Mechanics (PHY)
Quantum Mechanics software (TU-Budapest)
Quantum Mechanics (U Houston)
Quantum Mechanics Problems (Robicheaux)
Quantum Chemistry 19-386 Tutorials
Quantum Mechanics (Duncan - U Wisconsin)
Examples in Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanical Wavepacket Scattering in One Dimension - Quicktime MoviesW
VT Quantum Homepage
Solutions to Problems in Quantum Mechanics (.ps)
Feynman Path Integral (Grosche)
Measurement in Quantum Mechanics
Time Development of Quantum Mechanical Systems
Hilbert Space
Topological Space
Quantum Mechanics (U. Tennessee)
Special Problems (U. Tennessee)
Richard Fitzpatrick (UT Austin)
PHY 389: Quantum Mechanics (U. Texas)
Modern Physics (U Cincinnati)
Index for the Quantum Mechanics Examples
Quantum Field Theory program at IAS: Fall Term
juanfh 's Home Page
The Computationalist Wavefunction Interpretation Agenda
Relativistic Quantum Fields 1 (Hindmarsh)
A Course in Field Theory. Pierre van Baal.
Quantum Field Theory (Mulders) ps
Quantum Field Theory (Schellekens) ps.gz
Conformal field theory (Schellekens) ps.gz
Elementary Particle Physics, QMW.
Particle Theory and Cosmology. HTML/PS
Relativity and Cosmology. HTML

Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics

Nuclear Fusion Basics (PHY)
The Particle Adventure
The Science of High-Energy Physics
Observation of the Top Quark (PHY)
What is QCD???
A Basic Introduction to Nuclear Physics

Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter

Thermal and Statistical Physics Curriculum Development Project
Entropy on the World Wide Web
Thermodynamic Educational Sites
ME119 - Intro to Thermal Sciences (Caltech)
Statistical Mechanics Lab-useful web sites
Chem 275 Intro To Statistical Mechanics Home Page
Physics 75.342*/PHY3350
Teaching Resources for Thermal Physics

Dynamics and Electrodynamics

Engineering Mechanics Experimental Program to Electronically Provide Instructional Material
Continuum Mechanics (Stuart - Stanford)
_Lecture Notes on Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos(Tufillaro)
Matrices, Vectors, and Vector Calculus
Electrodynamics (Swedish Institute)
Electrodynamics (Tf4S) Exercises
Classical Electrodynamics Exercises
Jackson (Electrodynamics)
Graduate Electrodynamics (U Cincinnati) - MMA
Graduate Electrodynamics
E&M (Northpark)
Classical Electrodynamics (RG Brown - Duke)
PC4230 Mathematical Methods in Physics
ELEC 144 - Applied Electromagnetics
_The Physics Problems Page

Mathematical Physics

Quaternions (Baker)
Q calc (Sweetser)
Physics with Quaternions (Sweetser)
Doing physics with quaternions
Spin Geometry in Math and Physics (Bradlow / Leigh)
Real Symplectic Groups (Arvind)
Semi-Simple Lie Algebras (Cahn)
Notes for the course in Differential Geometry

Computational Physics

Computational Physics Tutorials
Computational Physics II (Hong Kong)
Computational Physics (MacKinnon)
Computational Physics Home Page
Graphics: The Space-Time Travel Machine (pictures)
Simulations in Physics
Physics Simulations - Teaching Programs
Graphic Potentials


Mathematics (via Einet)
The Math Forum
Math Forum Internet Collection - mathlessons (Outline)
MathPro Press
Cornell - Engineering Math
This Is Mega-Mathematics! (LANL)
Project MATHEMATICS! (Caltech)
Branson's Math Links
Fun With Mathematics (HJ Smith)
AMS Math Digest
AMS Math News
The Math Doctor
EMT 525/725 Page
The Handbook of Mathematical Discourse
Visual Math Institute (VMI)
Elements of Mathematics
Question Corner (U Toronto Math)
The Living Mathematics Project
Lectures on the History of Mathematics
Mathematical Techniques - Programs to support the book
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics
Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics

Collections of Courses

Martin Karel's courses
Courses (E. Lee Lady - U Hawaii)
Mathematics Lessons Database
U Minnesota - Paul Garrett
Courses (Tampere U, Finland)
Computational Geometry Internet Resources
Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
Math: EDU2 : Level 2
Bent Petersen Mathematics Notes (Oregon State)
Math Pages (K.S. Brown)

College Algebra and Calculus

UND Math Department Home Page
The Math and Physics Help Home Page
vrml.calculus.net - Virtual Reality & Calculus
VRML 3D Vector Field Generator
Vector Differential Calculus
Primitives of Vector Calculus
Study Guide for Vector Calculus
Understanding Mathematics
Pythagorean Theorem
Graphing Calculators
Visual Calculus (Husch)
Calculus Resources
Internet Calculus (U Pittsburg)
JPCalculus Fall '96
Calculus Graphics
e-Calculus (PDF)
Urner's Chalkboard
Maths lessons on computers
Notes for College Algebra and Geometry - Maheswaran
Interactive Exercises on Matrix Algebra
Linearity: A textbook (Fulling)
Calculus (Garrett)
Abstract Algebra (Garrett)
Abstract Algebra OnLine (Beachy)
Math 648, Lecture Notes
Math 649, Lecture Notes
CNS Basic Math Class
Karl's Calculus Tutor
PWS Calculus Modules OnLine
Finite Mathematics and Calculus Applied to the Real World
S Inkpen (Interactive MATH)
Linear Algebra WebNotes
Elementary Linear Algebra (Matthews)
Multivariable Calculus in the Lab
Multivariable Calculus
World Web Math: Vector Calculus Index
Introduction to Graphs
A Graduate Course in Algebra
Math 293 Homepage, Spring 96
Linear Algebra is Fun!
Linear Algebra WebNotes (Sapir)
Linear Algebra (Hillman)
Mathematics 700: Linear Algebra



A Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem From the Heron's Formula
NOVA Online | The Proof | Pythagorean Puzzle
Pythagorean Theorem Proof
Pythagorean Theorem: Proof
Geometry Forum - Problems and Lists
Pythagorean Triples
Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Geometry Forum - Problems and Lists
Euclid's Elements, Introduction
Dynamic Geometry
Download Sketches
Explorations and Proofs
Project MATHEMATICS!--Theorem of Pythagoras
Dynamo Pythago-rean
Origin of Ramp Logo
Geometry per5
The Pythagorean Theorem
Pythogras' Theorem (applet)
Geometry Clarifying Activities e1cd
The Pythagorean Theorem is Equivalent to the Parallel Postulate
The Pythagorean Theorem
VEE I.47
Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagoras' Playground (by The Event Inventor)
Pythagorean Exploration
Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem/ Science in Ancient Artwork
Discovering the Pythagorean theorem
Packing Pythagorean L's
The Pythagorean Theorem

A short course in trigonometry
Connected Geometry Home Page
Geometry for High-School students
CSUSB Math 129 home page, winter 1999
Introduction to the works of Euclid
The Geometry of War: Introduction
The Geometry Forum/Swarthmore
Mathematical Visualization
Mathematical Visualization Resources
Geometry in Action
Geometry and the Imagination
Viewing Four-dimensional Objects in Three Dimensions
An Introduction To Conic Sections
Geometry Reference Archives at the Geometry Center
Thomas Banchoff's Project List
The Tesseract (or Hypercube)
NonEuclid - Hyperbolic Geometry Article + Software Applet
Hyperpebolic Non-Euclidean World
Math 2507 on line notes
Spanky Fractal Database
Projective Geometry for Image Analysis A Tutorial given at ISPRS, Vienna, July 1996
Differential Geometry notes
Differential Forms
Cartan's Corner


What ARE Clifford Algebras and Spinors?
Differential Forms (mma)
Differential Forms
Orthogonal Series and Boundary Value Problems
Complex Analysis (Garrett)
Functional Analysis (Garrett)
An Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations
Interactive Real Analysis
Hilbert Space
Topological Space
William Boyce's differentialequations page
Tensor/Vector Analysis (Martin)

Numerical Methods

The Dynamics of Runge--Kutta Methods <P>
MATH/CSE 455 Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
N-body problems

Graph Theory


Directory of /mohar
Published Papers of George Markowsky
James Propp's Partial Listing of Publications
Inverse of a Matrix Related To a Graph.
AT&T: A Catalogue of Lattices
Quantum Logic : Order Structures in Quantum Mechanics
27-190 Discrete Structures in Computer Science: Mathematical Induction
Mutually Complementary Families of $T_{1}$ Topologies, Equivalence Relations and Partial Orders, by Juris Steprans & Stephen Watson
Stephen Watson (topology)
Some results on Alexandroff Spaces., by Francisco G. Arenas
On some weaker forms of Alexandroff spaces

(new)Graph Theory

Helen Chick's Home Page
Ian Goulden's Home Page
A Catalog of Enumeration Algorithm
Algebraic Combinatorics
Algebraic Combinatorics -- Index
Kleitman Combinatorics Conference
Graph Lattices
A Few Graph Theorists' Home Pages
Graph Theory links (Pratt)
Graphs: Theory - Algorithms - Complexity links (Weinert)
Graph Theory (Diestel)
Fan Chung (Combinatorics papers)
Useful things (cheat sheets)

Amazing Mathematical Object Factory
Graph Drawing Server Home Page
Graph Theory
Other Graph Theory and Related Pages
Graph Theory Books 1936 - 1996
graph theory and its applications -- Jonathan Gross and Jay Yellen -- CRC 1998 graph theory, network, planar, graph, theory, discrete, Kuratowski, Euler, Hamilton, algorithm, algebra, map, isomorphism, topology, Heawood, surface, digraph, voltage graph, connectivity, network flow, spanning tree, binary tree, gross, yellen
An Interactive Introduction to Graph Theory
Mathematics for Computer Science (MIT)


Daily Calendar for Vector Calculus by Matthias Kawski
Mathematics Group Preprints (Bath)
PSY6003: Multivariate analysis II: Manifest variables analyses
Multivariate Statistics: Introduction
On the Hauptvermutung (Ranicki) (.pdf)
Definition of a Line
Lectures on integration of several variables
Using Java to Develop Interactive Learning Material for the World-Wide Web

(new) math

Principia Hypertextica: Typesetting
Project Struck (Elastic Interval Geometry)
IMADA Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science
Fractal Differential Equations
The Limits of Mathematics
An introduction to TRIGONOMETRY
Loïc's homepage
Equipe Calcul Formel
Group Theory (Dog School of Mathematics)
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Wilson Stothers' Cabri Pages - Algebra
Wilson Stothers' Cabri Pages - Geometric Proofs
Course Links
NSW HSC On-Line - Maths - Courses - 3 Unit - Mathematical Induction
Proof Methods
Text Proof Tutor
Notes on MATH
Mathematical Induction Made Calculational
Neutral and Non-Euclidean Geometries
Index of /mat214dir/

Zimaths - the October 1998 issue is finally out!
Studies in Automatic Combinatorics
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
Gamasutra - Mathematics in Video Games
Combinatorial Mathematics
Number Theory

Online lectures (Audio/Video)

Streaming Mini-Lectures
Streaming frame
Streaming Multimedia, University of Wisconsin -- Madision
Virtual University
Stead Presentation: nTitle 99
Character of Physical Law, The, by Feynman, Richard: Listen to the audiobook on Yahoo! Broadcast
Risk in Everyday Life - Barnett (MIT) - Chance Lecture
Finite Mathematics Lectures Online
Math 112 lectures
Math 313 Lectures
Learner Online -- Video Preview Room
Streaming demonstration example programs
Smith College Department of Mathematics Home Page
SLAC Summer Institute Home Page
Conceptual Physics Alive
Physics : Lectures-On-Demand
Physics : Video Lectures
ISI: Laboratory: Physics Pendulum Experiment
MSRI video archive
The Greenroom
Electronic Circuits Lectures
Audio Recordings of Professor Raj Jain's Lectures
Excel Lectures
Programming Lectures
Quirks & Quarks Home Page
Sounds Like Science: Archives
Science Friday Program Library
Science Wire

Economics/Statistics Education

Econ 351: Index to Lecture Notes
Welcome to oo...Micro!
GAUSS Programming for Econometricians
Queen's U. Economics 351 Section B
Statistics Notes (U. Toronto - Reynolds)

Engineering and Computing Education

Finite Element Method

Finite Element (FElt)
The FElt Demo Document
Grape Software (Finite Element)
Joseph O'Rourke (Computational Geometry)


Unofficial TI-Calculator Home Page, v2.0
TI graphing-calculators
Graphics Calculators
Casio Calculator Programs
Brent Shelton Page
Josh's Homepage: TI-85 Files


Geomatics Horizons
Web servers for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, & Land Surveying
Mathematics of Cartography
Coordinate Systems Overview
BAE(SSC) 324: Elementary Surveying
Glossary of Surveying Terminology
GCC Lessons Page

Carleton - Engineering Exams
Mechanical Analysis: Structural
NPAC's Virtual University!
Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences Project Homepage

Astronomy Education

What's New in AstroEd
SEDS Messier Database
Hands on Universe
The Nine Planets (Arnett)
Face of Venus
Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page (JPL)
Saturn Ring Plane Crossings (JPL)
Bad Astronomy

Chemistry Education

What's New in ChemEd
Periodic Table of the Elements
General Chemistry (UCSD-Wilson)
Physical Chemistry (UCSD-Wilson)
Quantum Chemistry (Brown U)

Earth Science/Geology Education

Joint Education Initiative
Seismic Wave Chapter
JASON Project

Life Sciences Education

What's New at BioEd
The Visible Human Project (NLM)
The Virtual Hospital
Virtual Hospital Multimedia Textbooks (U Iowa)
Neurosciences on the Internet
Pharmaceutical Info Network
Life Sciences (UIUC)
UC Berkeley-Paleontology
Cygnus Group (waste)
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences

Book Sellers

Alibris - Books you thought you'd never find.
WWW Virtual Library: Publishers
Amazon.com: Books, Music & More!
barnesandnoble.com - The World's Largest Bookseller Online
efollett.com, New and Used College Textbooks
BIG WORDS: Online Textbook store. Rent or Buy New and Used textbooks online.
A-Z Technical Bookstore
Computer Literacy - Resources for Technical Minds
BIG WORDS: Online Textbook store. Rent or Buy New and Used textbooks online.
MX BookFinder
Springer-Verlag New York
World Scientific (Singapore)
Powell Technical Books
Opamp Technical Books - Online Catalog
Clarke / Stone (Spokane, WA)
The Advanced Book Exchange Home Page
Bibliofind,books,Booksearch, Antiquarian Books, Old Books, Used Books, Rare Books,bookselling,bookseller
BookFinder: Search over 400,000 books
BookWire Home Page
Open Book Systems (OBS)

Project SEED, Inc.: Students Discovering Mathematics Successfully!


The Action XChange (Photoshop)


Photoshop Web Reference 4
corel professional photos cd-rom - statues and sculptures 2
Web GraFX-FX: 7000+ FREE GIF ANimations [ARCHIVE]
GIF Animations for the WWW: The !new! Software Toolbox
MediaBuilder Animated Banner Maker Preview
The World Wide Web Power Index - Icons
Graphic Element Samples
Clip Art Collection
Computers:World Wide Web:Programming:Icons
Images (gifs)
Button World
Internet Clip Art Sources
Sandra's Clip Art Server
Virtual Image Archive
wuarchive Image Finder
.GIF Textures
The Background Sampler
HYPE tools
Russ's Backgrounds
Landscape Photography


Media Conversion (DOS)
GFDL Visualization Guide: Animation Programs
The Cross-Platform Page
MPEG Technical Info
MPEG org
How to make MPEG movies (UNIX)
Directory of /mpeg/programs
Tips and Articles
GIF Construction Set
SmartVid For Windows v1.02.003
TRMOOV (Download Recordings)
How Now Brown Dogcow?
WebResults Guide to QuickTime VR: Getting Started
QuickTime VR (Apple)
Welcome to Kaidan
VRtools QuickTime VR Streaming VR
Apple Media Tool (AMT)
QuickTime VR Notes - Contents
CRS4 Animation Gallery
Digital Media Labs

Graphics Software

Struck + Povray
Multimedia Resources- Graphics
The Graphic Utilities' Site and Version FAQ
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
Photoshop archive (ASI)
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
Directory of /pub/Graphics/GraphicsGems

3D Algorithms

3D Graphic Engines
The Bolt3D Page
Graphics 3D Object File Formats
VRL's Imaging Machine
OpenGL resources
The Visualization Toolkit (vtk) Home Page

GameDev.net -- The Ultimate Source for Game Development Info
Just Another Boring Animator
Fontage - Indexed True Type Fonts Home Page
Search Results - Page 1 @ The Font Pool
A few scanning tips - scanner basics 101
Computer Graphics
Timetrack: Virtual Camera Movement
Demotivation Posters
.o0O-[ Larsby : Johan ]-O0o. As Fast As Possible


This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.



Gppe's LoL
Virtual World!
CS503 - Home
CompEdge - AudioPoint - Top


Welcome to VMware, Inc.
osOpinion: Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.

Computer Bookmarks

News and Culture

Fatbrain.com - Online bookstore specializing in professional books, interactive training and certification

Computer News Magazines

NewsLinx (web)
PC Magazine (ZDNet)
Computer Shopper (ZDNET)
Computerworld (IDG)
Info-World (IDG)
BYTE Magazine (CMP)
TechWeb (CMP)
inquiry.com (DEVX)
PC World
Dr. Dobb's Journal Web Site
Computer Magazines - Top 100 Computer Magazines: ABC
IPL Computer Magazines
Portable Computing
TTalk Broadcasting
The MSDN Show: Home
CPU Review
SiliconValley.com: Welcome
AnandTech Welcomes You
3DHardware.net - Staying objective
3 D N E W S . N E T - News with perspective!

Technology News

AT&T Labs Research - Our Work
Inside AT&T Labs (Papers)
Lucent Technologies
Compaq.com - Compaq News
Compaq/Digital: Technical And High Performance Computing
The Rapidly Changing Face of ComputingTechnology Journal
Digital - Research
DIGITAL Technical Journal
GADGET GURU: Products by Category
GE Research and Development
Hewlett-Packard Labs Worldwide - Technical Reports Index
IBM Research News
IBM Technical Journals
Intel Press Room
Intel - Developer
Technology Review: MIT's Magazine of Innovation
Microsoft Research Home Page
Microsoft Education Technical Resources
Popular Mechanics
ScienceDaily Magazine Home Page
EE380 Course Videos (Stanford)

Interesting Companies / Computer Technology

3M Innovation Network - Global
Inside AT&T Labs
Inside AT&T Labs
Bell Labs Innovations
Bell Labs Text-to-Speech
E Ink Corporation
Intel Corporation
Intel Development Tools
Intel® Realistic Sound Experience (3D RSX)
Audio Tools (Georgia Tech)
Lucent Technologies - Home Page
Microsoft in Education
Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research (Current Research)
MIT Media Laboratory
MIT Touch Lab: Haptics and Touch
IBM alphaWorks
IBM Research
SensAble Technologies: Home Page
ComputerLEGO, LEGO Mindstorms
Welcome to Xybernaut Corporation
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas -- Camas, Washington
Nintendo Power Source

Internet Hoaxes

Don't Spread that Hoax!
Stiller Research Virus Hoax News
Computer Virus Hoaxes - Urban Legends and Folklore Net Links
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
AFU - Urban Legends

The Easter Egg Archive - The Most Software Easter Eggs Anywhere


Personal Computing x86


Microsoft WWW
Microsoft SeminarOnline

Microsoft Windows 2000/NT

Windows 2000 Sever Deployment and Planning Guide (from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit)
Microsoft TechNet - Windows 2000
ActiveWin: Windows 2000
Windows 2000 FAQ
NT Compatible
Internet Protection for Windows 95 and NT 4.0
Windows/GUI Front Ends for PGP
What Windows 2000 news groups are available?

Windows NT

Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks. JSI, Inc is your Windows NT Resource
SK's NT Info Center
Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks. (JSI, Inc)
Paperbits Support Center for Windows NT
Welcome to the Windows Tip of the Day!
Windows NT Utilities (chaffee list)
Windows NT tips (nerdworldnj)
The Windows NT Resource Center
Networking with Windows NT 4 Workstation (WoWN)
Windows NT 4.0 Network Configuration
Dual-Booting Windows NT and DOS/Win95 When C: Is NTFS

NTFSDOS Professional
NTFS for Windows 98

Microsoft Windows 98/95

Windows 98 Download: Windows Update
The SK Learning Resource Center

Windows95/98: Troubleshooting

Sean Erwin's Windows 98 FAQ
WindoWatch Windows 98 Features
Windows 98 Annoyances - Upgrading to Windows 98?
PC Magazine: Windows 98 Put to the Test
ActiveWindows -- Windows 98 Information Resources & Downloads
Windows 95 & 98 Tips
Windows 95 Resource Center
Windows 95 Annoyances
Tip & Tricks For Windows95 Online
The Windows 95 QAID
Windows Developer FAQ
Windows95 OSR2 FAQ
Windows95 Annoyances
Windows 95 Tips


Printing From Windows 95
Windows 95 Printing
Printing to Networked Printers
Local network printing from Windows95
SUNET's Index of /ftp/pub/pc/windows/pmlpr
Jeremy's WLPRSPL Links
PMLPR Documentation


The Partition FAQ
Do it yourself Dual Boot of Windows 9x systems
Dual-Boot Windows 98 & Windows 95 - Windows-Help.NET
BOTH Win95 and Win98
Take the Dual-Boot Test (Desktop Control) / January 1998
Switch between 2 or more Windows 95 Systems
Dual Boot install

Interix Home Page
Windows 98 Download: Windows Update
Windows 98 Central
Internet Protection for Windows 95 and NT 4.0

ZDNet: Help & How-To: Kill Clippy! (The Microsoft Office Assistant)

Windows 2000/NT/98/95: Software Archives

32bit OS Center
BHS 32 Bit Download Center! The best 32-bit Shareware,Freeware,Trialware and Drivers on the Internet for NT!
AnalogX - Downloads
Freeware Home
The Reviewnow shareware directory
Frank's Windows 95 Page
The WinSite(tm) Archive
The DLL Archive
Windows Dll Files
Windows95 Annoyances (Collected Windows95 Software)
FTP Mirrors (via archive.orst.edu)
CICA (via AOL)
SimTel (via Oakland)
Virtually UN*X
Micro X-Win32
GNU and UNIX utilities on the Microsoft Windows (3.x, 95, 98, and NT) platforms
Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info
Dimension 4
Windows98 Themes
Windows98 Themes: Films
Printer Drivers And Utilities
ZDNet: Help & How-To: Kill Clippy! (The Microsoft Office Assistant)

Microsoft Windows CE

Overview for Application Developers
Downloads: Microsoft Windows CE Platform SDK, Handheld PC Edition, Version 2.0
Windows CE On-Line
Handheld Software Development @ RoadCoders
VenturCom, Inc.
Windows CE 2.10 Technical Papers
Mobilon - Welcome Page
C++ Exception Handling and STL for Windows CE
Ten Tips for Programming CE
CE Tech Journal
Road Coders
Chris De Herrera's CE Website
CE Winsock Support
WindowsCE-Dev Mailing List

Anti-Microsoft Image Ressource Kit


LinuxPlanet - Misc - Linux Engine - The Linux Engine - Search Here
InformIT - Place For Linux
Linux Today
Linux Journal: Linux Resources(TM)
Linux Weekly News
Linux NOW!
SuSE ONline
Linux Central the /root for Linux resources
Linux Hardware Database

Linux Distributions

RPM of Distribution Mandrake
Comparing Linux releases
Welcome to the RPM repository on rpmfind.net
REDHAT.COM -- Serving the Linux and Open Source Communities
mirror listing
Directory of /pub/linux/redhat/redhat-6.1/iso
Directory of /mirrors/linux/redhat/redhat-6.1/iso
Welcome to the RPM repository on rpmfind.net
RedHat-5.2 for i386 : redhat/5.2/i386
Welcome to the Corel LINUX Community
S.u.S.E. - The Linux Experts
Linux Router Project
Gentus Linux

Linux Software

Kernel Notes
Linux Resource Exchange (Kernel Update)
Linux Resource Index by Topic
InformIT - Place For Linux
Linux Mama
BetaNews - A Part of The eFront Network
Linuxberg / TUCOWS
Woven Goods for Linux - Software
Welcome to the RPM repository on rpmfind.net
Linux Software Encyclopedia
The Public Linux Archive
Graphics Muse
WINE: Query the Apps database
Download Wine
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.11/12)
DOSEMU Main Page
Welcome to The Open Group
XFree86(TM): Home Page
The Linux Lab project Home Page
GGI Project Homepage
OpenH323 Project
Speak Freely
Linux on IA-64 (Trillian)

LinuxStart - Linux Links : Personal Home Pages
SVLUG Link Farm. Moo.
Red Hat Advanced Development Laboratories
Linux on IA-64
VA Linux Systems:
Woven Goods for Linux - Headlines

Linux Users Group (LUGs)

Linux.umbc.edu - Welcome to LUE!


Dual Boot - VirtualDr Support Forums
Multiboot directly into Windows NT, Windows 95, DOS, and Linux from the NT Boot Loader
NT OS Loader + Linux mini-HOWTO
Power Boot Page
WinPlanet - Howtos - Multiple OS Booting Using Windows NT Loader
Read/write on NTFS partition
NTFS Documentation: Linux Driver FAQ

Linux Security

Welcome to Rootshell | Hosted by connectnet.com
LASG - Table of contents
Securing Linux: The First Steps LG #47
Linux Security
NFS HOWTO: Security and NFS
Nmap -- Stealth Port Scanner For Network Security Auditing, General Internet Exploration & Hacking
qmail mirror selection
System-Level Configurations

Linux: Hardware / Drivers

PC-Clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide
eMuse.net's -- Hardware
SANE Home Page (Scanner interface for linux)
Woven Goods for Linux - Hardware

Linux: Laptops

Linux on Laptops
Linux on a ThinkPad
Linux on the Sony PCG-F160

Linux: Audio

4Front Technologies
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
The Linux Ultra Sound Project
The Sound Blaster Live! Linux Page
Linux sound setup for the SE440BX motherboard
Linux drivers for PCI soundcards
Sound Blaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux

Linux: Video

Linux Knowledge Base - Video Cards
Directory of /pub/Linux/apps/graphics/capture
XFree86(TM): Home Page
Creative Labs: Developer Relations: Linux Support
nVidia Software Drivers
RPM of Group X11/XFree86/Servers
ATI Graphics Cards Supported w/AX
Ati Rage Magum/Fury and Linux
The GATOS (General ATI TV and Overlay Software) Home Page
Insomnia's Homepage
3-D Linux dot ORG
Linux 3D
fbcon in linux 2.1.x
Monitor Specifications
Linux and DVDs
3DFILES.COM - One Stop 3D Download Shop!
Linux-HOWTO 3Dfx
Bill's Workshop -- Unoffical 3Dfx Banshee TroubleShooting and Game Guide
3Dfx Banshee under Linux
TweakIt for Windows 95/98 (3dfx)

Linux: Communications

Winmodems are not modems; Linux information page
Webmonkey | unix: Have a Ball with IP Masquerade
Zoom Telephonics: Linux Files
DiamondMM Comm. Div. FaxBack Document 1332
Linux Network Drivers
Welcome to SMC On-Line
Linksys (LAN)
Ethernet interface
Linux Full Duplex Switched Ethernet
The Olicom Linux Token-Ring driver
Masq Applications
Webmonkey | unix: Have a Ball with IP Masquerade
Linux IP Masquerade mini HOWTO: Frequently Asked Questions
Linux IP Masquerade mini HOWTO
Linux IP Masquerading (1999)
IPMASQADM (ipautofw)
IP Masquerading
IP Masquerading settings
Directory of /sw/releases/Unix-Driver/Linux/unsupported/dhcp
Windows 95 to Linux Direct Cable Connection LG #41
LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - Linux and DHCP - Introduction

Linux: CD-RW

Cdrecord release information
Cdrecord (Win32)

Linux: Bookmarks

Woven Goods for Linux - Home Page
Linux Powered.Com - The right choice for online linux knowledge.

Linux Notes

SUPPORT: Getting Help With Linux
My Adventures Setting Up Linux
Linux Hints
PaThOgEn'S Linux Page
I love Linux
Blitter's Linux WWW Resources

Linux: Performance Programming

Linux SMP
Linux-SMP status for Intel MPS
Linux SMP FAQ: Useful pointers
Linux SMP Motherboards
pgcc 1.1 Pentium and Pentium Pro optimizing compilers for Linux

Greg Roelofs: WWW Table of Contents
Owen Taylor's GTK Stuff
Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
Linux Resource Exchange
Linux Source Navigator
Linux Nowhere
The Linux Bible: The Gnu Testament
The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
Linux Gazette Index Page
Linux Gazette Index Page
Linux FAT32 Support
The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
Catapult Notes for RedHat 5.1
Official X-Plorer Site
Josh's Linux Guide
Bill's Linux Page
Index of /pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO
The Linux Documentation Project: Linux Links
ZipDrive for Linux
Michael Holve - Everything Linux
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.12/27)
Blitter's Linux WWW Resources
The Linux Fortran Information Page
BackSpace and Delete Configuration for Linux (VT, xterm, bash, tcsh, netscape and more)
Plugger (plugins for Netscape)
Explore2fs HomePage
Linux/Modem Compatibility Knowledge Base 2000-02-18

X Consortium


DOS Programming, Undocumented DOS, and DOS Secrets A few little secrets about DOS programming. Continuing to get more code snippets and info. Do you need help with you DOS programming?
Multiple Configuration Config.sys & Autoexec.bat
Config.sys Menus
Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages: Batch Files for DOS, Windows (all flavours) and OS/2; Rexx; JavaScript; HTML
Lardog's Windows 95 Tips
Manipulating the Windoze Clipboard with DOS. Forever Young Software


BeOS 5 Information and Download
Welcome to Be Incorporated!
Welcome to Be Europe
The BeOS Tip Server
BeDepot.com - Your Online Superstore for BeOS Products
Welcome to the TUCOWS BeOS Site
BeGames - New and Improved!
Behave - Home of Memory and Control Panel for BeOS
Le BUZZ - The Internet's Leading Authority on BeOS Pro Audio
BeOS Bible
Be Dope - Exploring the BeOS Universe
The BeOS Ready List
BeNews - The place with more Be news

Digital Unix OSF (Tru64 Unix)

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Digital Unix WEBMAN
Digital UNIX (Tru64)
Digital UNIX publications
Digital UNIX FAQ (HTML France)
The Open Group (OSF)
Tutorial on NDP Alpha Compiler Driver and Optimizations - Microway, Inc. 1-508-746-7341
SRM Firmware Howto: Sharing a Disk With DEC Unix

Digital Hardware

Compaq/Digital Alpha Workstations
Compaq/Digital Alpha Systems And Options Catalog
Trade-in with DIGITAL - Contact Me
AcerSoft Corporation - Welcome VMS and NT users
Microway, Inc. 1-508-746-7341

Digital Unix: Software

DIGITAL Extended Math Library (DXML)
FMS - Why Required
GNU software
Archives and Freely Available Software
OSF/1 software list
Acorn Software Freeware CD
Digital Fortran
Where to Buy DIGITAL Visual Fortran
Directory of /
Pacific-Sierra Research High Performance Computing Home Page

Digital Unix: User

Digital Unix WEBMAN
Digital UNIX FAQ
Common Desktop Environment FAQ
UNIX Reference
More Unix and X help

Digital Unix: Admin

Unix Guru Universe
Alpha-OSF archives (search)
Alpha-OSF-managers (Stanford)
Admin Horror Stories
Kevin's WindowMaker/AfterStep page
LEO - /pub/comp/usenet/comp.sources.misc
The Official AfterStep HomePage
LyX, the word-processor front-end for LaTeX
Directory of /pub/lyx


comp.unix.osf.osf1 archive
comp.unix.osf.misc archive

PC Hardware

Technology and Reviews

ZDTV | Fresh Gear
AGN Hardware
Welcome to AnandTech
Index @ Matériel - Hardware Reviews
Chip Testers- Computer Hardware and Benchmarking Extraordinaire
Gadget Guy: Dave Mathews
Sharky Extreme
System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide!
PlanetHardware: Latest News
Maximum PC Network
Review Zone - everything you need to know
The Ratings Network - Consumer Products Ratings and Review
3D Force - Performance Hardware Gaming - Nvidia, Guillemot supported.
Voodoo Extreme - 360 degree polygon dunking 3D news, a part of IGN.
Welcome to X10.com


A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware
An illustrated Guide to CPU improvements
CPU Review
x86.org (DDJ)
JC's PC News'n'Links (Microprocessor Industry)
CPU Info Center
Chip directory
Microprocessors for Windows PCs
Microway, Inc. 1-508-746-7341

Crusoe (Transmeta)

Crusoe - a new world of mobility from Transmeta

Intel Itanium (IA-64) (Merced)

IA-64 Architecture
Future Intel Processor FAQ
Designing 64-bit-Compatible Interfaces
Getting Ready for 64-bit Windows
Linux on IA-64 (Trillian)
VA Linux Systems
HP-UX 11.x Software Transition Kit
Update: Intel reveals Merced instruction set

Intel Pentium III (Katmai)

Pentium(r) III Processor
Pentium® III Processor Motherboards
Boxed Processor
Bugs in the Intel Microprocessors
Processor Upgrading FAQ: Mixing Processor Steppings


AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMD - 3DNow!(TM) technology
AMD-K6, RISC86, Branch Prediction Logic, Socket 7, x86, Data And Instruction Caches
The Tech Report - Golden fingers caress our Athlon - Page 1

Alpha Processors

Welcome to Alpha Processor
Digital (DEC) (Compaq)
Compaq.com - Compaq Professional Workstations

High Performance Computers

XtremeMhz.com 1999 ® - Extensive Computer Hardware Performance Reviews
Welcome to KryoTech Online
Micro XPress
DCG Computers
Lindsay Computer Systems - Workstation Price List
Understanding HINT Graphs
Microway, Inc. 1-508-746-7341
Carrera Computers - 600 MHz and beyond (800) 576-7472
PowerDesk Systems (Liverpool)
Two J's Computers, Inc: Motherboards
Aspen Systems, Inc.
Applied Digital Systems, Inc. Rochester, New York, USA
SYS.com - Welcome to Sys
System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide

Dual CPU (SMP)

Processor Upgrading FAQ: Mixing Processor Steppings
SWT: Dual PII Server

System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide!
Scientific PC Computing and Benchmark Comparisons
Cluster Quick Start (DRAFT)


AGN Hardware (Overclocking CPU survey)
Gen-X Tech Products Page
1st Look (overclocked systems)
PCNut Computers! (overclocked systems)
PC100 SDRAM Overclocking Comparison
P3-450 SL35D at 621 MHz (Hardware Central)

Game PC -- Custom Built Game PC Computers
Xxera Technologies, Inc. - Home Page
Xxera Technologies, Inc. - Local Ad.
Net Express Motherboards

Memory - RAM SDRAM PC100 PC133

Memtest86 - Memory Diagnostic Page
Charles Cazabon's memtest
CSTInc, The Online Memory Tester and Testing Solution Company.


Corsair PC133 (GameDev.net)
pc133memory.com - Home
HSDRAM PC133 (AGN review)
KINGMAX Technology Inc. (kti, pc133 sdram, tinybga)
PC133 SDRAM Memory - (800)38-Boost
PC133 SDRAM Memory

The S Files
Memory FAQ (Crucial)
PC100 Explained
Chipmunk: RAM Chips and Modules explained
The RAM Guide
Joe's PC Hardware Page!
RAM FAQ - GadgetGuy Dave Mathews
The S-Files - PC100 and SDRAM revealed. (Crucial)
RAM FAQ (Joe's PC Hardware)
Bunnie's DRAM FAQ
Synchronous DRAMs: The DRAM of the Future

Motherboards / Mainboards / Cases

A-Pro Hardwares (Motherboards and Cases)
Case Survey
IN WIN Development Inc. - The Case Master


USB.org - Welcome
allUSB - USB product news and information
USB Workshop -- Bring USB into focus

Repairing and Updating

Tomi Engdahl's PC hardware pages
J_Hildrum's Hardware Change and Installation page
Dick Perron's Hardware Link page
PC Help - Using, Upgrading and Maintaining PC's, Hardware and Software
PC Resources on the Web
FCC ID Search Form
Chip directory

PC Repair/Build your own PC

Laptop Repair

Laptop Troubleshooting and Repair
LCD Repair and Notebook Display Repair
O'Brien Resources Multimedia Notebook Laptop Computers
Other Laptop/Notebook Related Sites
Troubleshooting Portable LCD Video Display Difficulties in Windows 95
Versa 6060 Table of Contents
IBM ThinkPad repair

DEBUG Script to Clear Partition Sector of Hard Drive
Listing of all PhoenixBIOS 4.0 / Micro Firmware BIOS Upgrade support documents
A Guide to Adapters and I/O units.
COMPUTERCRAFT Shows You How To Upgrade and Repair PCs
My Personal Computer (PC)
CyberWorks - PC Technical Sites
Build Your Own PC!
The Hand-Me-Down PC - Table of Contents and Introduction
PeteWeb - PC Refurbishing
PC Builder - Q4'98
PCGuide - Physical Installation Procedures - Motherboard
The 386 Support Group
Obsolete Computer Helpline
IBM Public Information and Services Main Menu - GUEST
IBM Direct Parts Catalogue - Canada
EPRM Electronic Pocket Reference Manual
Multi-Monitor Resources at www.realtimesoft.com

Data Recovery

data recovery basics (Techknowledge)

Electronics Repair

Tab Electronics | Online Catalog
MisterFixit dot com
Electrical, Electronics and Computer Hardware FAQs
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Table of Contents (ToC)
Electronics info page
The Help Desk (PC Q & A)
Sci.Electronics.repair FAQ
Educational Resources for Electronics
Electronic Kits Kit Projects Printed Ciruit Boards and Electronic Components

Electronics documents archive

Support - Drivers

Metropoli files - kala/DRIVERS
Jargon's driver archive[Main]
Driver (The Computer Geeks)
BIOS Error Beeps/Messages/Codes
BIOS Setup Information Guide
Updates.com - Software And Driver Updates


3D Force-fr drivers
3D Video Company Driver Search Results at Windrivers.Com
Waldo's World
RIVA 3D - 3D News & Info. A Gamer's Safe Haven
DIMENSION 128 - RIVA 128 / TNT information & news!
Diamond Multimedia Systems
DirectX Uninstaller
Aztech Labs
Aztech (Singapore)
Sound Galaxy Waverider Pro 32-3D PnP
Aztech's Driver and Utilities
Aztech's Driver and Utilities
Re: AZTECH 2320 PnP sound card howto ?
Aztech Labs Sound Card Discussion Forum
Drivers Sound
Wacom Home Page
Vivitar Customer Service and Technical Support
Vivitar Frequently Asked Questions
Entech News (PowerStrip)
MediaVision Driver Updates from Windrivers.com

ATI All in Wonder

Welcome to ATI Technologies inc.
All-in-Wonder (ATI RAGE PRO) Drivers
All-in-Wonder (ATI 3D RAGE II+) Drivers
ATI Technologies Inc. - Developer Relations
How do I get WebTV to work with an All-In-Wonder (3D Rage II/3D Rage II+)?
ATI Video Player Information and FAQ
ALL IN WONDER Frequently Asked Questions
Rage3D Home
Rage Underground -=- ATI Rage128 Graphics Drivers and Support
Rage-fr le site Francophone des ATI-Maniacs
DN - Re: all-in-wonder pro composite input
Ruel.Net PC-TV Page - TV Tuner Card Links
misch - Softwarove upravy ATI-TV, informace o TV karte
ATI Technologies Inc. - TV Tuner SDK
Miroslav Flesko freeware site
Bigfoot Web for Life
ATI Player Starter and Volume Holder
C O N E X A N T -- [ welcome ]
C O N E X A N T -- [ products ]
Softwarove upravy ATI-TV, informace o TV karte
BT848 / BT849 datasheet (pdf)
BT878 / BT879 datasheet (pdf)
VideoScope - software vectorscope, waveform analyzer & test pattern generator


Welcome to Creative
Creative Labs: Products: Graphics: 3D Blaster Banshee
Creative Technical Support: Download Files
Creative FTP Index: /pub/creative/drivers/3db
Voodoo Extreme - 360 degree polygon dunking 3D news, a part of IGN.
Voodoo Banshee drivers
Banshee driver (mix)
the CoolLanding page (3Dfx Voodoo Control)
Quantum3D... The Affordable Reality Company
Diamond Multimedia
Bill's Workshop -- Banshee FAQ
Creative Labs: Developer Relations: Linux Support
HZ Tool by Stefan Berglind
NutySoft Homepage
Voodoo Temple
3D-Drivers! -Your web source for Information!
3dfx Programming Secrets - Programming Topics

banshee freeze



3Com - 3C509b Network Interface Card
Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ


Printer Drivers / Windows
Apple LaserWriter Drivers (Win95)
HP Printers
HP LaserJet 5M Printer Software
HP LaserJet 6MP
Tektronix Color Printers
Sharp Electronics
Sharp Labs of America--Front Page



Partitioning Primer
Harddrive Related Terms and Tricks
The Partition FAQ
Peters Computer Services Partition Page


CD-Recordable FAQ
The CDR Zone
What is WinImage

Iomega - Software Download
Maxtor Corporation - Creative Solutions for Information Storage
Quantum Hard Drives
Quantum Maverick_AT_Guide
Western Digital Corporation - Hard Drives


3Com/US Robotics 56K Central
3Com | Home Page
AMD PCnet Software Drivers and Utilities
Newcom Technical Support
Cabletron DNI Cards - Part Number List
Cabletron - E2100 Desktop Network Interface Cards
Cabletron - Driver Matrix - Win95/NT
Cabletron - Sample Software Configurations
Welcome to Digi International - Where remote access is a way of life
Digi International -- LAN Product Information
DIGI (pdf)
3COM 3C509B
Installation notes for Linux in the Network Computing Lab


Motherboard HomeWorld - Motherboards.org
Robert Chu's Motherboard Page
American Megatrends, Inc.
SE440BX motherboard Support
SE440BX Motherboard Site for the Pentium® II Processor Supporting 66-MHz and 100-MHz System Buses
SE440BX Motherboard System Memory
Chipset Specs
Motherboard Listings
Enlight (Cases)


Abit BX6 's Compatibility with Cases
Abit BX6-r2 Bios Updates


ASUS Home Page
ASUS Slot 1 Mainboard BIOS - P2B-D
P2B-D Overview
ASUS Manual - P2B-D (pdf)
ASUS Motherboard User's Manual


The BIOS Survival Guide
Wim's BIOS page
Computer Beep Code Details


Mustek (Scanner)
Welcome to Hyundai Electronics!
V-Squared (RC440BX)
Directory of /generic/audtel/mmat6800


Welcome to Compaq.com
Compaq Support Forum
Compaq Softpaqs

Presario 2120

Presario 2000 tips
Presario 2100 Memory Option
Presario 2100 Series QuickRestore Boot Diskette Update
Presario 2100 Windows 98 Upgrade
Windows 98 Upgrade Info (NEW!)
Presario Diagnostics for Windows (Revolution)
SP7341 - Audio Driver
I'm Having Audio Problems After Installing SP7341
SP7924 - QuickRestore Boot Diskette
SP2146 - Presario Modem
The Network Services Kit
Windows 95 Network Services Kit
The UIC Windows 95 Network Services Kit Documentation
Configuring PPP
Using the UIC ADN Dialup Lines
Computer Accounts

Sony PCG-F150

Sony Computing Products: PCG-F150
PROVANTAGE.COM : Sony Computer Peripherals
Configurator - Viking Components, Inc.
AccessMicro Product List
ComputAbility - Your PC Discount Specialsts!
VAIO Stuff (Sammysoft)
Alps Electric (USA), Inc.
Portable Computing Center
Sony Support - PC - PCG-F150/F160 : Software Upgrades
Kudzu 505



Welcome to Creative
Creative Labs: Products: Graphics: 3D Blaster Banshee
Creative Technical Support: Download Files
Creative FTP Index: /pub/creative/drivers/3db
Voodoo Extreme - 360 degree polygon dunking 3D news, a part of IGN.
Voodoo Banshee drivers
Banshee driver (mix)
the CoolLanding page (3Dfx Voodoo Control)
Quantum3D... The Affordable Reality Company
Diamond Multimedia
Bill's Workshop -- Banshee FAQ
Creative Labs: Developer Relations: Linux Support
HZ Tool by Stefan Berglind
NutySoft Homepage
Voodoo Temple
3D-Drivers! -Your web source for Information!
3dfx Programming Secrets - Programming Topics

banshee freeze


Linksys (LAN card)


Pioneer New Media

ATI All in Wonder

Welcome to ATI Technologies inc.
All-in-Wonder (ATI RAGE PRO) Drivers
All-in-Wonder (ATI 3D RAGE II+) Drivers
How do I get WebTV to work with an All-In-Wonder (3D Rage II/3D Rage II+)?
ATI Video Player Information and FAQ
ALL IN WONDER Frequently Asked Questions


Windows 95/Media Vision FAQ
MediaVision Support Desk
Pro Audio Spectrum 16 Rev. D


Computer Stores

BUYCOMP.COM - The Internet Computer Superstore
Micro Warehouse Inc.
IntelleSale.com (ADW)
PC Connection Online
NECX Office & Personal Technology Center
Compaq Works
Office Express - The Office Products Superstore


USB.org - Welcome
allUSB - USB product news and information
USB Workshop -- Bring USB into focus
USBStuff OnLine Catalog of USB Parts, Peripherals and Accessories... more USB Stuff than anyone
Entrega Technologies (USB)


PC133 SDRAM Memory
SDRAM from the Ram Warehouse (Azzo)
Net Express (RAM)
Simple Technology: Upgrades for memory, flash, hard drives and more
Enhance 3000, Inc. -- Memory for the Next Millenium
Camintonn Corporation's Home Page
BZBoys Memory
Xpress Memory, Inc. - Memory Upgrades, SIMMS, Hard Drives, Kingston
The Memory Liquidators

Motherboards and Cases

A-Pro Hardwares (Motherboards and Cases)
Motherboard Express On The World Wide Web 1-888-440-1414
Aberdeen - Motherboards
Plycon Computers - Cutting Edge PC and Cooling Technologies!


got apex?
DAMARK Dashboard
Computer Gate International
Cyberguys - accessories
Egghead - surplus
Discount Computer Peripherals (DCP)
Computer Parts USA
Computer Reset
CyberRebate, Free Stuff!
BUYCLEARANCE.COM - The Clearance Superstore
PCs for Everyone: Custom Computer Website

Computer Auctions

eBay - Your Personal Trading Community
Haggle Online
DealDeal.com (auctions)
City Auctions
First Auction

Appleseed Electronics - The Source for all your PC Cabling Needs
Multiwave Direct
Welcome to Multiwave Direct- Computer Superstore
Computer411.COM - Your Online Computer Store
The Computer Geeks Products Directory
Micro Pro Online [mpipc]
CyberMax Computer, Inc. Online | 800-345-8939
Dirt Cheap Drives Home Page - Hard Drives, Opticals, CD ROM
The Virtual Reality Source, experts in human interface solutions
Applied Computer
TC Computers
Dynasty Express Computers Parts
Alltech Electronics & Computer Chopper!

Syracuse Computer Vendors

A-Z Computers & Services
PowerDesk Systems (Liverpool)
Syracuse Computer Store - Home

Higher-Education Software (UC Berkeley)
Peter Trapp Computer Shows
Welcome to www.techdata.com

Evaluations of Mail-Order/Internet Computer Products Sales Companies
The Chip Testers Vendor Crackdown - say *&!@#* to high shipping prices!
Guide to Computer Vendors
Computer Literacy - Resources for Technical Minds
Best Book Buys helps you search for books and compare prices at 20 online bookstores
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
Computer Shopper (ZDNET)
ComputerESP (CNET)
KillerApp (CNET)
mySimon inc. - mySimon Comparison Shopping
Sharky Extreme - Hardware - Weekly CPU Prices
More Processors...

PC Interfacing

Circuit Cellar Home
Circuit Cookbook WWW page
Fascinating Electronics: Link Your Computer to the Physical World
Electronic links
Internals.com - The best online resource for system programmers
Craig Peacock's Interfacing the PC.
PC Hardware Tips
Com Ports
Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition
IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port - Reading & Writing Data
Interfacing the Standard Parallel Port
Interfacing the Parallel Port
The PC's Parallel Port
A Digital JoyStick for the IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port
WE-MAN! 's Electro Stuff
HwB: The Hardware Book (Mirror)
Guru's Lair: Resource bin library directory (PIC)
BDTI -- DSP Articles & Papers

Human-Compter Interfaces (HCI)

The HCI Bibliography
Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net
Human Computer Interaction

Speech Technology

Text-to-Speech Translation

Bell Labs Text-to-Speech
Telesensory - Leader in high technology products for the blind or low vision
NeuroWeb: Home of NeuroTalker OCR
Mathematics For Computer Generated Spoken Documents

The GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression library and its applications
Ultimate Spatial Audio Index
Touchstone Applied Science Associates, Inc.
Pitch Instruments Inc.
Media Enterprise - Multimedia with substance and expression
The vOICe Learning Edition - Vision Substitution Software for the Blind
The vOICe Sonification Applet

Microsoft Agent (Speech)

Microsoft Agent Home (Web Workshop)
Web Workshop - Microsoft Agent What's New Page
DirectX and Voice Technology (ZDNet)
GMSAgent - Netscape Plug-in
The Microsoft Agent Web Ring
the Agentry
Deja.com: Read Discussions

Agents (examples)

The Microsoft Agent Web Ring
the Agentry
VRML (introduction by merlin)
Ricardo (Creative Logik)


SpeakIt! The Utility That Reads Any Web Page And Creates Animated Web Pages FREE!!
CHIPSpeaking Software
_AgentStation Developer Resources
MRC Computing - Microsoft Agent Entrance
Keware Technologies creators of HomeSeer and HomeSeer ActiveX, Home Automation software for the CM11A


Web Workshop - Microsoft Agent Home
Interactive Help Systems with MS Agents (developer.com)
The Agent LaunchPad
Microsoft Agents - Formédia
Microsoft Agent (Costas Andriotis)
Pierre Huber analyste programmeur
MASH - The Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper
XtrAgent Speech Output Tags

Related Technologies

IBM Software : Voice Systems
Jack Krupansky's Software Agents Links


IBM Guidelines for Writing Accessible Applications Using 100% Pure Java
Augmentative & Alternative Communication Page
SDRU - Disability Sites
The Home Page of PIA
IBM Guidelines for Writing Accessible Applications Using 100% Pure Java
newAbilities Systems Inc. (Tongue Touch Pad)
SNOW Best Practices
Independence TM 3000 - Product Information
Independence Technology, a Johnson&Johnson company - Home Page

Research Centers

College of Computing | ACADEMICS: Classes Using The Web
Human-Machine Interface Lab
Education Center on Computational Science & Engineering
U. Aizu (Japan)

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

User Interface Software Tools
User Interface Engineering
User Interface (Microsoft Research)
Graphical Editing by Example
Inxight (Xerox) - Hyperbolic Tree
HAL - the Hyperspatial Analog to Language
User Interface Analysis and Design (U. Michigan - CIS 577)
cslu - center for spoken language understanding
CLSU Toolkit (Speech and Human-Computer Interaction)
User Interface Design
User Interface Engineering
Sun Microsystems Guide to Web Style
Design Interactions Paradigms Home Page
Are All Menus the Same?
The Liquid File System
MITRE guidelines - User Interface Software
The Anti-Mac: Violating the Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines
A Three-Dimensional User Interface for Neurosurgical Visualization
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
Internet Structure Visualization


SensAble Technologies: Product Info
SideWinder Profile Exchange Page
Micrsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback
Force One - Your Resource for Force Feedback News and Info
Quantifying Coordination in Multiple DOF Movement and Its Application to Evaluating 6 DOF Input Devices
Marg Home Page
Rapid Virtual Prototyping of Mechanical Assemblies
Immersion Corporation
Force-Feedback (content frame)
Haptek Inc. Virtual Friend
Online Haptics Library
The Haptics Community Web Page
Adaptive Computer Products
Tactile Display of Vitual Reality from the World Wide Web - a Potential Access Method for Blind People

Virtual Reality

Spatial Audio Work in the GVU MCG
CAIP VR - Contact Detection Details
Virtual Reality
m c r e _ r t g _ t e c h n o l o g y
m c r e _ r t g _ h a r d w a r e
3D Scanning and Digitizing
The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook

Text Analysis

Calligrapher (Paragraph)
Latent Semantic Indexing
Text Analysis with Compare
Cobuild Home Page
Word Frequency Generator
Electronic Dictionaries
Computer Programs created by Eric Johnson
Word Sorting
Miscellaneous Programs
Index of /~archive/linguistics/software
Software Tools for NLP

Pattern Recognition

Wahle: Face Recognition Bibliography
Perception of Objects and Faces
Pattern Recognition on the Web
Interactive Systems Labs - Searching and Tracking Facial Features

Human Factors

Human Factors International - usability through software ergonomics
Human Factors Plus

Keyboard Design

The Fitaly One-Finger Keyboard
Directory of /pub/projects/rk
Reactive Keyboard Prog
Text Entry Using Soft Keyboards
Touch Screen Manual


Human-computer interaction / Collaborative Writing
The Psychology of Cyberspace
Sociology of Cyberspace

Wearable Computers

MIT Wearable Computing Intro Page
Augmented Interaction (SONY)
L I F E S H I R T . C O M -- Vital Signs Online
Itsy (Compaq) - Pocket Computing
The Gadget Guru Online
Xybernaut Corporate Home
ViA Computers | Computers that Fit People
Sharp - LH77790A
LCOS Microdisplays and DNLCOS Microdisplays -- Colorado MicroDisplay, Inc.
VASE Lab Wearable
onHand - The World's Smallest PDA!
Download Information to build the Itsy Prototype


Driver3DZ Documentation (3DZoneMaster)
Pegasus Technologies Ltd.

Perceptual Robotics Inc. - Makers of iCam, Look and Buy, Telepresence
Human Behavior and the Web Research Center - Human-Computer Interface
Microsoft Research:: Vision Technology Group
The TouchMouse
Touch-Sensing Input Devices
The Role of Interaction in the Information Exploration Interface
The Usability Methods Toolbox
Crossroads Feature Articles
CHI 97: How People Use WWW Bookmarks
Inventors Best and Worst First Steps
MicroMedia at the MIT Media Lab
Physics and Media Group
Circuit Cellar Home
DPRG - Interfacing Primer
The Academic Cooperative
The Institute for Systems Research
Computer Learning Foundation Home Page
Computer Science Research at Almaden - Ease of Use - USER


LEGO Mindstorms

LEGO Worlds
LEGO Mindstorms - Hall of Fame
ComputerLEGO, LEGO Mindstorms
LEGO Mindstorms (Rob's bookmarks)
LEGO Mindstorms (via AltaVista)
LEGO Mindstorms (via DejaNews)
Larry Pieniazek's Mindstorms Links page
Sentient Sphere (LEGO MindStorms WebRing)
Dave's LEGO Site
February 1998 Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Trip
Todd's LEGO Mindstorms Personal-FAQ

Lego Mindstorms Videos

Lego Mindstorm Commercials
Chris Rogers - ROBOLAB (RealVideo lecture)
Kekoa Proudfoot - Reverse Engineering the RCX (Windows Media)
Kekoa Proudfoot - Reverse Engineering the RCX (slides)
MIT Video - The 1998 6.270 Contest

LEGO Robolab - Mindstorm for Schools

Welcome to ROBOLAB
Robolab FAQ
LDAPS: LEGO Design and Programming System
LDAPS: LEGO Engineer
PCS Technologies, Inc.
Weird Richard's LEGO® BRICKS
Robotic Design Studio Home Page
CSCI 445 - Introduction to Robotics

LEGO Dacta

Pitsco - Dacta
LEGO dacta
National Instruments, LEGO Dacta, and Tufts University Bring the Future of Science and Engineering Into the Classroom
ICOBotics(TM) for LEGO Dacta(R) Home Page
Lego Dacta Control Lab Homepage

Research Groups

Reverse Engineering the LEGO RCX
Brown CS - Legobots
ESG Lego Robotics Seminar
ACS Robotics SIG LEGO Workshop Photos
Lego Robot Workshop
CSI Mobile Robotics Lab
Mobile Robots Group in Edinburgh
Multidiscplinary Engineering Design Laboratory
National Instruments' LabView
University of Maryland -- Educational Activities in Robotics


Programmable Brick Project (MIT)
The Conexiones Project
VL' 95 LEGOsheets
Braitenberg Creatures
LDAPS: Publications
Digital Manipulatives
Programmable Bricks: Toys to think with
Behavior Construction Kits
Kids Learning Engineering Science Using LEGO and the Programmable Brick
Beyond Black Boxes
LEGO/Logo and Electronic Bricks: Creating a Scienceland for Children
TOYBOTS -- Adaptive LEGO Robots

Todd's LEGO Mindstorms Personal-FAQ
Unofficial Questions and Answers about MIT Programmable Bricks and LEGO Mindstorms
LUGNET News/Discussion Groups
lugnet.robotics (Newsgroup)
lego-robotics mailing list
lego-robotics crynwr - subscription request
Lego Robots: Links

Mindstorm Projects

LEGO MindStorms Gallery
A Test Telerobot
Voted most likely to remain anonymous...
Automatic Brick Sorter
Legobotics- Lego Wars
Controlling the LEGO MindStorms Robot From a HP100Ix Palmtop Computer
RCX and Palm
Mindstorms @ Charlie's Lego Web Site
LDAPS: LEGO Data Acquisition and Prototyping System
Doug's LEGO Technic Tri-Star Wheel ATV
Dave's Hut
mattdm's Mindstorms stuff -- RoboTag
FM Microtransmitter
MindStorm Music
Tim Mindstorms Models: Home
Creating a Spider Robot using LEGO-Mindstorms
KJ's Lego Mindstorms website
LEGO Robot Soccer
Build the LEGObug
Lego Radio Control System - by Craig Lampe
Dave, Mike and Dave's LEGO Project
MAS 123 Home Page
Tim's Lego Pages: Home
CIS 400 Special Topics in Computer Systems - Introduction to Mobile Robotics
LDAPS: Curriculum: LEGO Engineering

Lego Mindstorm: Inventions

LEGO Mindstorm: Inventions (list)
Photobot Mark II
Refrigerator Fred
Card Dealer
Sock-em Bots

Technical Design Methods

6.270 MIT LEGO Robot Design Competition
6.270 MIT Autonomous Robot Design - Course Notes
Circuits to Control: Learning Engineering by Designing LEGO Robots,
The Art of LEGO Design (pdf)
The Media Lab's 6.270 FTP Site

LEGO robotics contests

The Official RoboCup Page
Scandinavian RoboCup Committee
The FIRST Robotics Competition
6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition
6270-guide-92.pdf (pdf)
The 1998 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual

Weird Richard's LEGO® BRICKS

Mindstorm RCX programs

Mindstorm RCX programs
Lego MindStorms

Software Internals (RCX Programming)

NQC - Not Quite C
Official Lego Mindstorms SDK
Reverse Engineering the LEGO RCX
RCX Internals
Not Quite C
What does Slope do in SetSensorMode
Brick Command (IGUANO)
Bjarne's Mindstorms Programming Page
MCC - Mindstorms Control Center
LEGO CyberMaster Internals
Mind Control (VB)
Visual Basic Specification for the Lego Brick Control OCX
Lego MindStorms: Command Center
Lego RCX disassembler
RCX Kernel
RCX and Java (Java source)
Talk to an RCX from a serial port on a Linux box (Perl source)
Lego Mindstorms with DOS (QBasic source)
LEGO CyberMaster Internals
Spirit Programming
Lego Mindstorms : Spirit.OCX
ActiveX Control for Manipulating Lego Dacta Objects
BotCode RCX Development System
Opcode Reference
Getting a ROM Image (RCX)
Technics Pneumatics
Bot-Kit for Dolphin Smalltalk and LEGO MindStorms

Hardware Internals

Lego MindStorms / Robot Store - Technical Notes
Hitachi H8/3297 series (HTML)
Hitachi H8/3297 series (PDF)
Lego Mindstorms Sensor Input
LEGO Sensors
LEGO Motors
Talk to an RCX from a serial port on a Linux box
IrDA Serial Infrared Interface Technology Page
Motor Driver IC
Peaucellier cell
electric piston
spherical joint
remotely controllable bucket
Modified crane 8460
Modified T-Rex neck
walking dinosaur
walking leg


LEGO Cybermaster

LEGO on my mind: Models
Lego Cybermaster
LEGO CyberMaster Internals

Lego CAD

Huw's LEGO pages
LDraw FAQ - 1998.10.18
Ldraw and VRML
Paul Gyugyi's L3G0 Page
Bricks (Gryphon Software)

Robohoo! - World's Largest Index of Robotics Resources
Beyond Black Boxes
How to get a grant for your LEGO<font size=1>®</font> lab!!
UMass Robotic Demo MPEG Archive
P Y L O N - Lego
Object Arts Home Page

Lego Robotics Course (see Report)
Cool LEGO® Site of the Week
Cool LEGO® Site of the Week : Past Picks
TFM's Lego Page - Lego Mindstorms Compatible Temperature Sensor
TFM's Lego Page - Lego Mindstorms Compatible Resistor Switch Pad
Thought Train
Lego Robots: RCX Command Center
IGUANO Entertainment Lego Page
Lego Mindstorms (www.pulsar.org)
NeatTools talks to the Lego Mindstorms RCX (Salgado/Hawkins/Lim)
JLegoObj (Hawkins/Lim)

SF RSA Home Base
Robots, Kits Microcontrollers
Welcome to Ramsey Electronics
Innotech (Universal Remote)
Television IR FAQ
Biped Robot Database
CMU Robotics Faculty Research Guide
Robot Building Lessons
Open Directory - Home: Kids: Toys: Reverse Engineering
LiveGraphics3D Example: Euler Angles
LiveGraphics3D Homepage
X-Y Mount for a Connectix QuickCam
FIRST Robotics
IGUANO Entertainment Lego Page
Reality Fusion - Home Page
Red Ted Headcase
VETL Project Page
Virtual Reaity in Medicine
I SPY Company Homepage
IS Robotics: Home
Inertial proprioceptive devices: Self-motion-sensing toys and tools
Mobile Robot Navigation
aRCuM Robotics


FAQ Windows 95 Networking
Install MS PC-to-PC Network
J.Helmig's FAQ Windows95/98 Networking and Trouble-Shooting Guide
Introduction to the Administration of Internet-based Local Area Networks
Network and systems administration
Troubleshooting Internetworking Systems
Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connectivity
TCP/IP Problem Determination
Connectivity Problem Scenarios
Help for Direct Cable Connection
Frequently Asked Questions
Bud's Win95 Win98 Tips and Troubleshooter
Ssh (Secure Shell) Home Page
Instructions for Setting up a Peer to Peer Network using Win95
J.Helmig's FAQ Windows95 Networking
Installing Your Own Network At Home
Twisted Pair Ethernet (10baseT/UTP)
Ethernet tutorial
homePCnetwork - How To Articles
Doug's Networking Pages
Direct Connect Any Windows Platform
Q156772 - Adding Additional IP Addresses to a Single Network Adapter
Internet Protocols (IP)
SAMBA Web Pages
Samba and NT4
Samba notes
SAMBA Documentation
Road Runner CMH FAQ

Communications / Conferencing

NetMeeting Home
NetMeeting ILS Server Zone
White Pine Software (CU-SeeMe)
The CU-SeeMe Network: Your main source for CU-SeeMe related information
General CU-SeeMe Reflectors conferences
AIM | Latest Windows Beta
Directory of /aimgen
PK1 Online - AIM Adjuster
Instant Messenger | Java Developer Pages
Jabber (download)
TeamWave Software Ltd.
Roger Wilco -- Free Voice Chat for Games
File Library at Channel 1: Communications
VocalTec Communications: IP Telephony Solutions
Speakphone-modem Demo Code
Speak Freely
OpenH323 Project
OpenH323 in Visual Basic
Internet Telephony (VON) Resource List
Welcome to Dialpad.com
Jack's Telecommunications Page
FREE Download Accelerator

Remote Computing

VNC - Virtual Network Computing from ORL
PalmVNC - remote access and collaboration client for Palm Platform
Attention Software, Inc.: Paging and Phone Notification

Computer Security

CERT® Coordination Center
2600 | Who have they Hacked Now
HNN - H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k
Rootshell (hosted by connectnet.com)
Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
Cedomir Igaly's SSH Page
SSH - Products - SSH Protocols - SSH protocols
Security Links

TOP500 Supercomputing Sites - Current List


This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.


Unmaintained Free Software -- Index
Programming Tools (SAC-FTP)
Reusing Internet Explorer and the WebBrowser Control: An Array of Options
Mozilla Control
Lucian Wischik: Programmer
Index of /newdoc/


Languages for the Java VM
Java (Marty Hall)


CS411 - Project
Index of /~esakki/cs416/project
virtual memory (simcore)

Snippets of C code
``A FORTRAN->LISP Translator'' by Kent Pitman (June, 1979)
Lisp Files Main Page
Lisp/C Integration in Eclipse
elisp tutorial
Perl Lessons
Stu's Personal pi page


Tuning the GNU compiler for performance on the Intel platform
Intel(R) Forums Home Page
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library
Index of DIGITAL Visual Fortran Knowledge Base Articles
DN - Re: Vtune 4.0 v.s VC 6.0

Algorithm Design Paradigms - Overview
Catalog of Algorithms for Approximation, Eric Grosse
Michel X. Goemans (Algorithms)
Lecture Notes -- Analysis of Algorithms
Programming a Bolo Robot to Recognize Actions By Example

Programming Bookmarks (Salgado)
Intro to (via UIC)
refcards.com (tm) - The source for quick reference cards
Reference Cards


Guru.com | Welcome
dice.com job search engine
Jobsearch - Monster.com
softwarejobs.com - the Software Jobs
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Information Technology
PhDs.Org Science, Math, and Engineering Career Site
PhDs.Org Science Career Links
Job Listings: PhdsOrg
CareerMosaic USENET Job List
ESPAN Job Library

Programming Resources

MCP Personal Bookshelf
OnLine Electronic Publishing Collection
Books On-line: COMPUTERS
IT Informatics Tutorials
NCSTRL Home Page
NCSTRL Home Page
Decatomb Production Home Page
Experts Exchange, the #1 Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web.
Inquiry.com - answers for IT professionals
The Programmers Knowledge Base
Welcome to The Programmer's Link
EMS Professional Software and Consulting
Cora Research Paper Search

Writing Documentation and User Manuals

TechCom Plus Resources

Software Build and Fix, Home Page

A Programming Resource Megasite - Web Rings
Peter Liu 's Programming Languages Page
Paul Hsieh - Programming
Free or shareware compilers, interpreters, operating systems
Old Programming Software Exchange, Buy and Sell
SCIENCE.ORG(tm) Presents: Building a Netscape Plug-In
MSDN Online downloads - SDKs

TeX archives

TeX software

LaTeX Resources ( 3-Oct-1996)
The LaTeX Catalogue Online, CTAN Edition
Sources for TeX Freeware and Shareware
CTAN (cdrom.com)
TeX (labrea.stanford.edu)
tex-archive (UK)
tex-archive (stuttgart)
tex-archive (duke)
EmTeX (FTP cdrom)
Windos-Installation von LaTeX
WinEmTeX (FTP magdeburg)
web2c-win32 windvi
TeX Live
Tex/LateX-Shells f. Windows [Updated: 10/07/98]
The WinEdt Home Page

TeX utilities

Paul Vojta (xdvi)
Tom Rokicki (dvips)
DVIps manual
Seminar, a package from Timothy van Zandt to make slides (Web page maintain by Denis Girou)

TeX Help

LaTeX Frequently Asked Questions
Intro to LaTeX2e (Harvard)
Help On LaTeX Commands
LaTeX help
LaTeX: An introduction
La(TeX) Navigator
An Introduction to LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX
some notes on LaTeX
Tricks for TeX and LaTeX
Some Introductory Notes on LATEX Version
Advanced LaTeX
LaTeX Tricks
Tips 'n' Tricks: MikTeX (and LaTeX)
LaTeX Local Guide
PSfrag (.ps.gz)
Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e
LaTeX Maths and Graphics
Including PostScript Files
LaTeX Tricks: Figures
Latex and ps tricks I sometimes need help remembering
Directory of /pub/X11/contrib/applications/pstoedit

The UK TeX Users Group Archive
TUG - TeX Users Group
Jasper Home Page
TeX/LaTeX at DESY Zeuthen
Interesting TeX-related URLs
Donald E. Knuth (TeX)
Leslie B. Lamport (LaTeX)
Servers dedicated to (La)TeX


Overview of Ghostscript
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Mayura Draw
Internet PostScript Resources
.ps Resources
Bluebook .ps examples
A First Guide to PostScript
PostScript drawing tool
Mathematical PostScript
PStill - PostScript to PDF Converter


Acrobat and PDF at PDFzone.com
PStill - PostScript to PDF Converter

Scientific Computing

Bianchi Home Page


Mathematica in Education and Research
Mathematica in Education
Mathematica Manual (Wolfram)
Mathematica (Wolfram)
Mathematica FAQs
Mathematica FAQ (U Mass)
Online Help: Mathematica (U Maryland)
Using Mathematica (wright U)
Mathematica 3 Tip Archive
Mathematica-based Courseware
Coloured expressions
Mathematische Physik - Uni Giessen <MATHEMATICA Programs>
Geometric Objects
Ricci: A Mathematica package for doing tensor calculations in differential geometry
Format (C,F77,Maple,TeX code generation)
Greene: Posets Package
Directory of /pub/cgreene/posets
Posets.m Documentation
LiveGraphics3D Homepage
Illustrated Mathematics
Posets as Mathematica Objects
VRMLConvert Documentation
TAM221 HomePage


Introduction to Scientific Programming Online Resources
Personal WWW page for Robert Israel
Maple Advisor Database
Maple V - Contents
Introduction to Maple (Heck)
Maple mailing list (uni-regensburg.de)
Maple (Waterloo)
Maple V Share - Finding Entries
Maple: Technical Support
Maple Lab Manual (WPI)
Maple (U Illinois)
Maple (MIT)
Maple (Utah)
Maple on the Web
Maple V bilingual - MapleArchives
Undocumented & Built-in commands of Maple V
Programming in Maple: The Basics.
Maple V
Maple Index

Maple Tutorials

Maple JumpStart
Introduction to Maple (Davis - Rice U)
Maple Summary
Maple - Indiana University
Birkhäuser - MapleTech
Solving Problems in Scientific Computing using Maple and MATLAB
Penn's Maple Home Page
Maple Worksheets Service Index
Function Evaluation Worksheet
Occasional Maple Worksheets for Calc II
Problem Solving with Maple: A Handbook for Calculus Students

Maple Packages

Posets (Stembridge)
Combinatorial Structures with combstruct
Symbolic Computation Group Home Page
GRTensorII home pages
GRTensorII help
NP-Spinor Package (Talbot)
nptools (use with NP)
Clifford Algebra (Ablamowicz - Gannon U)
Grassmann (Cheb-Terrab UERJ)
Riemann (Portugal/Sautu)
Quarternions with Quaterman (Papegay/ Dalmas)
Quaterman package (Maple)
Integration over Manifold (Riel)
Quantum Mechanics using Maple
PATHINT - Path Integrals (Riel)
Sophia for Mechanics (Lesser)
Animation of the motion of a rigid body (Shapiro)
Finite Element Methods (Maple)
Linear Algebra (with Maple)
SYRUP - Circuit Analysis (Riel)
Syrup Examples
SCHEME - Circuit Diagram (Riel)
Multivariable Calculus in the Lab (Maple)

How To: Convert Maple Plots into Web Images: Part 1
MapleForm (Mathematica to Maple conversion)


Matlab (MathWorks)
Matlab (Utah)
Linear Algebra LINKS
Matlab Index
MATLAB Tutorial
MATLAB primer (linear algebra)
Dr. Qammar's Process Control Class MATLAB files
Scientific Web - Modules and add-on's for Matlab


Mathcad (MathSoft)
Mathcad 6.0 FAQ
Mathcad (Tech Support)
Mathcad Files Around the World

Computer Algebra

SymbolicNet: Listing of SAC Systems
Symbolic Software
UCalc Fast Math Parser (ActiveX component)
UCALC 4.0 Windows multipurpose calculator
CLICAL for Clifford Algebra Calculations
LiDIA-1.1 Manual
JACAL - Table of Contents
Macaulay 2
Macsyma 2.3 Main Page
Comparison of Macsyma and Mathematica
MuPAD Home Page
SIMATH - Computer Algebra (Number Theory)

Geometer's Sketchpad

Math Forum: Corner for Interactive Geometry Software (CIGS)
Math Forum: The Geometer's Sketchpad
JavaSketchpad Center
Envelopes of Lines and Circles
Jim's GSP Library
GSP Lessons.
Dr Geo 0.8.3

Computational archives

Internet Parallel Computing Archive
PDS: The Performance Database Server
Computational Bibliographies
HotGAMS (nist)
Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL
Numerical Methods (listing)
Numerical Recipes
Caltech - Archetype Textbook
PETSc for Scientific Computing
comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ

Computational Geometry

Computational Geometry
Computational geometry (Erickson)

Parallel Computing / Multiprocessor

London Parallel Applications
Parallel I/O (Dartmouth)


Algorithm courses

Computational Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Lecture notes on graph theoretic algorithms (.ps)
Adocs (for combinatorial structures)

Finite Element Method

Finite Element Resources
Finite Element Method universal resource - FEMur
Finite Element Resources


Bit-Vector documentation
Steffen Beyer - Free Perl and C Software for Download

Floating Point Arithmetic

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know about Floating-Point Arithmetic
www.validgh.com (Floating Point)
Computer Arithmetic Tragedies
Computer Arithmetic Algorithms Simulator
LKS - Computers - Fixed Point Math
Real/Expr -- Source Codes

Numerical Methods

Numerical Analysis Information
Numerical Recipes (comments)
Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT)
Random number generators -- The pLab Project Home Page
Index to Fortran Library RanPak Routines
Random Number Generators
How can I get random integers? (C FAQ)
How can I generate random numbers with a normal or Gaussian distribution? (C FAQ)

Scientific Web - Comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis
Scientific Computing: C++ versus Fortran
C++ Gets Faster for Scientific Computing
Engineering Software Database - Group List

Computational Linear Algebra

Bibliography on Matrix computations
Matrix Market (nist)
Matrix Manual: Index
Integer Matrix Multiplication
Fritz Keinert (Computational Linear Algebra)
netlib (LinearAlgebra - Dongarra)
LAPACK with f2c
LAPACK 2.0 and BLAS for Linux (ELF, g77)
Blitz++ Home Page
MV++ Numerical Matrix/Vector Classes in C++
Numerical Linear Algebra (CSEP)
Survey of Dense Matrix Methods on Multiprocessors
Information Base on the Solution of Sparse Linear Systems
UC Berkeley CS267 Home Page: Spring 1996
UC Berkeley CS267 Home Page: Spring 1996
Randomized Gaussian Elimination
jack dongarra / courses
Basic Linear Algebra and Optimization classlib


Spacetime Constraints: an Implementation


C++ streams

A Beginner's Guide to C++
The GNU C++ Iostream Library
Chapter 15
ISYS Courses
C++ Newbies FAQ
Lecture Notes #3 for CSCI 330, Spring 1999.
CSI201N: Chapter Eight Lecture Notes
C++ Programming Guide
C++ Binary File I/O

Miscellaneous - Add Undo - Redo support to CDocument
C++ Techniques I
C++ Techniques II
Programmer's Virtual Library
The Language Guide (Computers)
Tom's FAQs
Armstrong's WidgetWare.com
COMDeveloper - The Wrox COM and DCOM Developer Community
Java Education - Is Schrödinger's Cat Object-Oriented?
The World Of ATL - Active Template Library Programming
COM Tutorial Samples: List of Lessons
C/C++ Users Group (CUG)


DJGPP's Web Ring Home Page
Paul's programming bit
Allegro - a game programming library


Writing Portable C++ Code
Index of /~rubin/CPbook/PROGS/C_PROGS/
C++ Source
Cross-Platform Resources
Pedagogical Patterns Project
Source code
Pedagogical Patterns: OOP
The InfoGroep Programming Support Server
INPRISE Developer Support Home Page
CTC Online Courses
College of Computing | ACADEMICS: Classes Using The Web
Matrix and matrix operations
Equation editor - Algebra | OOP | C++ - FREE Demo
Thomas John VanDrunen
Source code for Matrix class
Intro to Computer Graphics - TOC
The C++ Programming Language
Robert Davies (Matrix)
CSCI298C Chapters (Java)


The GNU C Library - Table of Contents
Online C Textbook (Hawaii)
EL165 Introduction to Computing (Soton)
Programming in C
C tutorial (Unice, France)
Introduction to C Programming
CIOS 361 Lectures

C++ Bookmarks

The Development Exchange
The C Coders Home Page
C and C++ (Strange Creations)
Programming Languages: C and C++
Jon's C++ Resources Directory
Virtual C++ Library
Object-Oriented Pages
Charles Prineas Links - C/C++
Sites of interest to C++ users
The Programmer's Source - C/C++ Windows Development
C++ References
Brad Appleton's C++ Links
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / Visual C++
Ong Kok Leong - Programmers Links
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / C++
cpp: WWW C++ Information
Sites of interest to C++ users

C++ Short Tutorials

Programming advices for C++
C++ FAQ LITE, Marshall Cline
C++ Tutorial
C++ Annotations Version 4.3.1
C++ Programming Guide (Bonnard)
ITI Online Training Center
OOP and C++: an Introduction
C++ FAQ LITE, Marshall Cline
Scientific Computing: C++ versus Fortran
DoIT Introduction to C++
Syllabus, COS 160, Fall 1997
Visual C++ 5 Debugging
C++ Language Tutorial
Understanding C++: An Accelerated Introduction
Understanding C++: An Accelerated Introduction

C++ Books

Object-Oriented Software in C++ (Mike Smith)
Joseph Bergin - Home Page
C/C++ Users Journal
Deitel & Associates, Inc. Home Page
Scientific and Engineering C++
Open Book Systems (OBS) - Home Page
MSDN Online
Personal Bookshelf
Computer and Internet Related Online Books, FREE OnLine Editions
Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (Third Edition)
C++ Books Section
C++ and Object-Oriented Programming
Wrox Press Developers' Reference
Waite Group Home Page

C++ courses

CMPT 202 - Home /Westmister College /Introduction to Computer Science II
Mike Smith, University of Brighton, School of Computing
Course Outline for COSC 1047, June 1997
OOAD Syllabus
CS-596: Object-Oriented Programming Programming
GNA Course: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Caltech C++ (CS 140)
C++ Annotations Version 4.3.1
NIST Course on C++ Programming for Scientists

STL (Standard Template Library)

Directory of /pub/genstl-archive
The Standard Template Library (.ps)
STL Summary
STL links (Jon Morris Smith)
STL Online Algorithm Reference
STL Programmer's Guide (SGI)
A Modest STL Tutorial (Jak Kirman)
STL Reference (Zalewsky/RPI)
STL Tutorial and Reference Guide (Musser/Saini)
STL (Musser/RPI)
STL (Wise/RPI)
STL Tutorial (Weidl)
STL (Burrell/Stanford)
Mumit's STL Newbie guide
STL Resource List (Cyberport)
The STL-Compatible Compilers List
A Tiny STL Primer (Harvey)
Effective STL (Harvey)
STL (Chapin)
STL97 Home Directory

C++ Tools

TROy Software Products
The SST Class Hierarchy
InterNetivity Inc. Home Page
The CASE Tool Home Page - Tools
Carsten Arnholm (C++/F77)
The Blitz++ Numerical Library Home Page
The Blitz++ Numerical Library Home Page
TROy Software Products

C++ Design

Stroustrup: Bjarne's Homepage
Visual C++ Developers Journal - the most comprehensive source of information for Microsoft Visual C++ developers.
Dr. Dobb's Web Site

Data Structures

Mark Allen Weiss (Data Structures)
Robert Sedgewick

Visual C++

CLIPCODE Software Reports
Chapter 3
Microsoft COM Technologies - Information and Resources for the Component Object Model-based technologies of DCOM, COM+, MTS, ActiveX Controls
Microsoft Visual C++
DLLSKEL COM Tutorial Sample
Visual C++ Developer Online
ITI (C/C++, Java, Perl, Postscript, Windows)
Visual C++ 5.0 Standard C++ Library
Intro to Visual C++ 5.0 (Virginia Tech)
MFC Visual C++ FAQ
MapObjects: Getting Started with Visual C++
CSC 441 OOP (U. Detroit - Mercy)
C Land -- Visual C++
BC++ Home Page
Introduction to Windows Programming
Visual C++ Primers and URLs

Windows Programming (Win32/MFC)

Win32 FAQ
Reliable Software's Tutorials, Version Control System & Freeware


OpenGL example
Jibin Page
Ashley, Iris & Phlip's Home Page
Index of /CIS/course.des
Index of /~rel/csc490
Windows Source Code Examples
Hello World

The MFC Professional -- MFC-L Thread List (By Date)
CSC 490 Win32-Programming Home Page
Win32 Programming Notes
pchapin's Win32 Programming Page
DevCentral Tutorials: MFC/Win32
Reliable Software Programmers' Home
MFC Programmer's SourceBook
Computer Systems Technology
YOU have found mammon_
Mammon_'s Tales To His Grandson
Internet Resources for Windows Developers
MFC Programmer's SourceBook
Winsock Programmer's FAQ
Windows Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
Spencer's Socket Site: Network Programming with Sockets
Windows Sockets (WinSock) Programming

Parallel Computing

Parallel C++ Projects Archive


new ASM

x86 Assembly Language Webring
A. Graps' Miscellaneous Articles
Code optimization on IBM RS/6000
Microsoft TerraServer Full Resolution Image Page
Directory of /pub/Linux/Linux-Alpha-JP/BLAS
SAL- Numerical Analysis - Misc - DGEMM for Alpha Chip
Condition numbers
Condition numbers
Microway Pentium White Paper - Microway, Inc. 1-508-746-7341
Dr Dobbs /ftp/1994/1994.05/
The home page of Isak Jonsson (english version)
Gustavson (IBM)
Binary download
Clive Turvey's Home Page
Sub-Pixel Font Rendering Technology
Iczelion's Win32 Assembly HomePage
The Programmers Vault (1024x768)
Compaq.com - HPTC Infocenter - Tutorials Index
Alpha 21364: A Scalable Single-chip SMP
jasonp's Pi Programs Page
FFTW Home Page
An FFT toy
Galaxies on your PC
Home Page of David and Alice Park
The Game Programming MegaSite - Hey, It's MegaFUN!
Programming Optimization -- Strategies, Pitfalls, and Overview
Finite Element
Optimizing Trig Calculations - by Don Cross <dcross@intersrv.com>
Digital Signal Processing
Sun Performance Library Reference: Index
Using Lapack Routines in C Programs
lu_solve.cpp (LAPACK)
Java Numerics: Main
Using BLAS on OAC's Beowulf Cluster
Mumit's home page -- under heavy construction
GNU-Win32 Related Projects
GNU_Fortran for OS/2, DOS and Win32 using EMX/RSX
Doug's Simplissisimus
Katmai, Pentium III, MMX2, KNI, XMM
Intel(R) Architecture Performance Training Center
Xenomorph dot Net
Xenomorph's Banshee Forum
Inside Intell: Table of Contents
ASM 4 Newbies
Abit BX6 2.0

DEC Alpha: Assembly Language Programmer's Guide (DEC site)
DEC Alpha: Assembly Language Programmer's Guide
Paul Hsieh's Assembly Lab
Paul Hsieh's x86 Assembly page
The Art of Assembly Language Programming
The Art of Assembly Language Programming
DJGPP FAQ -- Converting between Intel ASM syntax and AT&T syntax
Index of /~pcarter/pub/pcasm
Virtual Library - Assembly Section
The 80x86 Assembly Pages
x86 Assembly Language FAQ - General Part 1/3
x86 Inline Assembly Programming
From C to assembly to executable code
The SNIPPETS Collection
Microprocessor instruction set cards
DJGPP QuickAsm Programming Guide
Chip directory


Programmers Heaven
Converting assembler from MASM/TASM
AT&T => Intel assembly syntax converter
Invoking as (GNU assembler)
NASM - The Netwide Assembler Project - FREE 80x86 assembler
NASM Manual
x86 Assembly Language FAQ

CPU Gems
Linux x86 Assembly HOWTO

Intel Pentium Optimization / Programmming

sandpile.org -- IA-32
P5 Optimization (Agner Fog)
Intel Architecture Optimizations Manual (Pentium II)
Pentium® Optimization Cross-Reference by Instruction
A Software Simulation of the Pentium Processor
Optimizer : The Pentium / Pentium Pro optimizer
The Register - UK

Intel MMX / SSE / SIMD technology

AP-929 Streaming SIMD Extensions - Inverse of 6x6 Matrix
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library Download and Install
Intel(R) Signal Processing Library Demos
Intel Technical Manuals
Intel MMX(TM) Technology--Introduction
MMX Application Notes (Intel)
MMX(tm) Technology C Intrinsics
Vector Dot Product Listing
MMX Vector/Matrix Multiply
MMX Matrix Transpose
MMX Levinson-Durbin algorithm
ITI: Using MMX Technology to Speed Up Machine Vision Algorithms, Part 1
ITI: Using MMX Technology to Speed Up Machine Vision Algorithms,
Stefano Tommesani - Pixel64 - HomePage
Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO: SIMD Within A Register (e.g., using MMX)
Welcome to The Programmer's Link \ Assembly
Using MMX with Linux
Pentium(r) III Processor Manuals
Pentium® II Processor Application Notes
Pentium® Pro Processors-Manuals
Intel C/C++ Compiler Plug-in
MMX: Matrix Math Extensions
Scc: Simd within a register C Compiler
Randall Fisher's Home Page on min.ecn.purdue.edu (a.k.a yara)
www Magnus Jonasson com - Everything you need to know about MMX
PO - Assembly
Multimedia Style Vector Processing
The MMX File
Study of the MMX Processors with a comparison to other computing platforms
Low-Delay CELP Speech Coding Algorithm
Using MMX with Linux
Processor Information : Intel
SIMD Optimization of the Smith-Waterman Algorithm
The x86 translation scheme is discussed in more detail here
C.A.D. MMX Study
Evaluating MMX Technology Using DSP and Multimedia Applications
MMX links
Evaluating MMX Technology Using DSP and Multimedia Applications
Streaming SIMD Extensions Application Notes
SIMD: Find the Maximum/Minimum

FPU (Floating Point Unit)

80x87 Instruction Set (8087 - Pentium)
Everything you always wanted to know about math coprocessors
FPU float.asm
Kortemeyer's Floating Point Stuff

Distribution of ASCI-Red Work (Intel Libraries ported to UNIX)
Matrices (Comparison of Algorithms)
Performance Measures (Weems)
Paul Hsieh's Block Copy Analysis Page
Tuning the GNU compiler for performance on the Intel platform
The Inner Loops Home Page
Steve Colwell's Writings
PC-GPE (Game Programmers)
Using the Pentium FPU for fast memory copy
Graphic Programming (XYZZ)
Optimizing Your Code
80x86 Integer Instruction Set (8088 - Pentium)
High Performance Software on Intel Pentium Pro
Assembly Tutorial (Pervago)
Tuning the GNU compiler for performance on the Intel platform
Numerical C programs on the net
The Most Important Technical Library in the World
Pentium Optimized BLAS
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library Support
LAPACK - all the linear algebra you'll ever need
Using Lapack Routines in C Programs
Matrix Pitfalls


Using and Porting GNU Fortran
Fortran 77 Standard: Table of Contents
Fortran FAQ
Fortran Information
Southampton - Fortran Support - Top Page
Fortran Resources (LAHEY)
Linear Algebra for Statistics Java Package
GNU Fortran G77 for Win32
EGCS Development Toolchain for GNU-Win32 b19
Interfacing Fortran and C
LJ #25, May 1996: Fortran Programming Tools under Linux
Fortran Programmers Club


f77 (OSF1 3.2 Manual Page)
Fortran 77 Language Reference
Fortran 77 Coding Guidelines
Summary of Fortran 77 statements
Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide
Guide to F77 (Page) - postscript
U20: Fortran 77 (f77) on CUS


Numerical Recipes in Fortran
NAG Fortran Library
Numerical methods (Stony Brook)
G. W. (Pete) Stewart (Matrix Algorithms)
A Catalog of Enumeration Algorithms (Matsui/Matsui/Fukuda)
The Fortran Library (a.k.a. FLIB)
Fortran 77 Programs
CERNLIB Entry Points


pghpf Reference Manual - 3 Fortran Statements
Fortran Programming for Physics and Astronomy
Notes on FORTRAN Programming
The Perils of Floating Point
Getting the current date and time in Fortran
Developing and Running Fortran Code on the Solaris Systems


Free Fortran Software
Internet Software Guide for Engineers
KAP Optimizers

Fortran Links
Fortran Programmers Club
TCC Help System: Index
High Performance FORTRAN
Fortran 90 Software Repository
Directory of /pub/fortran-m
DEC Fortran 90
Fortran 90 links
Programming in Fortran
Optimization Primer
Fortran to Java (f2j) compiler


ABC: All Basic Code
ABC Home Page: BASIC Compilers
The BASIC Archives - Home Page
File Library at Channel 1: BASIC
Kip R. Irvine Home Page
Introduction to Visual Basic (Boston)
Chipmunk Basic Home Page


BASM -The Free Basic Compiler
BASM -- The Free BASIC to 80286 Assembly Language Compiler
MoonRock compiler and development language

QuickBASIC / qbasic

The QBasic Page
QBASIC Learning System Table of Contents
Qbasic/Quickbasic Top 50
The Qbasic Station Link Network
Qbasic Gallery
QB2C home page
Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos/qbasic
Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos/basic

Visual BASIC

Visual Basic Explorer - A Place for the Novice VB Programmer
Visual Basic Programming (U. Michigan)
Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos/visbasic
Advanced Visual Basic (AVB) - Advanced Information for the Visual Basic Professional
Visual Basic Center
Visual Basic Source Code
Wild Web of Visual Basic!
Pirate Pete's Treasure Trove of Visual Basic Source Code
VB Helper Links


Java(TM) Platform Documentation
The Java 3D FAQ
JavaBeans FAQ: General
Java 3D(TM) 1.1 API Home Page
Java Programmer's FAQ
Java Code Engineering: engineer & reverse engineer Java class files (Meurrens 980201)
Java Gotchas
GUI Programming in Java 1.1
Java Security: Hotlist
Languages for the Java VM
The Java Lobby
Java GUI--Table of Contents
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows, X, and OS/2
Java Programmer's FAQ - Part B
Java Pretty Printer
Examining HotSpot, an object-oriented drawing program - JavaWorld December 1996
Java and JavaScript Programming, Scoop on Java - 09/04/99
Building an Internet chat system - JavaWorld January 1997
Agents: Not just for Bond anymore - JavaWorld April 1997
Directory of /projects/javarc
[Real's JAVA JAVASCRIPT PB and WSH How-to]

Java with C++

Java Tip 17: Integrating Java with C++ - JavaWorld
Java Native Interface (JNI)
Java Native Interface
Using the JNI
Index of /~stuart/xopen/
Programming in Java and C: the FAQs

Java Beans

JavaBeans Documentation
Aj's notes on Java Beans
TimerBean tutorial

Visual J++

Using Visual J++ -- Table of Contents
Visual J++ Programming (U. Michigan)

(new) Java

Java Serial Port Class (JSP)
David Wanqian Liu :: Java -- PRECISE calculator
portio User Guide
Java Serial Port Control
Java Developer Connection Home Page
IMap Applet
Chunyen Lin's Java
Object-Oriented Techniques and Implementations
JavaScript Guide (Netscape)
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / JavaScript / JScript
Welcome to ObjectSpace, Inc.
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / Java / General
Draft Java Coding Standard
G.B.M. (Grid Bag Master)

Java Programmer's FAQ
EarthWeb's JARS.COM
Jazilla - Mozilla in Java
Reliable Software (Java vs C++)
Programming Languages for the Java VM
The Java Developer Archive: How Do I...
WanderingMan Java Links
Welcome to the Harissa home-page
Optimizing Java for Speed
Introduction to Java

Java (SUN)

Java Home Page (Sun)
Java Project Home Page


Java in Schools - An IBM Resource for Java Educators and Students
EOE Object Library (Apple)
Microsoft Technologies for Java: Home Page
Microsoft Gallery for Java
Marimba, Inc.

Java Quick Reference
Java/JavaScript Resources on the Internet
Java/JavaScript Links
Cup O' Joe Java Shop
Hall's Java
The Java Repository
Java Oasis
Reviews of JAVA tools
Toba: A Java-to-C Translator
Home of JaBa

Java Decompilers and Obfuscators

Java Code Engineering: engineer & reverse engineer Java class files (Meurrens 980201)
Obfuscate home page


Topic Specific Java(tm) Books
Special Edition Using Java 1.1, 3rd Edition
John's Cyber World - Animation
Mark's Hostile Java Haven
java + fortran = ?
Real's home / Le repere de Real
Practical Java
Java and JavaScript Programming, Scoop on Java - 11/05/98

Online Books

Thinking in Java (Eckel)
Java Programmer's SourceBook : Thinking in Java
Hooked on Java
Presenting Java
Que's Digital Bookshelf
QUE: Using Java
OnLine Electronic Publishing Collection
The Java Handbook: Examples
Concurrent Programming in Java
On To Java---Programs
Deitel - Java/C/C++


Brewing Java: A Tutorial
The *new* AWT Tutorial
Thingtone's Java Workshop
Ernest Friedman-Hill's Java Course
RPI: Java
DSW's tutorial on Java
Shlurrrpp......Java learning Java : The Java tutorial for java programming
Programming 101 By Way of Java

The Java Tutorial
The Java Developer
comp.lang.java FAQ
Java WorkShop FAQ
Java FAQ Archives
Charles Prineas Links - Java
Reith's Java Developer's Page
Java API Documentation
N-ARY Limited Home Page
Marty Hall: Java
Making Sense of Java
Layout Manager Launch
Java Applet tutorials
Java - The Course (U. Missouri)

Tom's Java Shack!
Test your applet the easy way: turn it into an application - JavaWorld January 1997


EarthWeb's JARS.COM
EOE Object Library
Daeron's Java
Image2HTML: Conversion of GIF and JPEG files to HTML tables; Use It Online
The J Files
The Java Boutique
Yahoo's applet collection.
Applets from German Java Repository.
Snaglet collection (Sausage)
Mathematical Sciences communication via Java
Mathematics Archives - Interactive WWW Pages
SGI Java Gallery
LibLab Web Project
TRS-80 Model 1 BASIC Interpreter (Java)
Applet: Neural Networks (Matt Hill)
Applet: Quantum Scattering Experiments (J.L. Richardson)
Applet: The Visible Human
Applets: InterActivity Inc.
Shikotan Project Home Page
Virtual Design Group's Voodoo Doll
Kami! Home Page: Java Applets (English)
Welcome to Sunergy (Streaming Audio)
Free Java Software (C. Liu)
Jim Buzbee's Hershey Font Page
Java 3d Viewer : Faceted and Wireframe Objects
Bill Casselman at MSRI - A survey of mathematical exposition in Java
Bill Casselman's Homepage

Java3D / VRML

Instructions for Evolutionary Sculpture Park
Java 3D(TM) 1.1 API Home Page
Web3D Consortium
VRML-Java3D Working Group
Java 3d Viewer : Faceted and Wireframe Objects


web3d (VRML Consortium)
Web3D / VRML Browser Detector
Ultimate Web3D Service
[ k a h l a . g . e . ] - v r m l 4 l i n u x -


SSite.8m.com - A production of Tech Country
AlteredWorlds - VRML
Kue's VRMLPage
VRMLUser: ZDNet InternetUser
Proposals regarding behavior and scripting
VRML Audio Tutorial
Endoframe - VRML PROTOs
The VRML PROTO Repository
Tracking Viewpoint Page
Gregory Seidman's VRML2 Widgets
The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook
Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Page!
VRMLworks (frames)
VRML Audio Tutorial
NetscapeWorld - VRML Technique: How to optimize the performance of VRML worlds, Part II - August 1997
Index of /netscapeworld/nw-08-1997/VRML/tests/
VRML Generation
Humanoid Animation and Avatars : The H-Anim standard with VRML & Java.
Index of /~boldi/java/obj3d
An Introduction to VRML2 Animation Techniques for the Production Animator
Authoring Compelling and Efficient VRML 2.0 Worlds
VRML Prototypes Collections
The Annotated VRML97 Reference Manual


VRMLSnif explication
augusto-ayala 's Home Page
VRML Plotter
Maple to VRML Converter - Help Page
VTK Home
The Visible Human at NPAC
Rob Salgado's VRML Vector Field Plotter
MetaTools: Real Time Geometry (Migdal)

Gamelan VRML


The VRML Repository
About.com's VRML97 Browser Datasheet - Focus on Web3D - 07/06/98
Ultimate Web3D Service
Computer Associates (Cosmo Player)
Download Cosmo Player Here!
SGI Cosmo Player
ParallelGraphics (Cortona)
The VRwave Home Page (java) (also for linux)
FreeWRL (for linux)
ViewTech ASA (GLView)
Superscape Home Page


TGS specializes in 3D, graphics, web, animation, art, text, toolkit, application, viewer, zap, products, clipart, images, java, c++, design, rendering, free, demo, download, gallery, 3D graphics, web graphics, 3D clipart, java effects, special effects, web design, 3D text, NURBS, polygonal, polygons, VRML, development, developer, game, animated GIF, free demo, program, shareware, modeling, office, frontpage, powerpoint, word, 3ds max, 3D Studio, animate, website graphics
Alice - Free, Easy, Interactive 3D Graphics for the WWW

VRMLworks: Viewing VRML Worlds (frames)
Viewing VRML Worlds: Multiple Plugins

GB's VRML News Page
Extensible 3D (X3D) FAQ
Cosmo Software
SGI Cosmo Player
SGI Cosmo Player (EAI)
Virtual Reality
Developer: External Authoring Interface
Cosmo Player: Developer Tools and Docs Examples
Cosmo Player: Developer Tools and Docs Examples
VRML Delivering 3D and Multimedia on
VRML 2.0 External Authoring Interface (EAI) FAQ
WorldView 2.1 Developer's Guide - Intervista Software
VRMLÀÌ Java¸¦ ¸¸³µÀ» ¶§..
Graph Maker 3
JVerge VRML Class Libraries
Floppy's VRML Guide
Interactive Collision Detection for Virtual and Simulated Environments
A PC based VR system


VRMLSite Magazine
VRML - Welcome from The Mining Company
VRML Update
GB's VRML News Page


GLView (Grahn)
Sced: Constraint Based Scene Design

VRML Physics/Science

VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (Salgado)
VRML Gallery of General Relativity (Koehler)
VRML 3D Vector Field Generator
Mark F. Hannig's VRML
VRML Plotter
VRML FreeBase
Morphing Math Demo
Chemical Examples of VRML
VRML in Chemistry
The Human Brain Project - Denmark
VRMLplot.m V1.1
Mathematica and VRML
The Hydrogen Atom Wavefunctions.

VRweb - Ultimate VRML Directory
Gamelan VRML
The Virtual Aquarium
vrmLab Exhibits
Virtual COHO - Space Physics in VRML
VRMLSite Magazine
VRML: NCSA Relativity
Adrian's VRML/JavaScript Grapher
Gary's VRML Page
SGI VRML 2.0 examples
Virtual Reality Universe: VRML2.0 Models
VRML Stereograms
WebPool (LR)
SLY's World (TicTacToe/EAI)
inquiry.com - VRML Pro Site Gallery
Intel Pentium® Pro Processor On-line Introduction


VRML repository
3DSite VRML index
All-Technical VRML Directory
VRML (U Washington)



Community Place: Authoring Tutorials
Java for 3D and VRML worlds - errata
Grafman's gcPoser EAI Example
Late Night VRML 2.0 with JAVA
JVerge VRML Class Libraries
Sony Pictures Imageworks, Home
PC4230 Mathematical Methods in Physics

Source Code / Examples

The Annotated VRML97 Reference Manual
Lemay's VRML2
Lemay's VRML2 examples
Goodnet VRML 2.0 examples
VRML Sourcebook examples
VRML Handbook examples
Grafman's VR World
Michael Paulitsch's VRML Examples

Object Libraries

The Vertex
VRML 2.0 Widgets
VRML Widgets (SGI)
VRML models (Ocnus)
UK VR-SIG 3D Object Archive
Braden's VRML PROTOs
VRML Behaviors archive
VRML Prototypes
VRML objects (coney.gsfc.nasa.gov)

Taming VRML Scripts -- 1. VRML Objects and Events
Thornborrow's VRML 2.0 Tutorial
VRML 2.0 from Interactive Systems and Multimedia
VRML Developer (SGI)
CosmoPlayer Tutorials
Community Place Tutorials
Cosmo Player Authoring
SIGGRAPH 96: Intro to VRML 2.0
Westlake VRML 2.0 tutorial
Mukhi (Neca) VRML 2.0 tutorial
Frerich's VRML 2.0 tutorial
Matt's VRML 2.0 Tutorial
VR Universe: VRML Tutorials
Pioneer Joel's VRML Tutorial
Texture Mapping in VRML
dForm VRML 2.0 Audio tutorial
The Easy VRML Tutorial
VRML Demos (Iwamura)
The VRML Foundry
VRML 2.0 Tutorial University of Pennsylvania
VRML @ Interactive Systems & Multimedia
Orbitor - JavaScript - VRML
VRML Tools
MWGuide Welcome!
Navigation Tips
Camera Orientation Parameters
Mixing VRML and HTML in Netscape FRAMEs

Grafman's VRML Demos

Short Tutorials

Tom Kaye's VRML Widgets
MotionTrail (VRML)
VRML 1.0 Course (NCSA)
Mukhi: VRML 1.0
Moving Worlds Specification: Concepts
Webpool VRML lecture
Grafman Productions - VRML
Compelling Uses of 3D on the Web
Intervista Tutorials
Gavin's Fun VRML
Hardenbergh's VRML
VRML Myths


NEWS: comp.lang.vrml
NEWS: Live3D
NEWS: Cosmoplayer
NEWS: alt.3d
Java/VRML/JavaScript FAQ
History of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)
comp.lang.vrml FAQ


The Moving Worlds Guide
VRML 2.0 Specification
VRML Examples
VRML97 Specification, ISO/IEC DIS 14772
(Mitra) VRML2.0 test page
Jeff's VRML & Java Test Page
(Chaco) VRML 1.0 Test Files
VRML 1.0 Authenticator (Geometry Center)

Virtual Reality (nonVRML)

Cyber Koganei
Input Device Sources & Resources
3D Device Support Page
AERO - Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements
AERO Examples
LivingWorlds: Docs
Meme(tm): Virtual Reality on the Internet

ScienceSpace Project | Virtual Reality at GMU Home Page

Linux Programming

Linux SMP Motherboards
Linux/Alpha - How to Make your Applications Fly
Linux/Alpha Home Page
SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
Parallel Processing using Linux
Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO
SWAR: SIMD Within A Register (at Purdue ECE)
linux smp
PoP - Syracuse University Physics Computational Cluster
PC-Based Super Computer
Using Linux in the real world
PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine
MPI - The Message Passing Interface Standard
The Linux Fortran Information Page
MIMD Processors
Linux SMP Motherboards
The Perils of Floating Point
Ssh (Secure Shell) Home Page
Getting Started With PVM
Slave Source Code For Communication Example
BIP Messages Software
PC-Based Super Computer
Other Similar Projects
Calypso home page
DLR Fresh Archive - linux/src
Quantasm, Assembly Language Tools
Pentium Compiler Group
Pentium Compiler Binaries for GNU/Linux
Linux x86 Assembly HOWTO


GSBCFAQ version 2.0h
UNIX Reference
Computing FAQ (Stanford GSB)
Purdue: Software Documentation
UCS Knowledge Base (search)
Useful Basics about UNIX
Useful Basics about X and MWM
Common UNIX commands
Digital Unix WEBMAN
Unix tricks
Unix Commands
Virtually UN*X!
Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities
Unix Research Central Design FAQ Publications Source Languages Network Motif
Welcome to Lachlan Cranswick's Homepage - Useful UNIX Commands and
How to write a shell script
Unix for WINdows

X Windows

Kenton Lee: Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites
xmgr/xvgr: an X-based plotting tool
X Consortium
comp.windows.x FAQ
xmgr info
xmgr/xvgr: an X-based plotting tool
Mayura Draw
xfig man page (Cornell)
Free X server for Windows and Mac
Kenton Lee: Technical X Window System and OSF/Motif WWW Sites
Window Managers for X
X Fonts
General instructions for installing fonts in X-windows

Other Languages

Index of /free-compilers/LANG
Catalog of Free Compilers, Interpreters and Language Tools



An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp
Directory of /pub/lisp/clisp
ALU: Common Lisp Implementations
Common Lisp Hypermedia Server (CL-HTTP)
Lisp FAQ

Elegant LISP Programs
Emacs Lisp
An Introduction to Common Lisp
An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp
Index - Lisp Resources


MSWLogo, An Educational programming language
MSWLogo, An Educational programming language
The Logo Foundation
LOGO computer programming language for learners



Syllabus for Theory of Computation
FAQSYS extended version - (solving worldwide problems)
Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Pages: Model III


Emacs links
Emacs 18 (Utah)
Emacs Lisp Introduction
GNU Emacs Manual (18)
GNU Emacs Manual (19.28)
Emacs Setup and Libraries
Emacs elisp
GNU Emacs for Windows 95/NT


The Perl Language Home Page
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl Reference Guide & Perl 5 Desktop Guide
Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide
perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl
Perl FAQ
Perl reference materials
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
UF/NA Perl Archive
Perl 5 Man Pages
A perl Tutorial by Will Morse
A brief introduction to TCL/TK

CPU emulators

All About Emulation
Emulators Online
Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Pages: Main Page
Weston's Web Page (vMac emulator)
vMac - The Virtual Macintosh Emulator Project


Cora Research Paper Search

Computer Science (Logic and Artificial Intelligence)

Directory of /pub/classes/18.417
Directory of /pub/classes/6.042/fall96/handouts
Directory of /pub/classes/6.042/spring97
The Logic Daemon
OpenToEurope - Subproject Logic
Open To Europe: Predicate Logic
Logic Primer (Allen/Hand)
Introduction to formal logic (Floridi)
Artificial Intelligence (Wilson)
Artificial Intelligence (Griffith)
Logics, mathematics and set theories
Samson Abramsky : Home Page
Directory of /pub/DI/Fundamentos/Papers/mirror-ImperialCollege/AbramskyS
Michael Mislove Home Page

Barrington (notes)
Prof. Kjell (Lecture Notes)
Mark Allen Weiss (Data Structures)

Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture courses (Chip Weems)
Computer Architecture (Levy) U3.561
Computer Organization and Architecture (Stallings)
Computer Architecture (Ercal) CSc234-Notes
Computer Architecture and Design (Duncan) 52.225
CS 2734 Computer Organization II Lecture Schedule
CS240 : Computer Organization and Sun Sparc Assembly Language (Vohra)
SPARC instruction-set specification

Data Structures

Virtual Memory Tutorial
The Memory Management Reference: Beginner's Guide: Overview
CNE Workbenches
Scalar Optimization
Locality Demonstration
Data Structures Course Notes

OS Theory
Go To Statement Considered Harmful

Microsoft Excel

Excel Tutorials (Lacher)
Excel Tutorial (Knowdules)
CS 050 - Problem Solving with Mathematica
ENGR 062 (EES&OR 111) Microsoft Excel Solver Tutorial
Microsoft Excel Tutorial One
Mellon Introductory Tutorials
Advanced Tutorial 01 Ksp
LLS Basic Master
Doing Statistics on Calculators
Microsoft Excel (Boston)
Microsoft Power Point (Boston)
Microsoft Word (Boston)
Word 6 Tutorial for Thesis or Dissertation Writing
Advanced Excel
Introductory Excel
Visual Basic 4.0
Ulead Web Utilities
Stats: Coefficient of Determination


FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
Reliable Software's Tutorials, Version Control System & Freeware
Frequency Analyzer
The Big Calculator Applet
A Pretty Printer for Java 1.1 sourcecode that relies on JavaCC...
NCompass Labs Inc: Plug-Ins: (ActiveX for Netscape)
Medical Image Processing Course
[Customize.org] Do the LJ!!
Web Technologies
Download Accelerator (FAQ)
Computer Science Courses at Dartmouth

Computer Graphics and Animation

efg's Graphics Page
The Win95 Game Programmer's Encyclopedia
My Humble Graphics Page: Raytracing ( page 2 ).
Programming, so simple even a child can do it. (article)
Other Peoples Programs
UCD Computer Graphics Research Lab -- On-line Notes
Voxel Mitosis
Scientific Visualization Group


tools.htm , THE tools page at fravia's!

Technical Manuals Online! - Thousands Of Technical Manuals

New Folder

News of the Weird Archives
The Slightly Newer 5 Hour Law School
The People's Court
Free Compilers List - By Category
Windows95.com Dial-up Scripting Tutorial
ACITS LPR Remote Printing


NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
Software Technology Review
HTML Reference Guide (Netscape)
DevEdge Online - View Source Magazine
Javascript Guide (Netscape)
Netscape JavaScript Guide
JavaScript Reference (Netscape)
Internet Tutorials
The Internet2 Project
LISTSERV -- The mailing list management classic
the NODE: tfl -- multimedia online: primer
Adeveloper.com - FREE Web site development resources...
Netscape Unofficial FAQ
Bookmarklets - Tool Categories


Slingshott Communications (Frames)
ActX - Technology Primer


The XML Files / WebDeveloper.com ®
A Look at XML / WebDeveloper.com ®
Simple XML
Introduction to XML
XML Resources
ED 220i -- Unit 3 Lecture -- Designing for Interactivity


Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) code library!


ISO 8859-1 character set overview
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)
The Wrox Ultimate HTML Database
Desktop Publishing by Lee


HTMLementary (tm) P.J. LaBrocca
Stef's HTML Equation Generator

HTML Guides

HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
WebWeavers Page
MediaBuilder Animated Banner Maker Preview
Thalia: Tips and Tricks for WWW-providers
List of HTML Guides
Introduction to HTML and URLs
Writing HTML
HTML Tutorial: Table of Contents
The Table Sampler (Netscape)
The Art of Frames
Some examples of forms and ismap
Yet Another HTCYOHP Home Page

HTML Conversion

HTML converters
HTML Converters and Editors - Joe Walker
Text to HTML converter
Excel 5.0 to HTML Table Converter
Webify (postscript to HTML)
Postscript To HTML Converter
The LATEX2HTML Translator (97)
About IDVI (DVI viewer in Java)
TTH: a TeX to HTML translator
Approaches to WWW Mathematics Documents

The Web Developer's Virtual Library
InfoBON's HTML Guide By Dr Clue
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers
LiveAudio Plug-In Tutorial


Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) code library!
MouseOver Function
Duncan's JavaScript Cookies: Page 1 of 6
John Oyston's JavaScript Pages
JavaScript Index
JavaScript 411 Home Page
JavaScript (WebReference)
JavaScript Resource Center
Javascript: Generating Tables
Javascript: Generating Windows
A Netscape 2.0 Enhanced Cheat Sheet
QUE: JavaScript by Example
QUE: Using JavaScript
QUE: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Javascript
OnLine Electronic Publishing Collection
OnMouseOver examples
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer - a tutorial
Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
JavaScript Handbook TOC


In Your Ear Music
LiveAudio Plug-In Tutorial
Classical MIDI Archives
Michael's Home Turf
Clay's Sound Emporium
Daily Wav, The
Home of the HUGE XYZZY WAV Collection
Welcome to The EARchives!
Scott's Sound Page
Beavis-n-Butthead sounds
Toy Story Sounds
EarthStation1 (Sounds and Pictures)
The Next WAVe(sm): Auditory Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases


Gif animations (Acute)
MacDaddy's Background Sampler and Tutorial
The Audio-Visual Archive
OSS Programmer's Guide
General MIDI
MIDI Specification
MP3.com - The MP3 resource on the Internet

Web Design

home.page tool kit
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
Human Behavior and the Web Research Center

Interactive WWW

MediaBuilder Animated Banner Maker
The Electric Postcard Card Rack
MPI: Tele-Experiments
The WWW Virtual Keyboard
Robot Operations
Virtual Irish Pub
WWW Ouija


Our Favorite Webcams
Dr. Atomic's Cool Cambots, Spy Cameras, Quikcams & Devices on the Net.
Open Directory - Computers: Internet: WWW: WebCams
The Nose's HomeCAMs page


Web Browsers CNET
Building Mozilla on Microsoft Windows 32-bit platforms
download mozilla
The Cross-Platform Page
WWW Viewer Test Page
IBM Software : Graphics - Multimedia : techexplorer Hypermedia Browser : Download
IBM alphaWorks

Web Server

Mirroring of HTML documents and images
PageSucker Homepage

cgi-bin/perl scripts

The CGI Resource Index
Matt's Source Code
PERL scripts (PERLinfo)
Using CGI at UMR
cgic: an ANSI C library for CGI Programming
WebCalc: A Demonstration of WWW/CGI/Perl

URL checkers

CAST: Bobby (HTML verifier)
Weblint Home Page
A W3 Robot in Tcl
lvrfy: A HTML Link Verifier
htmlchek HTML syntax and cross-reference checker

Combined Log System
gd (graphics library)


UM Weather: Radar & Satellite Menu
UM Weather: Weather Cams

Driving Conditions

Highway Info (USA Today)
Traffic Info (Metroworks)
Road Watch Direct (MetroNetworks)

Kirksville MO

Yahoo! Get Local Kirksville, MO
Welcome to the Kirksville Center
Yahoo! Kirksville MO Weather Forecast
Kirksville Street Map (via MapBlast)
Map of Kirksville (via TIGER)

sushi (in Missouri)

Sushi Gin Japanese (Kansas City)
Jun's (Kansas City) - deja
Ichiban (Kansas City) - deja
Kansas City restaurants (Kabuki, Jun) - deja

Columbia MO

Welcome to Columbia Mall
City of Columbia, Missouri
Touring Wine Country of Missouri
The Digital Missourian
The State of Missouri, USA by Janet West - at wordarchive.com
Group Tour Planner for Columbia, Missouri
Switchboard.What's Nearby?(SM) - Columbia MO

City of Kirksville
Nemr (Telephone)
CableOne - Kirksville
Cablevision Online: Links - Operators
Kirksville Missouri Chamber of Commerce
Socket Internet Services: Missouri's Leading Internet Provider
Area Code 660 - MISSOURI Internet Access Providers directory / list
MISSOURI Speed Traps
Galaxy Cablevision
TIME WARNER CABLE: About Time Warner Cable / Kansas City(FRM):
Mercantile Bank: Home
Compu-Tek Co. Computer Upgrade Centers
Missouri Highway Patrol

AirNav: Kirksville Regional Airport
Amtrak: Station Locator
TheSlack's Airports List and Airports Locator
Kansas City Airport Department - Other Airports


Yahoo! Get Local Syracuse NY
Snap:Local:My Local Center -- Syracuse
Yahoo - New York
Syracuse Online - Syracuse Live - Clinton Square
Live Views of the Syracuse University campus
OCC Campus Camera

Syracuse Weather

Syracuse Online Weather
Syracuse Online - Syracuse Live!
Weather Channel: SYR
National Weather Service: SYR
Current Surface Observations: NY

Syracuse NY

Yahoo! Get Local Syracuse NY
Yahoo! Syracuse NY Weather Forecast
Syracuse Street Map (via MapBlast)
Map of Syracuse (via TIGER)
Map of Syracuse (via XEROX)
Syracuse, New York, USA
NuWeb, NY: New York State Information
Syracuse Online: Central New York on the Web
Syracuse New Times Net
Syrahoo: - Syracuse, NY, CNY
Sybercuse - Syracuse and Central New York's Home on the Web.
Museum of Science and Technology
SU Orange Source

Syracuse Hancock Airport

Syracuse Hancock International Airport
AirNav: Information on Syracuse Hancock Intl Airport
Airlines Serving Hancock International
Yahoo! Check Flight Time
American Airlines | aa.com
Continental Airlines On-Line
Continental Airlines (schedule)
Delta SkyLinks (schedule)
Delta flight status
COMAIR, The Delta Connection
Northwest Airlines WorldWeb Travel Center - NWA/KLM Flight Status
TWA Trans World Airlines(schedules)
TWA flight status
United Airlines
US Airways
Business Express Airlines [BEX]

TV / Radio / Movies

Syracuse New Times: Times Tables
Syracuse Area Movies
WTVH - Syracuse TV Online
WAER Jazz 88
570 WSYR
570 WSYR (LiveAudio)

Central New York Business Network - Alphabetical Listing
Orange Housing Rentals, Apartments Near Syracuse University
Welcome To Carousel Center
Syracuse University Bookstore
Follett's Orange Bookstore - The Syracuse University


USA CityLink
San Francisco Bay Area
Boston Online
Subway navigator
Paperless Guide to NYC
New York City Reference Information
Yahoo! Get Local: Orlando, FL 32801

Canadian Cities

Official Website of the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Niagara Falls Net attraction and tourism guide
Destination Niagara | Official Niagara Tourism Website
hype! (Toronto)
OttawaKiosk - The Gateway to Ottawa!
Excite Travel: Ottawa, Ontario


New York WWW
The NYSERNet Web
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages - Home Page
State Government Servers


White House Home Page
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
U.S. Federal Government Agencies
Declassified Satellite Photographs
Purdue Weather Processor


Welcome to TerraServer
Virtual Tourist
Xerox PARC Map Viewer
PCL Map Collection
Asia-Pacific Servers
Australian Web servers
European Home Page
Earthquake Information


Welcome to Preview Travel
The World Airline Page
Welcome to Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines route maps
Gateway To AT&T True Rewards
AT&T StudentAdvantage.com
American Express Home Page
Smart Travel Tips
USA Marketplace
travlang front page
Hertz Rent A Car
Thrifty Home Page
Rental, rent a car, motorcycle, or furniture from our list of national and international rental agencies
Car Rental Shoppers Guide
Driveaways in North America
Lodging Discounts - travel discount coupons for hotels, motels, resorts, inns and bed & breakfasts
Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine - Online
Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine - Online

Location Search

Map Quest
AAA CyberRouter
Yahoo! Maps
Vicinity Mapblast! Results
Syracuse Street Map (via GeoCities)
City.Net Maps


MIT IHTFP Hack Gallery
404 Research Lab


Dumb.Com - Dumb & Stupid Pages on the Web
The Skeptic Tank
dolemite.com / ebonics primer
Mensa International - Mensa Workout

Disney rumors

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Disney
The Subliminal Scares
Subliminal messages in disney movies
The Disney Files


Restaurant Guide
Got Milk?


Meals For You
SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes


Denver Buffalo Co.
Thundering Herd Buffalo
Canadian Bison
Triple U Buffalo
Great Lakes Buffalo Co.
The Spam Page


The Sushi World Guide - Title Page
Crown Prince (sardines)
John's Sushi Restaurant Reference Page --- New York State
A Sushi Glossary
Sushi Odds & Ends --- Bar Etiquette
John's Sushi Restaurant Reference Page
Osaka Sushi HomePage-E
Sushi Chalet
Rolling Your Own Sushi
How to buy/store/prepare Seafood
Beyond Asia Magic Chef

Godiva Chocolates
FAQ: What is MSG?
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
The Cola Page
Internet Bartender's Guide
ACATS InterNet Bar
Guinness Beer FAQt and Folklore
Coming Soon: Smart Start Morning Starter(TM)!


Smart Wine: Wine Review Database
Wines on the Internet
Robin Garr's Notes on Wines of Value
Wine Shopping List
The Big Giant Tasting Page


SAM'S Club
American Express Home Page
MasterCard International
MasterCard United Airlines Weekend Escapes Offer
Borders on the Web
Visa Shopping Guide By Yahoo!
Excite Shopping Search



Yngwie Malmsteen Official Home Page
Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie Malmsteen's Page for Guitarists
The Icarus Dream Suite (MIDI)
The Icarus Dream Suite
TAB Yngwie Malmsteen
Index of /yngwie/discog/sound
TAB Tony MacAlpine
TAB Megadeth
Metallica Compilation
The Official Van Halen Web Site
The Van Halen Sound Room
The Van Halen page
The Official Van Halen Web Site
The Queensryche Page
Guitar Stuff
Unofficial Public Enemy Home Page
The Van Halen Sound Room
Van Halen Links
Search for Guitarists
The Official Joe Satriani Page
The Official Steve Vai Page
The Official Eric Johnson Page
Welcome to Marty Zone!
Official Megadeth Fan Site
dolemite.com / old school rhymes / my nigger if you don't get no bigger

Guitar God's? It's not plural.
Heady Metal
Desktop Music
Metaverse (MTV)
WNUR-FM Jazz Server
Distributed Music Events Calendar
Classical Net
streetsound: music media hardware style
Progressive Rock Home Page
Guitar World online
Harmony Central (Guitar Tab)
Online Archive of Guitar Links
Hirschhorn & Chou's CD Club
BMG Music
Online Archive of Guitar Links
Norma's Midi Site
New lyrics
Misheard Lyrics to 90s Songs, I-J


The Ad Critic - All Ads, All The Time.
Timecast: Your RealMedia Guide
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A database of more than 200,000 titles
South Park
Ultimate TV - Your Source for Everything Television (tm)
The best cartoon Pictures in the world.
ABC.com The Official ABC TV Website
--- Nom de Guerre - The Real People's Real Name Resource of Pseudonyms & Aliases ---
The Nitpickers Site: MOVIE Index
Wild Feed TV - Clips


Godzilla (Sony)
Barry's Temple of Godzilla -- Sound Clips

South Park

South Park HQ - Movies
www.SPstuff.com - Movie Downloads
Beef-Cake (South Park)
Mr Hat's Hell Hole
100% South Park - Sounds
Just South of South Park!
South Park
South Park Episode Mirrors

TV programs

Melrose Place Update Menu
The X-Files (Rutgers)
The X-files (Australia)
The Truth Is Out There
The Seinfeld Index Page
Dave's Late Show Page
LSwDL Web Server
Twilight Zone
The Power Ranger's Homepage
Discovery Channel Online
Tales From the Crypt
Home Page
TV Broadcast Markets Listed By Rank

Soundtrack Resource Center
The Omen Movies/Damien Thorn Home Page
The Omen
Filmtracks Jerry Goldsmith Tribute
Really Disturbing Movies
TV Net Lobby
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey
Universal Studios
Internet Movie Database Search


Bell Bicycle Helmets
THE HUB | Bell Helmets

Sid Meier's Civilization

Games - Sid Meier's Civilization II
Sid Meier's Civilization

The Official SCRABBLE® Homepage
Steven Alexander's Scrabble FAQ
San Jose Scrabble® Club No. 21
Volleyball Worldwide
Schneid's Volleyball Page
Volleyball Rules
Trendy Magic - Mysterious Rabbit #1
Trendy Magic - Interactive Style

Electronic Greeting Cards

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
eLance.com (charicature)
Mail a Meal - Gourmet Postcards
Greeting Cards by 123Greetings. Send free greeting cards, greeting cards, postcards, love cards.
Suite Sentimentals (Digital Cards)
1001 Postcards : free virtual postcards, ecards, and greeting cards!
Webcards by Postcards from the Web
Viet San Diego Online Greeting Card Center


Go Ask Alice! Home Page
The Definitive Guide To Relationships
Keirsey Temperament Sorter- Jungian Personality Test


Nice Guys' Manual to Romance
True Love Home Page
The Cyrano Server
Romance 101, Lessons in Love
Introduction To Romance!
The Dictionary of the Heart


The Society for Human Sexuality
The alt.sex FAQ

Automotive Repair

AutoWeek Online - AutoWeek Online - Welcome!
Bob Hewitt's Autorepair Page
Autoshop 101
Automotive Learning On-line - InnerAuto.com
Maintenance Tips
Part's List
NEW YORK Speed Traps
AutoDigest Home Page
MisterFixit dot com
Learn2.com - The ability utility
Buick Power Steering Rack Replacement
Did you get your AutoSite Report?
Chevy Spot
Garage Menu
Used Car Pricing
Yahoo! Used Car Guide Provided By Edmund's
GM BuyPower


The LEGO Worlds

Ultimate MIDI Page-Most Recent Uncategorized 1997 Additions Page 2
Phonetic Telephone Number Converter


CNN Interactive
CNN Audioselect
C-SPAN (RealVideo)
C-SPAN 2 (RealVideo)
FOX News [live] (RealAudio/RealVideo)
NPR News (RealAudio)
ABC News (RealAudio)
USA Today
New York Times (HTML)
NYTimesFax (pdf)
New York Daily News
Yahoo! News and Events
Explore Public Radio with RadioScout
Weather Underground
Yahoo! Broadcast AudioBooks

live RealAudio/WindowsMedia

The MSDN Show: Home

Real Video

KCTU (Wichita,KS) -RealVideo

Real Audio stations

RealNetworks - The Home of Streaming Media
Acid Jazz
CNN Audioselect
FOX News (RealVideo)
C-SPAN (RealVideo)
CBC Radio
Hip-Hop on KWUR 90.3 FM
Canadian Broadcasting (CBC)
Quirks and Quarks (CBC)
Quirks and Quarks (CBC) -RealAudio
Science in Action (BBC) -RealAudio
BBC News Online
BBC News | Sci/Tech
Imagine Radio
CSE/ENGR 142 Lecture Slides & Audio
Idea Channel
Pseudo 5.0
Lowell Ponte (Roving Science and Technology)
AudioNet Home
policescanner.com - live police & fire broadcasts
Live Worldwide Internet TV stations.


WDHA (New Jersey, Rock) -WM
WBLS 107.5 FM (New York, Urban) - WM

broadcast.com Home
KSBT-TV: Television on Yahoo!
Yahoo! Broadcast: Computers & Technology: Radio Shows: Tom King's Computalk
Loveline with Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew
The Rapidly Changing Face of ComputingTechnology Journal
Science Friday ® by ScienCentral
Science Friday Online!
KCR (San Diego State, Urban)
WWOZ (New Orleans, Jazz) -RA
Beach FM (Japan, Jazz) (Real Audio)
The Flash (San Diego, Rock)
KNRK (Portland OR, Rock)
WOR 710 AM
Club Groove
Radio Reading Service
Great Speeches
The Idea Channel
KZSU (Stanford, Jazz, Rock)

The Wire - the Associated Press (AP wire)
News and Newspapers Online
Reuters: Home Page
The Gallup Poll Data
US Box Office
Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
NewsLinx (web)
TechWeb (news)
BetaNews.Com - Inside Information On Products Not Yet Released
TheStandard.com: Home
ScienceDaily Magazine Home Page
The Science Realm: John's Virtual Sci-Tech Universe
CNN Crossword
New York Lotto
LottoNet search
Lottery News
POWERBALL: Multi-State Lottery
Cool Site of the Day
The Straight Dope: Home Page
News of the Weird Archives
CSICOP On-line, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal


Quicken.com - Stock Search

Schedule of TV/Movies

USA Today (Movies)
Syracuse Area Movies
What's On Tonite!
Discovery Online
PBS Online
ABC Online
Court TV
ABCNEWS.com : 20/20 Index
Dateline Front Page



VRAC (Virtual Reality Application Center - Iowa State)
DynaMo - Dynamic Motion library
efg's Simulation and Modeling Page
MathEngine SDK Download
SOLID - Software Library for Interference Detection
Rigid Body Simulation Tutorial
IFER - Internet Finite Element Resources
Lab for Computation and Visualization in Mechanics of the IPST at UMCP
Euler's Equations for a Rigid Body
Java Microscope

New Gadgets / FreshGear


WAP - Deck-It Previewer
WAP Resources
The LART Pages - Embedded linux
Pen Computing
DVP - Personal Instrumentation
Wireless Frequently Asked Questions
Intelligent Homes
IDEO -  Cisco's Intelligent IP Telephones the 7960 and 7910
Motion (webcam application)

Interesting Devices Ltd
Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) - Home of the Virtual Window
Dynamism.com - The Most Advanced Ultralight Notebooks on Earth
Dynamism.com - Toshiba Libretto 1100v subnotebook, 2.1 lb. detachable camera
3DHardware - Feature - DVDead? (1/3)
Cybercoverage: Bandwidth
Xtend Micro Products
Sony Computing Products: VAIO Notebook Computers


AAPT - Town & Country Hotel (San Diego)
New Haven Advocate: Who Owns the Airwaves?
Media Outlets: FAIR Resources

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UT Dallas Physics Faculty
XCircuit drawing program home page

(new) Computer

Index of /~rubin/CPbook/PROGS/C_PROGS/
CliBench Mk II (benchmark)
Net Express (source code examples)
OptOut (GRC)
SecuriTeam (warnings)
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Advanced Web Programming
Favicon.com - the java icon generator
Tweak UI Guide - PCForrest
Bizarre Creations by hardCode - openGL in ASM
How to write a 32bit screen saver
Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage
Ron's Cornucopia for assembly language and graphics programming
NT-Linux-Win98 system
QNX Demo Disk
Linux A Brief Overview
4mb Laptop HOWTO
SystemLogic - HardwareSoftware Pricewatch
LEO - hp plotter software
Browser Specific HTML
Using and Porting GNU Fortran - Table of Contents
Free tutorials - QBasic and Visual Basic
Data Conversion Tools
cross platform
C++ programming for DOS and Windows
C++ Arrays
Dynamic Arrays (Lecture 19, November 6, 1996)
Pointers and Arrays in C tutorial
Loop Patterns
BCX -- The Basic to C Translator by Kevin Diggins
All BASIC Code Archives
Welcome to the home of the XPLOITER - C-C++ Index Page
Visual Basic 6 Visual QuickStart Guide
Visual Basic to C++ - Home Page
CU-SeeMe Windows95/NT Version 1.0 Visual User's Guide
The CU-SeeMe Cool Site
CU-SeeMe Reflectors

All about PostScript
PostScript Operators
LaTeX Symbols
LatTeX with Graphics
LaTeX to PC Textprocessors

(new) VRML

VRML Worlds
Zona Land
Try Frank!!! (VRML)
unitscs455notesexamples (VRML)
Abacus VRML Tools '98
Kitware (VTK)
Programmers Guide for mjbWorld - Martin Baker (Java3D)
TECFA's VRML Pointers (17-Mar-1998)
url0 Resources
VRML Examples
Anfy 3D
3D world simulation - Martin Baker
VRML Multiple Cone Chasers
jCosmos - Java3D
JavaScript EAI with Callback
Java 3D Loader Archive (Bill Day)
Java 3D for Linux (Blackdown)
J3D.ORG - Tutorials - Raw J3D
VRML Games
VRML dreamers
VRML and Java3d Robots
VRML 2.0 (raytrace)
NCSA Java 3D Group - Portfolio
About.com httpwww.j3d.org
List of VRML Tutorials (Hayman)
Design Science and Art Galleries
Imaging the Imagined : Modeling with Math & a Keyboard

Mathematica usage examples
Live3D Mathematica Graphics (Marleau)
[3dfile] - Make a good-looking difference
Differential Geometry. Honours 1996

Jess James Jewelers
IFILM - Internet Film

Continental Airlines Route Maps
Vanguard Airlines!

Spherion (jobs)
Scientific Placement's homepage
Statement of Purpose
Impulse-based Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Body Systems