15th East Coast
        Gravity Meeting and Josh Goldberg Fest

The 15th East Coast Gravity Meeting (ECG) will be held at Syracuse University, Saturday April 21th and Sunday April 22th, 2012. The meeting is meant to be an informal gathering of researchers working in all fields relating to gravity and cosmology.

In addition, this year's meeting will have an additional day of festivities (Friday April 20th) to honor the accomplishments of
Josh Goldberg. Josh has made many significant contributions to furthering our knowledge of gravity, some of which were recently featured in a special issue General Relativity and Gravitation. Beginning Friday afternoon we will have a half day of invited talks.  Speakers will include: John Stachel, Peter Saulson, and Mark Trodden.  Following the talks there will be a dinner in honor of Josh, followed by an after-dinner speech by Ted Newman. ECGM participants are encouraged to attend, however it will be up to participants to cover their own expenses. 

Traditionally, ECG meetings have consisted of 10-15 minute talks, however the actual time allotted for each talk will vary depending on the number of attendees.  Students are strongly encouraged to give a presentation, as the regional meetings are intended to serve as a less formal, and thus hopefully friendlier environment to give a talk than larger meetings. Also, the best student presentation will receive a $200 award.

There will be no financial support, however there will also be no registration fee.  The organizers have also arranged for discounted rooms as listed below.

Registration is required, and please indicate if you would like to give a talk and include a title and brief abstract.
We will email registered participants with more information as the workshop dates get closer.


Directions to Physics

On Campus directions
(The Meeting will be held in the Physics Building, first floor)

Directions to Armory Square (and downtown dining - cab recommended)
Directions to Dinosaur BBQ
There are also many restaurants near the university and workshop hotels.

Tentative Schedule for East Coast Gravity

Schedule for JoshFest (Friday, April 20th)
Stolkin Auditorium, Physics Building:
2:00 – 2:15   Welcome (Peter Saulson, Ed Glass)
Talks: (time slots include questions)
2:15 – 3:00  General Relativity (John Stachel)
3:00 – 3:45  Quantum Gravity (Rafael Sorkin)
3:45 – 4:15  BREAK
4:15 – 5:00  Cosmology (Mark Trodden)
5:00 – 5:45  Gravitational Waves (Peter Saulson)
At Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center:
6:00 – 6:45 Cash Bar
6:45 –    Buffet Dinner (cost $30 per person, MUST RSVP)
After Dinner Speaker: Ted Newman

Discounted Accommodations

We have arranged for several discounted rooms at hotels near the Syracuse Campus (all within walking distance).
To receive the discounted rate, please mention the East Coast Gravity Meeting (and Syracuse Physics)

Hotel Skyler ($115 a night)

Parkview Hotel ($105 a night)

Crown Plaza  ($115 a night)

We look forward to seeing you in Syracuse!

For more information, please contact Scott Watson at gswatson[at]syr.edu