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Physics 211 (Spring 2010)

MasteringPhysics Homework Assignments

Access MasteringPhysics homework assignments at . Enter your login name and password created during registration to this web page - see below (these are not the same as for your SU account, unless you make them so). In addition to the assigned problems, the system lets you access the textbook in the electronic form (click on "eBook" tab).


First time you enter you will need to register (click "New Students" under "Register") using your personal access code provided with the purchase of the new textbook. You can also purchase it on-line if you have a used textbook - make sure you select the right textbook (Young and Freedman, University Physics with Modern Physics, 12e.) Only one student can register using the same access code. Userid and password you create are E-mailed to you for your records (make sure you provide a valid E-mail when you register - I strongly recommend using your Syracuse E-mail account). Next time you enter you will use your created login name and password to login. I have no control of your login names or passwords, thus you will need to contact the administrators of this web site if you cannot login. When you login you will be asked for Class Identification and student Id. Use SYRPHY211SPRING2010 for Class Id (make sure you do not add a space before or after the Class Id - copy & paste often do that!) and enter your valid SUID (first 9 digits, no dashes) for student Id. You will then see a list of active assignments to complete with the due date and time.

Working on assignments

If you don't complete the assignment right away you can login later and start where you left (but don't "submit problem" if you want to work on it later). Assignments are not timed, except that you must submit them before the deadline (usually 6pm on Wed). Partial credit is given for assignments completed until 10pm; percentage of the credit decreases linearly from 100% to 0% between 6 and 10pm. There are 3 types of assignments: SB (Skill Builders), STP (Self-Tutoring Problems) and EOC (End-of-Chapter) - press "help" button when logged on to the MP system for more information. If you enter a wrong answer you will be told so and you will be able to try again. You can also use hints for SB and STP problems to help yourself arrive to the correct answer. EOC problems offer no hints and just tell you if the answer is right or wrong.

Make sure you don't hit "give-up" or "show answer" button accidentally. The latter will display the correct answer, but you will earn no credit and there is no way to reset it. Do not "submit problem" unless you finished all parts since you will not be able to work on it again.

Important! Only the simplest problems can be answered right away. For most of the problems you will need to do work on a sheet of paper. A calculator may come handy too. It is a good idea to read the problem carefully, solve it on a piece of paper and think thoroughly about what you did before submitting any answers. Since you don't need to submit any answers right away, you may logout and come back to provide the answers later.

Resist the temptation of doing multiple choice problems without studying first. You will lose a lot of points this way (see below).

Scoring system

Penalty for a wrong answer is 1% unless the problem is multiple choice. If the question is multiple choice, students lose 1/(n-1) points, when n is the number of options to choose from, for each unique wrong answer they submit. Therefore, it is easy to lose a lot of points on multiple choice questions if you try guessing without learning the material first. There are no penalties for using hints. You will be awarded bonus points (2%) by arriving to the right answer without using hints.

List of assignments:

"Points" give relative weight when figuring out overall score averaged over all assignments.

           Title                   Due date    Points  Number   Comments
                                   (by 6pm)               in
Introduction to MasteringPhysics    1/27*       0       -    No points but required!
  *as an exception you can complete this assignment for full credit even past the due date
Motion Graphs                       1/27*      30       1
  *as an exception you can complete this assignment for full credit until 2/3.

Motion with constant acceleration   2/3        20       2
Vector Components                   2/3        40       3 

Position, Velocity                   
      and Acceleration as vectors   2/10       30       4   
Projectile Motion (Textbook)        2/10       20       5

Understanding Newton's Laws         2/24       40       6
Simple textbook problems for Newton's Laws
                                    2/24       40       7

Applying Newton's 2nd Law - 2 blocks 
                                    3/3        20       8
More textbook problems for Newton's Laws. Friction.
                                    3/3        30       9
Bonus assignment for Newton's 2nd Law and friction 
                                    3/3       (10)     10    for extra credit only  

Work, Kinetic Energy, Power         3/10       30      12
Textbook problems for Work and Kinetic Energy  
                                    3/10       35      11

Conservation of Energy              3/24       20      14
Textbook problems for energy conservation 
                                    3/24       35      15

Momentum conservation               3/31       30      16
Textbook problems for momentum conservation 
                                    3/31       40      17

Center of Mass, Moment of Inertia   4/7        40      18
Textbook problems for Moment of Inertia  
                                    4/7        30      19

Torque. Energy and rotations.       4/14       30      20
Textbook problems on torque.        4/14       30      21

Rolling. Angular momentum.          4/21       25      23 
Textbook problems for rolling and angular momentum. 
                                    4/21       30      22

Equilibrium                         4/28       30      25
Textbook problems for Equilibrium   4/28       40      24 

Oscillations, Waves                 5/5        30      26
Textbook problems for oscillations and waves. 
                                    5/5        35      27
Bonus assignment for oscillations   5/5       (10)     28   for extra credit only