PHY 322
computational projects

Rob Salgado
Physics Building 349 (x2061)
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Office Hours by appointment. (You might find me in my office in the late mornings on Wednesday and Friday.)


application center:

Introduction to Maple (U. Illinois-Chicago)
A Tutorial Introduction to Maple (Manchester Metropolitan U.)
My favorite Maple book:
Introduction to Maple (Heck)


Rob's page of VPython applications for Teaching Physics
current VPython projects

Motivating comments (to be revised):

Main goal: introduce students to useful and readily-accessible computational tools for numerical calculations, symbolic calculations, functional visualizations, and interactive simulations ... immediately applicable to their coursework!

Small assignments that will introduce various concepts will be announced.

Larger, end-of-the-semester computational projects will be submitted by small-groups of students.

2006 03 09
For Maple, follow 322-maple.
For VPython, follow 322-VPython.

2006 02 08:
I verified that Maple is available in the Physics Building computer cluster. Using Internet Explorer, clicking on the .mws link will start "Maple 10". (Due to some minor differences between my version 8 and the university's version 10, there are some graphical glitches when graphing (say) 1/r when the range of r starts at zero. I will post a slightly modified version where the troublesome 0 is replaced by a variable zero:=1e-12.)
2006 02 07:
Computational Handout #1
Knudsen-01-05-table-and-hanging.pdf - Knudsen-01-05-table-and-hanging.mws
Knudsen-02-20-elasticCollisions.pdf - Knudsen-02-20-elasticCollisions.mws
Knudsen-04-01-prep.pdf - Knudsen-04-01-prep.mws
Computational Assignment #1
2006 01 31: details to be added shortly

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