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RICH installWelcome to the web site for Syracuse Experimental High Energy Physics!

Here we give information about our personnel and current activities. Our research actvities are supported by the National Science Foundation and Syracuse University.We invite undergraduates to join with us in working on different aspects of our research. Promising high school students are also welcome. Contact Linda Pesce at 315-443-2701 for an appointment with one of the faculty.

Group coffee daily at 11 AM; Group meetings every Wed. at 11:30 AM in room 316

NEWS - LHCb has many important new results. For details see the LHCb public site, Sheldon Stone's talk at the ICHEP meeting in Melbourne, July, 2012 and Other LHCb conference presentations in 2012.

NEWS - Syracuse group produces first three LHCb papers using 7 TeV data. For details see b production cross-section, Discovery of Bs -> J/psi f0 decays and Discovery of the Ds2 meson in semileptonic Bs decays.

NEWS - Prof. Mitchell Soderberg has joined the group in a joint position with Fermilab to work on neutrino physics.

NEWS - The LHC has collided protons with protons at a world record energy of 7 trillion electron volts.

NEWS- The LHC machine has restarted. First collisions at the injection energy of 900 GeV have been recorded.

NEWS - The LHC machine started progress toward collisions on Sept. 10, 2008 of two beams of protons, each with energy up to 7 Trillion electron volts. Unfortunately, a major accident on Sept. 19 caused the machine to be shut off for repairs. For more information see CERN press releases for more information.

FOR SALE - Ultra pure LiF crystals.

The LHC & the LHCb Experiment, layman's descriptions

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