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Anacapa Society - theoretical and computational physics at undergraduate institutions
The Complex Domain of Probability
National Institute of Physics
Jim's Quantum Page
Lineas de Investigación
ECN - European Cosmology Network
Seminar in Gravitation and Cosmology. Websites.
Sternberg Astronomical Institute
Institute of Physics
Staff of Loyola Physics Dept
Dean Baird Physics Education Page
NCSU Physics Lecture Demonstration Facility
WWWAssign: Cathing your students' work on the Web...
Education Programs
The Mostly Physics Web Page
TIPTOP/PAW: Physics Department Index
TIPTOP/PAW: Physics Department Index
BC Min. of Ed. -Principles of Mathematics 11 - Patterns and Relations(Relations and Functions I)
Physics Society of the Philippines
International Institute of Theorectical and Applied Physics
Event-Symmetric Space-Time (Gibbs)
Don Knuth's Home Page
juanfh 's Home Page
Ralph Howard

Energy Hunt: Page 1
IMSS - History of Science Museum - Multimedia Catalogue
Sable Systems: On-Line Measurement Guide

Physics Resources by Topic, inforM, University of Maryland, College Park
Physical Science Resource Center
TIPTOP: Welcome Page
Physical Science Resources (via AIP)
Physics Education (U. Maryland)
Physics SuperSciSpots
UCSD Science and Engineering Library - Physics
General Links

Physics Organizations/Societies

The American Physical Society
The American Center for Physics (College Park, MD)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF Funding Opportunities and Awards: Index Page
NSF Grants Database-Selected Institutions
EHR Principal Investigator Directory
EHR Projects -Search by Keyword
COS Funding Opportunities
Physics Student Societies (via McGill)
Young Scientist' Network
Physics Job Announcements by thread
College Grad Job Hunter - WWW Home Page
Physics: Jobs, Postdocs, SummerJobs
TIPTOP: Physics Conferences, Workshops and Summer Schools

Physics Institutes/Laboratories

Physics Institutes (Yahoo)
NASA Information Services
Oak Ridge Lab
The Santa Fe Institute
The Institute for Advanced Study
National Institutes of Standards and Technology
HEPIC - High Energy Physics Information Center

Physics Internet Archives

Potter's Science Gems
Martindale's Physics
The Best of Physics (Zbigniew Koziol)
The Physics Lovers' Paradise
The Net Advance of Physics
Treasure Trove of Physics
TIPTOP (Internet Pilot to Physics)
EMLIB Home Page
(info) sci.math.research
(archive) sci.math.research
(archive) sci.physics.research
(archive) sci.physics FAQ
Math Forum Internet Collection - physics (Annotated)

Physics Preprints

MathSciNet Search
FermiVista! : Recherche par mot-clef
FermiVista! : Liste des sites
Los Alamos preprints
One-Shot Preprint Search (Trieste)
APS e-prints
ESI (Vienna) preprints
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
EurophysNet search
MATH Database 1931-1997
PhysNet - European Physics Theses Network
Quantum Computation Archive
Bell & Howell Information and Learning

Physics Journals

Alphabetical Journal List
ADS Abstract Service
American Institute of Physics Journals
American Journal of Physics
American Journal of Physics
American Journal of Physics (search)
Annals of Physics
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science
Springer LINK: Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis
The Astrophysical Journal
Biophysical Journal
Canadian Journal of Physics
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Communications in Mathematical Physics (TOC)
Communications in Mathematical Physics
Computer Physics Communications
Computer Physics Communications Package
Computers in Physics
Hot AIR: Annals of Improbable Research
IOP publishing
Journals on Clifford Algebras and Physical Applications
Journal of Computational Physics
Journal of Extraneous Scientific Topics
Journal de Physique 1
Journal of Geometry and Physics
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General
Nature On-Line
Nuclear Physics A/B
Physics Letters A, B, with Physics Reports (Combined Subscription)
Physica A, B, C, D and E (Combined Subscription)
Physical Review
The Physics Teacher
Physics Today
Physics World
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Reports on Mathematical Physics
Reviews of Modern Physics
Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics
Science On-Line
Springer LINK - Physics Online Library
Urainian Journal of Physics
World Scientific published journals
University of Bristol Library electronic journals
IDEAL homepage

Physicists: home pages

Jorge Pullin's home page
David Goodstein's home page
Warren Siegel's home page
Are you a quack? (Siegel)
Bill Burke's Home Page
William C. Hammel (Physics)
Robert Kiehn's: Cartan's Corner
Robert Low's Home Page
Philip Baldwin (Diff Forms)
P.J. Steinhardt's home page
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
John Baez's homepage
Matthew J. McIrvin's homepage
Tsvi Piran's Homepage
Edwin F. Taylor - Home
John Belcher's Home Page
Edward F. Redish's homepage
Tony Smith's Homepage
Gerard 't Hooft
Lynda Williams's Web Page
Drasko Jovanovic
Tom Loredo's homepage
Chris Hillman's Postings
William M. Pezzaglia Jr. (Clifford Algebra)
Research on Mathematical Physics (Seiler)
Rylov Mathematical Physics papers
Caltech Archives (Hist of Sci)
Images of Physicists
Pictures of Famous Physicists
A Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities 1
Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics
Einstein: Image and Impact
Feynman Online
Feynman's Talk
DJ's Feynman Bookmarks
Feynman Online [Framed]
Science Jokes Archives
Science Made Stupid
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.
National Society of Black Physicists
National Society of Hispanic Physicists
Minority Physicist Archive

News: Physics

Jobs for Physicists and Engineers by
AIP Physics News Update (latest)
AIP Physics News Update (index)
AIP Physics News Graphics
AIP Physics News Preview
Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumor Mill

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